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  1. They also do this... My point is that we do not pick and choose and support those who are against our dharam.
  2. It is simple. Keep it clean and covered all the time. Depends your avasthaa and karam and you may change it as per need of your soul. So, basic minimum thing to do is - cover it.
  3. 2013 was the time when Dhaderanwal was playing safe and mostly all jathabandiaan were respecting him and his diwans were being held in almost every major gurdwara sahibs.
  4. Murals on Baba Atal Rai bunga was not done during guru jees time but it was done during ranjit singh time period.
  5. S1ngh

    Boy Names

    Congrats !! Did you take hukamnama to decide the letter ?
  6. Thank you for explaining bhai sahib !! Those who are reading, please be aware that this is one of the major propaganda that anti-sikh forces are playing to break away sikhs from Saachand sri darbar sahib. Abdali mughal tried it, 1984 tried it and now various outfits in the shape of harnek neki of new zealand, reporter makhu, dhadri gang and the whole missionary group are working day and night to remove the importance of sikh dharam aaasthaan.
  7. S1ngh

    Gurbani santiya

    Gurfateh ji, Is he willing to learn via Skype. I know someone who is doing the same and teacher is from India. let me know and I will try to get the contact info.
  8. S1ngh

    Let's face it

    As per theory then being nude like a caveman is perfectly fine as well as long as you are pure from within. Then again it depends on your analogy of "Being Pure". Anyway, OP - You need to find more about sikh dharam. Just being in the shape of a sikh is not enough and eventually our mind will clash over the simplest things. Gurbani says "Mun jeetay, jag jeet" when we conquer our mind/soul then we win everything. When you are in peace with Gurbani, nothing matters and you get answers of all of your questions.
  9. Just for the general information, Bhai Jasbir rode and bhai haracharan singh = step brothers of sant ji. Sant ji and his sister were from one mother who passed away and their dad baba joginder singh re-married.
  10. Why we keep hair? We keep hair because it is the creation of our Akal Purakh. Akal Purakh created a natural law on how life cycle will goes on. Agreed that we are living far from the greater truth of our gurus ideal lifestyle.... but that does means we break the waheguru natural order of lifecycle. How we humans can procreate if we are not following basic plan of our god. khusra/hijar = Not gay.
  11. You will need to make a trip to India. Singh Brothers Or Chattar Singh Jeevan Singh book shop in Amritsar. I do not like them but they are the only one who carries all type of Sikh books. They are the oldest Of the oldest book shop in Punjab.
  12. I do not think that sikh is a Nihang Singh. Also, I do not think there was any law/order telling to shoot nihangs on sight.
  13. Yes changing gender and also having relationship where you absolutely cannot have babies voids the credibility of our Akal Purakh’s nature of human plan. Sad part is that online new trendy preachers such as NanakNaam UK supporting such manmat.
  14. Okay. Can you explain why you feel that way about this scripture? Did you hear about it from someone else (preachers negatively speaking about it)? Or you are actually reading and trying to figure out? Knowing the reasoning of why someone is asking such questions will be helpful.
  15. For informational purpose..
  16. I also get this exact same dream for many years. Its gut wrenching feeling and then i try to figure out how to fix it and its in panic mode. Must means something psychologically.
  17. Mix of east and west is needed. Sikhs in west who don’t know Punjabi - read/speak/write are worst off from Sikh dharam.
  18. Yes. Hence my question and his futile attempt to auto correct himself. He wrote wrong short-form using W and then in full form he opted to change it to V.. Must be a new recruit
  19. Did any non-Sikh organization stepped up and helped any Sikhs during partition of 1947, 1984 attack, Sikh widows and other Sikh poor families when whole generation of 250k Sikh youth got shaheed. What about Delhi Sikh genocide? How about Vanjaray Sikhs, Sikhligar Sikhs? Name any non-Sikh organization spending millions helping Sikhs ever? Sure Sikhs should help anyone but top priority must be Sikhs. If I run a Sikh organization, I would spend at least 90% of its budget on helping Sikhs.
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