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    • Where does the money come from? Hindu organisations ? Indian government?  Punjab is lost cause for Sikhs now...we cant say anything or ask justice ow we'll end up in Jail..  
    • It comes from the  need to acommodate and be all inclusive. Our people feel the need to deprecate our needs and prioritise others over ourselves.  There are elements of gora society that does this and we follow suit.
    • It's not hate, people just disagree with their fanaticism for interfaith. In the new Niskham West London school they make sure that the kids who are a majority Sikh have to take part a Hindu, Muslim and Christian assembly during the week. There is probably just a handful of Muslim, Hindu and Christian kids in the scholl and yet the make the majority Sikh kids take part in these assemblies. Khalsa Primary School in Norwood Green does not do this and the have a daily divan in the Gurdwara Sahib. 
    • Christian missionaries, and muslims orgs are worldwide, hence its in billions. SGPC is in millions, it can atleast do something in north India
    • This would make sense if the Nihangs were not as corrupt and useless as the SGPC and Akalis have been. You are seeing today's Budha Dal as being the same as the Budha Dal of history which is clearly is not. In the 1980s it had a leader who was the chumcha of the Abdali of the 20th century. He allowed himself to be used to divide the Panth at the time when the Panth had just about acheived virtual unity.  If you want some progress in the Panth, it will be have been Sikh youth who are passionate about Sikhi whether in India or the doaspora and not from corrupt organisations like SGPC and Budha Dal. If we only have say one Bhai Jagraj Singh in each village in Punjab, that would be enough to bring the Panth out of the black hole that the Akalis, SGPC and Budha Dal have put it in.  Can I give you a contary opinion? Maybe if you have bothered to sit with him and explain what Simran is and how to do it, he would have had the tools to counter the bad influence that he got under in later years. So you watched quietly for 5 YEARS while he slid down the slipperly slope and now you use the example of this poor child who in essence you failed in order to prove a point. That's really sad.    Apart from that poor kid I suppose. 
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