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    • Just saw the video yesterday on WhatsApp. Was shocked but not surprised considering it's Delhi. I don't live there fortunately. Because it's a region of backward illiterate migrants from haryana, Bihar, UP , basically the wildest of states . BTW, Sikh MLAs of Delhi did create a loud opposition and apparently the 3 men responsible were suspended and further inquiry into the matter set in.  In a hindsight, I felt what if the Sikh guy was at fault ?? What if we're trying to give into our passions and looking it at from biased communal views. But you also can't deny the fact that the treatment meted out to him was in no way professional and btw, the father and kid were both beaten up in police custody too, the kid being a minor. YES THE COPS SHOULD BE FIRED.  Many , not surprisingly, within the Sikh community are seeing this incident as part of larger state sponsored oppression against sikhs.
    • https://m.tribuneindia.com/article/delhi-police-brutally-beat-up-father-and-son-on-the-street/789174/amp
    • i dont think baba ji could ever lie, but I can't come to accept that sant ji left darbar sahib while it was being desecrated.Khalsa doesn't run from the battlefield.I think they are shaheed.How else could you explain this picture:
      Here's a scenario I thought where they are shaheed but still "come back". They might pargat as a jot like how people have darshan of shaheed singhs and "come back" like that. Sant ji isn't gone anywhere from where they need to come back,like all shaheeds and other Sikhs in sachkhand.I also thought that perhaps they would take birth for the sake of the panth again as if they haven't done enough already.   Regardless of what we think individually, it isn't going to change anything for ourselves or for the panth.We just need to focus on ourselves and what will happen will happen.
    • we need a digital database with full pictures of the original saroops alongside a typed version of each aang.That might be a solution to remove suspicion of editing,and modification.It should be available to all online on a database and form a library. 

      It would be a huge benefit to the panth if the sgpc would work for the panth.We can make our panth a force to be reckoned with an international scale,and make Sikhi flourish.Most people don't know about Sikhi and denounce religion for reasons like not matching with science but Sikhi does,and people don't know.I think it needs to be restructured in a more dictatorship like structure where you have one appointed jathedar who has full control and no elections or democracy to elect people.The jathedar should be a brahamgyani,someone the panth will stand behind. Of course, the challenge is finding such a leader,maybe maharaj will/has sent someone.  
    • Just saw the video of the Delhi coppers beating up the Father and son. Though I absolutely condemn what the police did as it was despicable.  The father did not help matters by running back at about 5 coppers especially with his son being in tow where his young teenage son got a kicking. (His son was trying to stop his father). I will try to link the video, but I think we try to act like the warriors of old but even they would know when to fight back and when to retreat.  I see this in a few videos where Urban Sikhs in metro areas do bone headed things like this particularly with the police. There was another video where this very tall Singh choke slammed a copper before he scarpered off on his moped. It's always this: "Meh Singh ya, meh Singh yeh" with this puffy chest. Even a rural pendu Sikh in Punjab is not that dumb to do things like this.  You can't win as a Sikh in a Hindu majority area where the police is going to be against you.  If the guy was beaten up by himself is one thing bit the fact that his son got beaten as well is downright irresponsible.  We have to be smarter than that. @AjeetSingh2019 you are an Urban Metro Sikh, please explain    

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