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Maha Sengh!

Bhai Sahib Shingara Singh Ji Birmingham

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ਗੁਰਮੁਖਿ ਜਨਮੁ ਸਵਾਰਿ ਦਰਗਹ ਚਲਿਆ|| ਸਚੀ ਦਰਗਹ ਜਾਇ ਸਚਾ ਪਿੜੁ ਮਲਿਆ||

Keertan will be done daily @ Bhai Sahib Shingara Singh Jee's residence who did akal chalana on Friday 1st July: 108 Booth Street, Handsworth, B21 from "Monday 4th till Thursday 7th July"

6pm: Rehras Sahib

6.30-8pm: Keertan

Please attend and do the seva of circulating this message accross... Vaheguru


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    • its funny when your traveling around there because once your outside of your region its as if your in another mans land lol!  the convo ends up becoming "look their zameen is like that"  "why have they grown their fasal like this"  "why is theres like that"   "oh look thats how they do this over here "   lol       
    • tbh people from places like ludhiana, khana etc dnt sound different to people from doaba apart from a few words here and there   then again these places are not that far   amritsar dialect is quite different though     my thayee is from malwa and she says a few words different like for children instead of saying naiane  she says jwaak  lol    i thinks shes from ludhiana   
    • Lidl have been giving free bags full of veg, fruit etc to all the staff at NHS  wihch is really nice    local punjabi business are giving free food to NHS workers too    my mum got some too  but didnt need it so gave it to the neighbors     
    • Punjab has quite a bit of variance. There probably will be some differences in temperament. No different from parts of the UK and there are going to be stereotypes.  We think of scousers as car thieves and we think of people in East Anglia as inbreds.  Because we don't live in Punjab, we don't know all the intricacies.  
    • i didnt get that straight away  now i get it LOL!   yh simran in punjab 😁   Simran as a female name is annoying lol   think coz iv seen it in so many 90s cheesy hindi movies lol    and the few "simrans" iv known were far from simran   lol  
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