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    • The respect and "fear" of long-standing Sikh institutions such as Taksal is virtually nonexistent amongst the Punjabi masses. There won't be a repeat of the events of the 70s and 80s when errant Sikhs who'd succumbed to various life-destroying vices, buckled under the parchaar of the time, and reformed themselves. GOI has ensured the average Sikh views their religious bodies with disdain and indifference. A charismatic leader will not be enough next time to rally the masses.  AKJ is a joke outfit in the modern day. They'll be used for further demoralisation and subversion of Sikhs. If the likes of Taksal go after the middling, inoffensive cultural Sikhs with the same zeal as if they were dealing with virulent heretics, there won't be a respectful deferring to religious authority similar to 40 years ago. Those types of Sikhs are long gone. What there will be is a Secular Vs Religious battle which is exactly what the GOI wants to see. Armed with their newfound admiration for the obnoxiously materialistic lifestyle being promoted by various forms of Punjabi entertainment, etc., these people won't tolerate being pushed around by orthodox Singhs.  GOI plans for the Khalsa identity to be the sole preserve of what people perceive to be militants or humourless extremists; a tiny, dwindling minority akin to the ultra-orthodox Hasidic Jews who are viewed with disdain by their own people for their excessive religious adherence. The schism in the quom these actions will cause has been in the making for 40-50 years. We are on the verge of seeing it become a reality.  But, yes, go for it. Pretend as if there's no difference between a family Lohri celebration and a sweaty, degenerate orgy attended by Punjabi idiots. We'll see where we end up. Whatever the outcome, the popcorn's coming out for me. There's going to be a hot time in the old pind tonight.
    • My cousin used to work in a old peoples home in the Midlands and she said once the staff would put the buddeh and  buddiyan to bed and switch the lights off  they would sneak into each others bedrooms. Sometimes the staff would tell them off while other times they would just leave them to it.  You cant expect punjabis to be any different. 
    • You can say the same about basically most young people all around the planet. Why would young punjabis be any different? Some communities cover this behaviour up while others do it out in the open.  And it ain't even young people  old people are no different. 
    • What about remaining in india but having our own sikh government governing the area of pubjab with no interference from the central government? I thinks theres a name for this kind of country?  What's Rome? Isnt Rome like it's own city/state within italy?  Wouldn't something like that be better?  Dont think india will allow that because there are so many other communities/ethnicities that will want the same. 
    • The frustrating thing for you is that you know I'm probably as conservative and khattar as you are, but yet you still try and paint me as some kind of secular clown who has a soft spot for these druggie and alkie entertainers and those who idolise them. I don't know what to say. Some people are determined to learn the hard way. You will, eventually.
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