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1984 riots case against Congress leader Tytler to be re-opened

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In a big setback for Congress leader Jagdish Tytler, a local court has set aside a closure report of the Central Bureau of Investigation and ordered re-investigation of allegations that the former minister instigated a riotous mob, which then murdered three men who had taken shelter in a Gurudwara 29 years ago, during the 1984 anti-Sikh riots in Delhi.
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1984 anti-Sikh riots: A widow's fight for justice


29 years after the 1984 anti-Sikh riots, a widow's battle to get her husband justice has finally come to pass. A Delhi court reopened the anti-Sikh riot case against Jagdish Tytler, who is accused of inciting a mob in 1984. Lakhwinder Kaur, is the widow of one of the three men killed by that mob.
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    • The biggest problem is when we start introducing Dhils to Rehit, and I’ll just say the moment we as a Panth allow Dhils to be in the Rehit, is when we become weaker as Sikhs.
    • also the kar sewa babey destroyed the similar wall adornments in gurudwara Baba Atal Rai
    • If we look at Sikh Rehat 2 things should be noted. First, no alcohol allowed. Second, 4 kakkar are not allowed to leave the body, even for a second!  Let's just say the Gurus decided and gave a figure. We're allowed to consume half a glass (e.g. 250ml) of beer once a week, containing no more than 5% in alc volume. And four kakkars, let's assume Dasah Patsha stated "Four can be parted from you at a distance of 1.5 meters."  Now today, we can guess why the measurement are absolute zero. The rehat states ZERO TOLERANCE! The alcohol consumption would have been edited to "5 glass per seven days it's ok to get tipsy, Thas what Maharaj is saying" and departure from kakkar would have been "150 yards..." We Sikhs EASILY would have fooled and edited measurements!!!  The Gurus knew this. Today our actions are evidence to my opinion. So the Guru has certainly not given us any unit of measurement as we're unworthy of it. 
    • I understand your concern, kada being displayed. Kada should have not been displayed at all.  As for the music, a UK muslim bringing back traditional style instruments in punjabi music? Now thas a big wow! (Ok, maybe not lyrics but all lyrics do head towards lusting anyways) so I stopped listening to all songs long ago. 
    • Former Cong. MP charged with murder in 1984 anti-Sikh riots - The Hindu Former Cong. MP charged with murder in 1984 anti-Sikh riots   NEW DELHI: , DECEMBER 07, 2021 22:27 IST UPDATED: DECEMBER 08, 2021 04:08 IS Noting that an unlawful assembly or a mob of several thousand persons armed with deadly weapons like dandas (sticks) and iron rods was present at the spot with the common object of resorting to large-scale looting, arson and destruction of the property of Sikhs, a Delhi court has framed charges of murder against former Congress MP Sajjan Kumar in connection with the death of a father-son duo during the 1984 anti-Sikh riots. The order was passed by Special Judge M.K. Nagpal, who framed charges against Kumar under provisions for murder, attempt to culpable homicide, and rioting, among others. The deceased were identified as Jaswant Singh and Tarun Deep Singh. The court, however, dropped the charges under attempt to murder and destruction of evidence. According to the family of the deceased, a mob led by Kumar burnt the two men alive, and also set their house on fire, on November 1, 1984. Kumar is already lodged in jail after he was convicted in another murder case pertaining to the 1984 riots. The judge noted that there was sufficient evidence to show that Kumar was not only a participant in the mob which killed the deceased persons and set their house on fire, but was also leading it. The court noted that its view regarding Kumar’s participation in the mob was much stronger, and the allegations, along with the material, gave rise to “grave suspicion”.  
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