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Prof Darshu And Dr Gurdeep Jagbir (Sikh Channel) Parchar Today

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i don't know why gurdwara committees call them if they know specific ppl have been banned by akal takht saheb. actually ppl now don't have fear of any adesh or fatwa. Raagi darshan after excommunication does these kind gatherings or stage shows to get rid of his frustration. I read singh sabha canada web site,,, so disgusting,,,,,, disgraceful, aggresive wording used beyond limits in their notes and letter. is this sikhi?????? it clearly shows how gone- case n muddle- head they are pointing out each and every jathebandi just to prove them selves correct. bogus jeonwala's writings clearly shows how much pain he is going through sitting at home after EXCOMMUNICATED by akal takht saheb.

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