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Anger & Ego (I-Ness)


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O anger, you are the root of conflict; compassion never rises up in you. You take the corrupt,

sinful beings in your power, and make them dance like monkeys (sggs 1358)

O Nanak, through lust and anger, no one has ever found God - go, and ask any wise man (sggs 551)

Anger barks and brings ruin on itself, blindly pursuing useless conflicts (sggs 1288)

Ego: With the false ego ("I-ness") up and active, all our acting in the world becomes selfish and evil. When the materially identified ego has sided with the materialistic forces of creation (Maya), it is said to have the following faults: lust (Kaam), anger (Krodh); greed (Lobh), delusory emotional attachment (Moh), pride (Mada or Ahankaar), envy (Matsarya) and stubborn mindedness (Mann-Hatha). Also called evil passions, man's Spiritual heritage constantly gets looted by these internal thieves (and their numerous variations), causing him to lose knowledge of his True Being.

Anger: What is anger? Loads and loads of books have been written on anger. But it still appears to be one of the most misunderstood and overused of human emotions. Anger is one of the human emotions or feelings - one of the psychological ego's passions (negativity, Bikar or Bikaar). Anger is an emotional-physiological-cognitive internal state of consciousness which renders a man blind to the existence of inner Light. Hence sometime it's referred in the scriptures as hidden evil or thief, waiting for an excuse to find expression and expansion.

Anger, the outcaste, hides within man's body (sggs 759)

Lust and anger steal the wealth of the self within (sggs 352)

Within this body dwell the five thieves: Lust desire, anger, greed, emotional attachment and pride (sggs 600)

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