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    • Moat this stuff is created by man. Swine flu was created by man and the way they run pig farms. And then they blame tge pigs.  Same with HIV/aids   they created that with their dodgy experiments gone wrong.  Cancer makes them billions of pounds a year so they wont give the cure away, they already know the cure  but it's become a business for them.   
    • What proper does my head in is paintings of old Singhs that have the 'modren' khanda symbol on their dastaars and jhanday, I mean, a little historical research wouldn't kill an artist.......
    • yh painting isn't accurate, I'd imagine harmandir sahib was a simply brick structure back then. In those dark times sikhs had no time  to create a beautiful building, with local muslims, mughals and afghans hunting sikhs down from all direction. plus around this time many sikhs had gone and started living in forest areas, near rivers and rajasthan.  there was another painting on mansha singh swimming towards harmandir sahib, cant find it online though. cant find absolutely anything about him online.   i had been looking for his name since the day i posted this, i was gnna give up yesterday and then i asked guru gobind singh ji what his name was and around 3 mins later i came across this painting. 
    • It should be noted that Harmandir Sahib didn't have the gold covering that it is now famous for, at the time. Maharajah Ranjit Singh had that put on at a much later date (and in obviously better circumstances for Sikhs in Amritsar!). 
    • I have some relative that have come over to UK on sponsership from India. They are looking for empolyment but dont also have much qualifications. They are female btw. Not sure what is the best way for them to get a good job. Apart from obvious retail which does not pay much. other ideas I thought about is factory job. ie probably in southall where they can speak punjab to other people as they dont have good english which is something they prefer as dont feel comfortable working in a place that they will be the only asian/indian. Any ideas to get a well paid job for them?. I doubt they can secure this without qualifications. ie a levels, degree ect though.  Not sure how to guide them career wise. My aim is to get them ready and be more employable.  
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