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Why Indian Govt Is So Cruel To Sikhs?

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Some Sikhs always ask why the Indian Government is so cruel to Sikhs and has tried to carry out ethnic cleansing. Why is it doing this to the Sikhs?

Well, in answer to the above question, I think the below gives the reason why. The reason for the cruelty on the Sikhs has been clearly given in so many books by intellects, both Sikhs and non-Sikhs, for over a hundred years now. However, most Sikhs have not picked up on this. Below is one incident of this simple truth being given to us by a top non-Sikh official of India back in 1911. McAuliffe also stated the same after carry out some totally independent and unbiased research himself. Many others have picked up on this. If we know why it’s being done to us, we can tackle it, and explain to the rest of the world why it’s being done to us. The rest of the world is more likely to believe us if they know why we are being oppressed by the Indian Government.

Reason for Indian Government’s ethnic cleansing and cruelty against Sikhs

Page 67 of the book by Saroop Singh “Kwilsqwn dI loV ikaUN?”

bRwhmxvwd isKW dw hmySw vYrI irhw hY[ KuPIAW ivBwg dy aup fwierYktr im: fI pYtrI ny sMn 1911 ivc BymI irport ivc ieMj iliKAw hY: ]

Hinduism has always been hostile to Sikhism whose Guru powerfully and successfully attacked the principle of Caste which is the foundation on which the whole fabric of Brahamism has been reared. The activities of Hindus have, therefore, been constantly directed to the undermining of Sikhism both by preventing the children of Sikh Fathers from taking Pahul and by reducing professed Sikhs from their allegiance to their faith.

Hinduism has strangled Buddhism, once a formidable rival to it and it has already made serious inroads into domains of Sikhism.

If anyone asks how do we know this persecution still happened in the hundreds of thousands in the 80s & 90s and is still happening today, then give them the following answer:

As far as talking to westerners about the Politics effecting Sikhs it's very simple - we should just say the following:

Sikhs are trying to get all of the west, and the rest of the world to be allowed into Punjab, and Delhi, to research and find out how a genocide was carried out against the Sikhs by the Indian Government, and how all the killers the Indian Govt used were let off free or promoted!!

Alqaeda don't want the west coming in to their area to even view what they are up to, whereas, us Sikhs ARE asking the west to go into Punjab and Delhi/India to find out what has been done, and is being done, to the Sikhs by the India Govt. I think you will agree that the fact that the Indian govt is keeping all the west out of Punjab, including Human rights organisations like Amnesty International, shows their total and utter guilt without any doubt whatsoever.

The Indian Govt are the Alqaeda in this case, as they want to keep the west and human rights organisation out, just like Alqaeda.

This opposite of one side, (the Sikhs), wanting witnesses, and the other side, the Indian Govt NOT wanting any witnesses proves without any doubt who is right and who is wrong, who is NOT guilty and who is guilty.

Sikhs are right, and the Indian Govt is wrong. If this is not the case what have the Indian Govt got to hide !!!!!!!

Murders and rapists would never let the media in, and that's why the indian goverment, not the Sikhs, are trying to keep the western media, and human rights organisations, out of the Punjab - Simply really !!!

Nothing has changed!!!

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