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  1. So, you are saying that Jinah requested his own country was wrong? what are your views about Sikhs getting treated after 47 in India? Are you saying that Muslim based government of Pakistan are more bad than Hindu majority Indian government who attacked Sikhs places many times and participated in a genocide not more than just shy of 3 decades ago? Sikhs don’t care about either Pakistan nor India Government. They both do not hold good place for Sikhs as per our brief history. Pakistan betrayed Sikhs in 80’s and GOI is actively assimilating our culture, religion and identity into Hinduism. So, it will be gullible of us to support any one of them. However, respect is due when someone do good things for Sikhs.
  2. Topics and replies with external link will be automatically marked by forum as need to be moderated and manually approval needed. We are doing this in order to keep the quality of the forum high.
  3. All Sikhs around the globe thanks Pakistan government for taking steps to keep our historic religious places safe. Keeping that in mind, I would suggest this topic to be closed in respect to them for the kartarpur and other immense sewa they did for worldwide Sikhs. For Sikhs, we see all human with a same equal eye.
  4. No offense to OP but this seems to be a total fake.
  5. Are you Sikh? I never see a Sikh mentioned another one as “turbaned Sikh”. Can you share his posting to make sure that other users don’t see u as non-Sikh troll in order to have a better genuine discussion.
  6. S1ngh


    There is no quota nor any limit on naam Jap or recitation of Gurbani. Guru sahib says that we human must remember god - waheguru in every breath of ours. Every pore of our body should be in rhythm with saas grahas simran of wahe (inhale) guru (exhale) of each and every breath. Breath without remembering God is wasted.
  7. S1ngh


    Good luck and keep sharing your views here.
  8. S1ngh


    Here's one veerj is suggesting another veer, not to give up studies and at same time saying its ok if you don't do paath. Our priorities are really skewed. Dear OP, If you want a break from your current lifestyle then take a break. If you want to pause your studies and want to get a part time job and see the other side of the world then go for it. I did that some 15 years ago and i am glad that i did it. You are in the system where you think it is not working. What it is that it is not working. You need to recognize it first and then work on it. Life is short and lots of changes come and go. 10 years from today, you will be in a totally different place that you won't even imagine now. So, fight the stress, fight the negative energy. Find what negativity is around you and smash it. Keep yourself happy and healthy. I wish you all good luck and if you want to talk then let me know i am available as your not too old uncle.
  9. I forgot the name of the bhaji but the main sewadar of that organization used to share his knowledge here a lot. This is a good organization but seems to be in a dormant stage.
  10. I strongly believe that divorcee should not do any of the panthic level sewa regardless of whatever situation is. I have seen some known camp counselors who are divorced and yet they are the main speakers and attend events as main speakers. What giyan they can give to the kids? Topic needs to be discussed.
  11. one room saraan at the SGPC controlled is 1200 ruppee a day. It is a politics to raula rapa on the mere $20.
  12. Is this really important at this time when Pakistan did the best ever for sikhs on the 550th Gurpurab of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. We need to look at the time and place for some topics to be discussed.
  13. S1ngh

    Sikh cults?

    Brother, Nirankari not Nanaksar. Also, lets please give respect to Bhagat Ravidas jees name.
  14. S1ngh

    To Admin

    Done along with 20 other accounts.
  15. Google translator for above - She is really the most beautiful woman. She is the aristocracy - look at the eyes, the face. She does everything calmly and diligently. Maybe that's her mission in life
  16. S1ngh


    Here's some information for you -
  17. Interesting to see how this three turned into another caste based match. Let’s stay focus on Kurds who got abandoned and getting massacred by Turks. Maybe an example for Sikhs as well.
  18. The tax cut of trillions of dollars and now the trend of getting hone loans with only showing 1 year of bank statements will be the reason for the recession. Stock is inflated to the point of getting bubble burst. I liquidated all of my stock portfolio last month. We will see full recession by end of next year. Successful trade deal with China will help delaying that.
  19. Originally it was Nirbhan Kirtan Jatha and it was not created as a a specific group. Group of sangat holding kirtan darbar all over india for weeks since 1930's. Taksal and akhand kirtan jatha created the most panthic sangat that has the least problematic clash with the main principles of teachings of our guru sahibs. Not sure about anantbir but his brother gurpreet is the major trouble maker in taksal jathabandi. Lots of people had serious doubt against gurpreet but now anantvir is in the picture. It is quite strange that gurpreet went in taksal trying to become main taksal person and so "Possibly* did anantvir, again not sure.
  20. What is your age ?
  21. S1ngh

    Natural order

    Hold on your horses brother.. Guru sahib jee lived the life in 10 human forms to show manmukhs like me to live the exact way he lived. Age does not matter. Whether is it our sahibzaaday, guru sahib or baba deep singh ji, age is just external noise for us humans. Waiting for your reply without involving of Knee Jerk reactions
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