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  1. Now that is too crazy for someone to start the GoFundMe gathering such large money amount without getting the name of the person correct.
  2. It will be mainly global but not reserved for certain region. Sangat in UK may not have big hassle in finding someone but sangat living in remote countries may find it difficult to find someone. Funding for staffing and such resources won't be any issue.
  3. I don't think there is any point of discussing anything with this uncle. He is bit lunatic/crazy for past 3 decades. I thought he might be retired from this crap but i guess pay is good.
  4. Please let us know if there will be any donation collection on this case. Someone please suggest/contact Khalsa Aid can open up it coffers to provide a long term care for his disabled mother.
  5. What Singh said? Was he against the Covid precaution measures?
  6. This is a very good idea. This will bring in postings of those who hesitates and do not want to announce to the world that they are looking.
  7. As i heard couple of days ago, Vitals are bit improving. He is still under strong sedation and needs ardas.
  8. I think CM & his family might be christian; non-sikh. Not out of the closet yet (in religious identity).
  9. Will do. I will bring it with him next time i talk with him. Is this about the movie "Honsla Rakh" song scene?
  10. Good example is that when sometime we do ardas during the funeral. When the box goes in the chamber, sangat do ardas and then mostly everyone touches the ground with hand (tips of fingers) and to head. Just like you see people doing when they enter gurughars.
  11. Many great responses above ^^ It is in waheguru jees hand whether the marriage will prosper or fail. Compatibility between two is also depends on how they think of each other and outside influence does not have any play in it. How they grew from age 1 to 20+ is the time that will decide rest of their life course. Does jewish community has something like this as they are also scattered around the globe? In this age, we should have a system which is managed 24/7 by a team of professionals rather than just money making scheme or uploading a dating script and let it run. I like it to b
  12. To all these Ultra Hyper Liberals, Why keep bullshitting our own kaum. Get Sri Akhand Paat organized in any main mosque, if done then do whatever you want to do. Meanwhile shut this thing down fast. Agla banda tuhanu gharray nahi vaarda, tusi apnay gharray bado badi varri janday. apna jaloos appay hi kadi janday.
  13. Anyone got any good idea on how we can fix the problem of "Not finding the match". Sikhs around the globe may have cultural differences but we all have a common foundation/ground which is our Guru Sahibs teaching. I believe that our community is having hard time in finding the right match. My wish is to see a website running a state of art system where it helps our community in a match making or match introduction type of thing. A simple dating script or a website like shaadi.com or sikhmatrimonials.com is not good enough. Good reputable setup solely based on helping our community. Support
  14. I know Daljit's manager in uk and he is very down to earth and religious person. Please talk with him and i'm sure he will send out the message. He does lots of good panthic music videos under non-profit organization.
  15. Interesting that how Indians are getting beaten badly in this cyber game. A bhaiya sitting in front of 50$ computer spending 12 hrs a day trolling sikhs on twitter and facebook. Now multiply that with 10K + Same way the indian music industry hire these trolls to fake like their youtube videos. A simpleton cranky singer getting hundred millions view.. yeh right !!.. Indians from India think they are smart but they are plain stupid when they play the game of dishonesty. Nakal maran vasstay vi akkl chahadi ya.
  16. Meant for whole sikh community. Not only Amritdhari but also all anand karaj that were perfomed were by the family members rather than hiring someone outside. If you go deep in your ancestors, you will be amazed to find some really good things.
  17. Folks with money/power and Turban but no spirituality at all.
  18. Beating the bush around ehh.. It is simple - either yes or no. It is ok and no shame if you are a huge fan of her.
  19. S1ngh


    I always comment to wife when passing them.. ki pakhand fariya ehna neh.
  20. So, getting straight to the point - you do support her regardless of whatever is going around. Hmm…
  21. My friend once heard it in the south indian gathering. They didn't know that my friend is Sikh (because of being mona). He felt very bad upon hearing of such wordings.
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