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Sehajdhari Term Does Not Exist In Sikhism, Claims Sant Samaj

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Sehajdhari term does not exist in Sikhism, claims Sant Samaj

Chandigarh, September 2

The SAD, the Sant Samaj as well as the SGPC today claimed the term Sehajdhari did not exist in Sikhism and that Sikhs were either ‘puran’ or ‘patit’, meaning those that followed the ‘rehat maryada’ (Sikh code of conduct) and those who did not, but believed in the Sikh tenets.

This means the Sehajdharis, many of them Hindus who believe in Sikh religion and practices, are not being given any space in Sikhism.

Sant Samaj general secretary and former militant Jasbir Singh Rode, speaking on behalf of the Sant Samaj, which is contesting the SGPC elections along with the SAD, said the term Sehajdhari was a creation of politicians and that Sikhism did not recognise the same.

Asked to specify in which the category did the ‘Sindhi Hindus’ who believed in Sikhism fall, said they could be simply termed only as “disciples of the Sikh Gurus.”

SAD president Sukhbir Singh Badal claimed that the issue had been laid to rest after the SGPC passed a resolution in 2002, clarifying that only ‘puran Keshadhari’ Sikhs could participate in the SGPC elections.

He said the Centre had passed a notification to this effect and elections were held in keeping with the 2004 notification. Asked why the performa for the SGPC elections carried a column for the Sehajdharis, he said this was so because it was the practice earlier.

Sehajdhari Sikh Party head Dr Paramjit Singh Ranu maintains that the SAD, which was questioning the very existence of Sehajdharis, had a Sehajdhari wing in the party till 1971. He said the term was incorporated in the Sikh Gurdwara Act in 1959.

SGPC president Avtar Singh Makkar maintains that times have changed, indicating that there were practically no Hindus who followed Sikh rituals, as was the case earlier. “Where are they now”, he asked.

Pradesh Congress president Capt Amarinder Singh differed with Makkar, saying every person born of a Sikh father or Sikh mother or one who had adopted the Sikh religion should have the right to vote.

He claimed there were more Sehajdharis than baptised Sikhs and that the former had been voting in the SGPC elections since the inception of the Sikh Gurdwara Act.

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The Sant Samaj also sides with Badal, how can we trust them?

We all need to respect Sri Akaal Takht Sahib. If Sant Samaj starts to question Akaal Takht Sahib...

Its too late Badal and Sant Samaj have a tight grip on Akal Takht Jathedars are chosen at will along with hukamnameh - RSS tells SAD Badal - Badal tells Makkar - Jathedar Akal Takht/Sant Samaj

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Its too late Badal and Sant Samaj have a tight grip on Akal Takht

Sant Samaj have a right grip on Akal Thakt?

LOL if they did the Akal Thakt approved rehit would have been corrected long ago, the nanakshahi calender confusion would have been cleared.

You think if Sant Samaj was in control of the Akal Thakt Gursikhs like Sant Hari Singh Ji would allow the innacurate/wrong rehit and calender to continue?

Don't think so :p

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