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Britianz Islamic Republic

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Its a MUST WATCH - Totally shocked.... watch it asap

Waheguru ji ka khalsa, waheguru ji ki fateh ji

KZ Bro, why shocked??.

When i 1st came into Sikhi (14 yrs back), I didn't no anything about our past and the sacrfice of Singhs and Bibia against Militant Islam.

Anyway 1 of the 1st things i found out was that Extreme Muslims said that within 25 yrs(OR something like this -deffo my lifetime) France would be an islamic republic and within 30yes or something - the UK THE SAME

(i think it was through an org called HUT-they were active on the Uni scene back then)

This was back in 1997 way before sep 11 bombings and before the west woke up to the real threat of militant islametc etc.

you look around europe today and things are happening.

tbh the Extreme Muslims who see all non-belivers as kafairrs and fair game etc and want to make uk etc an islamic repub;ic wouldn't sit on their back sides watching, they would plan.

Look at society, some Muslims becoming MP's, getting powerful jobs, having an influence in top postions, others control large amounts of organised crime and towns etc. and that's without mentioning Saudi money and influence through business in fields like oil, football etc etc. For Muslism to start their :islamfication of uk, they will need to imbed themselves in all aspects of our society and they are doing this. A prominet Muslim MP has already said he wants a Mulsim pRIME mINSIETR

And pls forgive me in advance, but for those who say 'it's paranoia' or it's an handful or why worry or we need to live side by side, haven't we learnt anything from our history, let's not be blinkered.

All non-belivers especially Sikh are fair game in a Muslims conquest to islamiphise whatever land they live in

The same things Sikhs have been saying about extremism by Militant Islam, sharia law, Muslim ghettos and the whole unequal funding process for community projects, etc is now being said by our British brothers and indeed Europe. There's been a few race riots recently in different parts of europe between the locals and the Mulsim immigrant popluations that have gone unreported, things are brewing, lets not sit in cukko land thinging, it's a minority, we've safe, learn from our history and yes ready for peace, but prepared for worse!!!!!

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I said it so more ppl would watch it and wake up to the threat, look all around now. In the current UNI situations, they have wicked resources international speakers, soo much funding etc, they are smashing it, whereas we can just about get one event and have to beg up and down uk for a speaker to come.

Your correct in every point, its happening. The documentary is quite good and puts the political agenda across really well.

Muslims joining Labour party, MP galloway, then trying to take over that town.

Also the way the london mosque has soo much funding and are supporting supposed terrorists.

Our Pardaans of Gurdwara Sahibs thinking is limited to how to get there relative on the commitee or how to keep the youth away... whereas these lot just want to control and take over.. . .

Again, i urge everyone to take time out and watch it - a must watch

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yea i watched this program, and im just waiting for the backlash in the media citing "islamophobia". Its funny how muslims cannot be self critical at all, they are quick to point the finger but when criticised, even over a minor or irrelevant point, they will all defend each other.

i have to admit, its clever though. they have created a false climate of "islamophobia" where it has become politically incorrect to say anything against islam, soon it will become taboo, where do you draw the line after that?

Now that "islamophobia" has been created, momentum will be carried forward and will be aided by left wing political parties and publicity whores such as george galloway of the respect party.

The United Kingdom will not have its liberties taken from her, she will offer it to her enemies by her very own people, within her very own councils and governments.

Politicians need to stand up and reclaim their balls. It will take just 1 brave man or woman to break the wall of silence, to stop all the politically correct crap, the so called vote winning policies, and realise that muslims arent always the victims they make themselves out to be.

I dont want a muslim extremist infiltrated government just as i dont want the BNP in power. Truth and courage will win my vote.

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Our Pardaans of Gurdwara Sahibs thinking is limited to how to get there relative on the commitee or how to keep the youth away... whereas these lot just want to control and take over.. . .

That is so true...

Its a shame that sometimes such pettiness on our committees can restrict us from achieving far greater things. It feels like the bigger picture is sometimes forgotten.

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