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Singhrow Study On Drugs And Our Youth

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In today's fast moving society, in a country away from the origin of our roots; our youth are growing up with an identity crisis, most refer to the current generation as "the lost generation". One of the main factors is the acceptance of drugs as a part of their life. The Sikh Gurus have always condemned drugs for intoxication and pleasure as they mess up ones intellect and heath. We ran a survey across UK asking many children from the ages of 13 to 18 from a wide range of schools and colleges if they have ever experimented with any intoxicating substances. Our survey showed us that 65% of the children have tried some sort of drug.

When we asked the children why they go towards drugs, many of the children replied with answers such as;

· To fit in and socialise with certain crowds and because all their mates do it.

· Because it makes them feel big and apparently makes them look cool.

· They just wanted to try it out of curiosity to see what it feels like.

· Some were actually forced.

· Because it makes them feels good and relieves them from the stress of the world.

· Recreation and enjoyment.

· Parents have let them drink wine etc at weddings!

We all know any type of intoxicant can cause addiction and ruin lives in many ways from diseases to social and ethical problems in society. But when a large number of Panjabi-Sikh parents drink or smoke themselves, the children have no deterrent or positive role model (this is a core problem in our community).

Drugs offer a false relief from problems (similar to a dream), they create an illusion of hope while the person is buzzing. When the drugs wear of you are still in the same situation, and just more out of pocket. So how has the situation improved?

Most common drugs being used by our youth:

Cocaine, speed, ecstasy, tobacco, alcohol, weed, crack, heroin, steroids


· Health problems, including death by overdose or addiction.

· Higher crime rate

· Personality change, behaviour defects

· Higher sexual tendencies, resulting in more abortions.

· Family breakdown.

· Wastes money some people have spent a fortune on their habit.


· The drug of Naam-Simran is the most intoxicating and free. So every area should hold youth Simran sessions.

· Rehab projects run in Gurdwaras for youth.

· Physical training and sport activities (Positive Habits such as gym and martial arts)

· Educate the kids about drugs from a young age, including Gurbani quotes and what their Guru expects of them.

· Children look up to elders, so if we take drugs- they will, but if we start by quitting ourselves then we can become positive role models for them.

This study was done by Singhrow productions. Please visit our site from more youth related projects: www.singhrowproductions.blogspot.com

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