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  1. You should do the aggan bhaet and then purchase a new gutka sahib.
  2. We have one singh who helps keeping this forum alive technically for the past 20+ years.
  3. This is a very sad news. Of what I hear from few different folks, He was a very nice person despite of what media portray him.
  4. Wearing jewelry is not encouraged in our kaum. We have a lifestyle of saint and soldier. What is the purpose of wearing jewelry ? Saying it brings health benefits is same as saying earth is flat.
  5. SSL certificate got expired and renewal took time to take in effect. It was supposed to be on Auto Renew but not the case with them.
  6. @dallysingh101Do you know the person who tried to get this graphic novel? What was their funding amount they were looking for? Its 5 years old but it would be interesting to know if maybe sikhsangat can fund such things.
  7. Now you probably did follow up further details of the above news. Security forces killed many terrorist and one of security person died as well. One Sikh killed in this attack. Attack was the reply to the racist and anti-national Party spokesperson. They are terrorist and the India Hindu person like Radharamn Das has nothing to loose as it was Sikh Gurdwara they attacked.
  8. I do not think this is real and purely a fiction.
  9. First, It is all in the hukam of Sri Akal Purakh sahib. Sikhs are never afraid of the numbers (there were days, where we were left just in thousands). Have we been focused on numbers, whole world would be amritdhari by now. So, that is not enough reason to allow multi-religious wedding where other faith teaching such as kafir ideology, my god is superior of all etc.. Second, if they are not sikh religious then why not get married in a church or court house? What tomorrow, you are going to raise the point that we are small in numbers and we may offend someone, so why not we simple remove
  10. Harmonium is not what our guru sahib jee used. However, i have no quarrel whether to use it to not as long as focus is 100% being devoted to Gurbani. In Sikh culture, salwar kameez and kurta pajama is also not our culture either. Not many ppl are aware of this.
  11. Singh ji, majority of us do have "one point in our life" the inferiority complex. Some people just don't get out of it. Sikhi is beyond the color of the skin or the demographics of east and west. Sikhi is the pure lifestyle where it requires stringent discipline. Bypassing those discipline then we are just sikhi in name only. Interfaith marriages never work in practicality. Now if person is atheist and not religious then there is no issue and they do the court marriage. There are major differences in all religions and religious culture as well.
  12. Those Mona relatives of yours do not believe in any other dharam right? They may not be perfect and have many fundamental flaws but at least they don’t believe other god is the only way for salvation or call others kafir or believe in millions of god/goddess etc.
  13. If above is true then do you really think that CIA/UK/USA failed against india in 80's ? super 3rd world country where having a tv in home during 80's with one channel broadcasting was considered delicacy thing to have in household.
  14. Need a proper paperwork to show the substance that they are spending ___% of sangat donation towards sikh cause. In this kalyug world, I can do video marketing by paying few grand here and there and have someone wear a shirt and then go on gather millions in donation. I am not saying that they are doing thing (hopefully not) but need a proper substance and solid proof rather than posting some twitter posts as proof.
  15. A person that does their best to please other people even if it means disowning their own racial identity. We have a lot of these types in our kaum; including here.
  16. Debt ends with the person who took them. This is the reason why they do it. Paying their debt off by ending their life.
  17. No Financial regulations in India. If there are some then they are not put in work. Loan sharks are more easily available. Bank loans are not there for them. City elites discriminate against rural folks and all farming vendors/networking are being controlled by these city elites. Not everyone is aware of finance terms/agreements and due to Lack of education not everyone can understand it. Farmers take bad loans and then they pay it with their life. There is no collective farming (like Israel do). Farmers agitation happened and they repeal the laws. Good. Now what? They are dropping all o
  18. 100% true. Instead of learning the value of the hard work they feel jealous and those shop owners who ignore and focus on the hard work with risking their lives, they move to the next level and vast majority of their kids end up getting good education. However, this is the same attitude comes from both black/whites. I also believe that the system is making them unable to stand on their feet.
  19. All are most welcome as long they are respectful with each other. Having different opinions are ok but keep keep language in check.
  20. I don’t think it is true that he was punished for alcoholism. Will be looking forward for any source of such claim from him.
  21. Singh, We need folks like you in our community ! Please contact me and see if we can do some dedicated channel of resources on a larger scale for our community members.
  22. Pretty sad to see some folks who rather put down their own folks under the bus just to look good from outside for others. This is exactly what sikh coalition and other organizations and sikh young leaders are doing. You know why? because it is the network; personal and professional link with folks that they are scared to offend. Jhooli chaaki jaao teh jutiya khahi javo. Again pretty simple thing to say - EVERY RACE HAS RACIST FOLKS IN IT. Saying that Black people are not racist is like stupidest thing to say and exactly saying White people don't have any racist folks at all. Don't
  23. So, you believe that racism played no role in the recent attacking spree against elder Sikhs? There is now a new report that the criminal was seen on gurughar premises. whether it’s white, black, Asian or any other race attacking anyone because of hatred - call it out as it is. Sad some of our progressiveness brainwashed folks cannot see that and they are blind. Our guru sahib ji taught us to stand tall and for truth.
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