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Sardari Tv - Showcasing Anti-Sikh Personalities


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Sardari TV is a a half hour television program that airs on Vision TV here in Canada every Saturday at 5:00 PM Est.


The show is hosted by a man named Rana Sidhu. Over the last month I noticed anti-gurmat discussions during his religious segment. He has often put on tapes of a well known Kala Afghana/Missionary parcharak Sarbjit Dhunda on his show as well as intervied another Kala Afghana parcharak Gurbachan Thailand wala. In today's program he had another missionary person who was giving a response to a Sant Ranjit Singh Dhadrianwale diwan recording, pointing out what was wrong with what Baba Ranjit Singh was saying.

Information about Gurbachan Thailand Wala: http://www.sikhsanga...gurdwara-sahib/

Rana Sidhu posts the recordings of his show on the internet so here are some examples.




Thailand wala



This program is shown across Canada on Vision TV and I'm sure thousands of people see it every week. I have not heard a single person speaking out about Sardari TV's anti-Gurmat activities, which is very alarming. This has been going on for months. Anti-Gurmat preachers, with whom Rana Ranbir probably shares views, have been given air time on his show every week. It seems to me very few people, if any, are aware of what they are watching. Unsuspecting viewers across Canada may be believing that what they hear on this show is real Sikhi, influencing a lot of people to belive in falsehood and drift away from Gurmat teachings.

I don't think this guy should be allowed to continue what he is doing. What can we do to stop him?

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i ddnt watch all these. i saw thailand wala once for a little time and they r so clever that they represent them self in a way and give simple logic to people that ordinary people tends to agree with these dushts.

Please advice what can we do to stop this wrong parchaar going on big level on tv shows.

I think we can suggest them to call our scholars like Hari Singh Randhawa wale to debate

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I saw the program on Saturday evening. The host is calling the sants as pakhandi and says we all need to live a truthfull life, and he himself has a trimmed bear and wears a turban - what a hypocrite. You can call this guy at 905-915-8484

Samag show "Gurbani" has been showcasing prof. darshan and other kala afghan type and anti dasam granth people for a long # of years (15+). His show is very one sided, he only shows the side he wants to portray then ask those viewing to make there decision.

I am surprised the TO sangat does not do anything????????

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I posted about the "Gurbani" program on here before too.

There is a lot of this anti-Gurmat stuff on Television saturday's in Canada.. its really alarming. There is no chardikala programing that shows people the reality of Sikhi to sangat on television here.

No one from Toronto, or Canada for that matter, has done anything to stop either Sardari TV or "Gurbani" show from providing the audiences with false and often obsurd information about Sikhi.

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