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    • Waheguru. Praying for your healing and strength.  The older i get, the more you realize how everything really is just a fickle and precious time is. Its all just false. Esp when coming into Sikhi lately, and reflect on my past,  future and this world, leaves me with this un-describable , emptiness. Sometimes i feel like numb and nothing fazes me, and life is just flying by,  other times i think i must try to do much naam, read Gurbani, then i get back to am i good enough, mistakes i made, will Guru Ji forgive me, Jamandoots, scares me..this internal never-ending battle.   
    • They've been trying to find any excuse to enact a law like this, it's already being called out that the murder of David Amess's death had nothing to do with online abuse, just when you think the Tories couldn't reach a new low they try and pull some crap like this and use the death of an MP as an excuse.
    • Bhai ji I don't think there is anything like a 'fail proof concept' in business. Random stuff (like say Covid for example) can take some businesses out suddenly, and conversely they can be a life saver to others (i.e. PPE manufacturers, online suppliers who get stuff to you in lock downs being in extra demand).  The best way to survive I guess is to have diverse income streams so if one dries up, the others still bring in the bacon. The business environment can be very fluid, and sometimes even a little thing can cause a massive difference.  Example: One cafe I know was doing okay, but then they hired this really pretty, friendly women as a waitress. Business shot up big time because of her for a year or two. Then she had kids and moved away, the business decreased. lol   
    • I miss my best pal. I was desolate when he passed away for quite a while (a few years!). Time (I found) does heal and attenuate the intensity of pain.  The busier you keep yourself, and thus from thinking about it, the better. You can't be stuck in constant grieving mode. The grief is heavily psychological, and you have to use a variety of tricks to focus elsewhere. Training helps. Keeping busy (as mentioned previously) helps. Hobbies help. Supportive friends who don't indulge you in excessive emotionality help. If you're going to mope about it for years, then you're not doing yourself any favours. You have to want to get over it, and not indulge in excessive emotionality after a while.  Even then, something will happen that brings them back to mind. But you have to keep moving. When the sun's out I always remember him, and what we'd get up to. I go past a place we used to go to (like a restaurant) and up he pops in my mind. But he's gone somewhere else now, and I'm here, and I have to deal with my own issues now. You have to be tough minded.  Try CBD btw.  
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