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Sikh Community Needs To Reconsider Its Perceptions About The West, Russia And China

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Sikh Community Needs To Reconsider Its Perceptions About The West, Russia And China



Generally, the Sikhs have an impressionabout the 1984 tragedy that IndiraGandhi (the Indian Prime Minister at thetime) was too close to the Soviet Unionand was very hostile to western countries.Even some Sikh scholars feel that Russiaincited and helped Mrs. Gandhi to attackSri Harmandir Sahib and the Akal Takhtin 1984, while western countries wereopposed to the attack. These impressions,along with some other factors,have contributed to the westward tiltamongst Sikhs. After the glorious revolutionof Baba Banda Singh Bahadur, afeudal and elite sect emerged among theSikhs which eventually struck a compromisewith the British colonialists andaccepted a subservient position. Theirstand was completely against Sikh principles,which emphasized continuous andunending struggle against oppressors,and was responsible for the beginning ofthe tilt toward the West. The increasedimmigration of Sikhs to the westerncountries, which is more than any othercommunity in India, has furtherincreased this tilt. However, the justreleased secret British documents(declassified after many years) about the1984 tragedy have shocked many Sikhsand shattered their previously held beliefsabout the tragedy, the West, and Russia.Their generally held impressions aboutwestern and Russian roles in the tragedyhave been challenged by the newlyemerged facts. Many Sikhs may realizethat western capitalism comes close tothe Mayadhari Sansar (an unbalancedmaterialistic society) which is condemnedin Sri Guru Granth Sahib. The conceptof a so-called liberated man in westerncapitalist society who is free to pursue hisdesires, also comes close to the conceptof Manmukh (a self-willed individualwho follows the desires of his mind)which is severely criticized in Sri GuruGranth Sahib. Similarly, the anti-Russianfeelings are not supported by these facts.First of all, we have to understand thatthere is a big difference between theSoviet Union and Russia. Even thoughthe Soviet Union was founded uponMarxist revolutionary principles, yet thefact is that it was thoroughly influencedby western capitalist principles of puttingeconomics above ethics and had mostlybetrayed the Marxist revolutionary principlesand transformed into a Socialimperialist state running almost parallelwith the American imperialists. It was nolonger a nationalist or revolutionaryRussia, but had become one of the twosuperpowers, the other being the US.However, after the collapse of the SovietUnion, a new nationalist Russia, qualitativelydifferent than the Soviet Union,has emerged. The new Russia is nowplaying an anti-imperialist role. The presentRussia cannot be blamed for the mistakesof the Soviet Union. The newRussia is working closely with China toend western domination and Americanhegemony, and for a more equal and justworld order. The western imperialistswant to finish all diversity and lead to aunipolar world under their dominationand under their culture and value system.All kinds of diversity: cultural, national,religious, social, economic, ethnic, racial,and political are seen as obstacles to thewestern quest for dominating the world,and finishing diversity and leading to uniformity.All forces who want to preservetheir identities and independent existenceare in the same boat. Therefore, theSikhs, along with other religions, are inthe same boat with Russia, China, Islamiccountries, and other third world countries.They are all struggling against westerncultural invasion.Even though all facts about the 1984tragedy are not before us, yet some thingsare obvious. Under British law, secretgovernment documents are released aftera period extending over some decades.However, some documents are still beingwithheld. We should demand for all ofthe documents to be made public so thatwe can know the whole truth about thetragedy. Whatever facts we have learnedso far, they all indicate that there was acommunication about OperationBluestar between the British governmentand the Indian government, long beforethe operation started. The British advisedthe Indian government and participatedin some way in this operation. Americaand England work hand-in-glove.Therefore, we cannot imagine that theBritish did not inform the Americansabout the operation and did not havetheir approval. Therefore, it is not justthe British but probably the westernblock that was involved in some manner.There are also suggestions that a lucrativetrade deal between India and Englandwas also considered at that time. Thisgoes to prove that the fundamental conceptof western capitalism, that economicsare above ethics, has not changed.This concept has led the west to abandonand negate the spiritual aspect of life forall practical purposes, and limit it only tothe material aspect. Therefore, the western-dominated globalization is economic-only globalization without any ethicalaspect. I feel that we Sikhs are less clearabout the roles of the west, Russia, andChina than other religions and communities.For example, Islam and the Sikh religionare the youngest among the sixmajor religions of the world. However,there is a very big difference in the clarityabout the roles of the West, Russia,and China between the Muslims and theSikhs. Most of the Muslims see westernconsumerist culture as the biggest threatto their religion. However, many Sikhsgenerally seem to have a more favorableimpression of western consumerist cultureand are less concerned about westerncultural invasion.We can have many differences withRussia or China, yet we have to understandthis fact that like us, they are alsostruggling to preserve their identities andtheir independent existence from thewestern cultural onslaught. Russia and China are workingtogether to end western dominationand American hegemonyso that the world canbecome more equal and just.The struggle is not simple andis not in a straight line, but isvery complicated and is in spirals.However, the ultimate aimis good; they want to changethe western-dominated andAmerican-led unipolar world toa multipolar world.The Sikhs should rise to theoccasion and let the wholeworld know that the concept ofa multipolar world is basedupon Guru Nanaks message oftolerance, accepting diversityand pluralism, love, universalconcern, universal welfare, andpeaceful coexistence. Todaysmajor trends are the decline ofthe West and the rise of theEast. Russia and China representthe leading forces of theEast. However, Sri GuruGranth Sahib represents thecontinuous evolution and thezenith of eastern wisdom andspirituality. Therefore, it canprovide an alternate model ofdevelopment to the collapsingwestern capitalist model.Dr. Sawraj Singh, MD F.I.C.S. isthe Chairman of the WashingtonState Network for Human Rightsand Chairman of the CentralWashington Coalition for SocialJustice. He can be reached at sawrajsingh@hotmail.com.

Source - http://thelinkpaper.ca/?p=35428

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    • remember when the kar sewa babe tried demolishing the 200 yr old dharshan deori in the middle of the night at tarn taran darbar sahib, well 10 months on and nothing has been restored yet! no one has been arrested for the damage despite a complaint made.  Funny how the youth that damaged the statues of the dancing people at amritsar were arrested straight away, yet the people involved in demolishing a 200 yr old building at Tarn Taran darbar sahib are still walking around free. https://www.hindustantimes.com/cities/10-months-on-no-progress-on-restoration-of-darshani-deori-in-tarn-taran-gurdwara/story-TUnzuVr5i9TtVxaJqbnRHK.html 10 months on, no progress on restoration of Darshani Deori in Tarn Taran gurdwara   CITIES Updated: Jan 30, 2020 22:55 IST Anil Sharma Hindustan Times, Tarn Taran A view of the partially demolished Darshani Deori of Gurudwara Darbar Sahib in Tarn Tran in on Saturday. (HT PHOTO)       Tarn Taran Ten months after Kar Sewa activists demolished a portion of the Darshani Deori, the main entrance leading to the sanctum sanctorum of the historic Gurdwara Darbar Sahib on March 31, restoration and preservation of the structure is yet to begin. Baba Jagtar Singh headed the Kar Sewa Group involved in the incident, but was not present at the spot. The only work towards restoration has been that the Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (SGPC) has formed a sub-committee of its members and subject experts for the preservation and renovation of this important relic of Sikh heritage. Gurdwara manager Balwinder Singh said, “Restoration work of the Deori has not been started as SAD (Amritsar) president Simranjit Singh Mann has filed a writ petition in the Punjab and Haryana high court. However, we have no stay order from the court on restoration and preservation work of the structure.” Mann has filed a plea in court seeking action against Baba Jagtar Singh and the activists, who, he claimed, had ‘destroyed’ the gurdwara. An SGPC member Bhagwant Singh Sialka claimed, “Experts from Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College, Ludhiana, have scanned the structure for its restoration.” No action against accused, despite SGPC panel indictment  The accused in the case are roaming free, in spite of a four-member SGPC probe committee’s recommendation of a police case against them. The panel comprised Sialka, Bhai Ram Singh (both SGPC members); Gurmeet Singh and Harjit Singh Lalu Ghuman (assistant secretaries). It had submitted its report to SGPC president Gobind Singh Longowal on April 5, 2019. After this, Longowal had said they will get police cases registered against the accused. The panel had held the Kar Sewa and the then manager of the gurdwara, Partap Singh, ‘guilty’ of demolishing the historic structure without its permission. It had also taken back the right of doing Kar Sewa (voluntarily religious service) at the gurdwara from Baba Jagtar Singh. “The Kar Sewa head had tendered an apology, and had claimed that he had not received the new order from the SGPC for not demolishing the historic structure. The probe into this claim is on,” Sialka told HT over phone. When questioned, if a police complaint had been lodged against the accused, SGPC chief secretary Roop Singh said, “I am not aware. I hope the manager of the gurdwara must have lodged a police complaint.” Gurdwara manager Balwinder said no complaint had been lodged. “The SGPC is not only shielding the accused, it is also playing with the sentiments of devotees,” claimed Harpal Singh, general secretary, SAD (Amritsar). Tejbir Singh, of Tarn Taran, said, “For trying to demolish folk dancers’ statues at the Heritage Street, police have registered a case of attempt to murder. For demolishing a 200-year-old historic structure, however, no action has been taken. This is shameful.” Quotes (if needed)   Restoration work of the Deori has not been started as SAD (A) president Simranjit Singh Mann has filed a writ petition in the Punjab and Haryana HC. Balwinder Singh, manager, Gurdwara Darbar Sahib, Tarn Taran The SGPC is not only shielding the accused, it is also playing with the sentiments of devotees. Harpal Singh, general secretary, SAD (A)
    • Samurai armour was really quite deceptive when it came down to appearance, it looks really fragile and not fit for purpose, but was extremely tough.  The Samurai developed a special lacquer which was used to toughen natural materials.  This enabled the armour to retain toughness and lightweight properties which enabled the Samurai to move with speed and agility.  They wore face masks that were intended to frighten the enemy whilst masking ones own expressions during battle.     
    • Today we have a major issue with Sikh youth walking into university classes like sociology and walking out extremist.  Whether that be feminist extremist or LGBTQ extremist or atheist.  When it comes to Gurbani these groups and people look for lines or a line of Gurbani and take it out of context to support their extremist LGBTQ beliefs on marriage,  gender being same or new thing no gender or infinite gender.  Like we had the ignorant couple from the states who got married by having his wife walk along with him.  The point being they dont follow Guru Sahib.   They attain 'knowledge' else where and want to force it on Sikhi.   The Sikh youth laugh at the Sikhs who bow at a fake baba's feet.  But, the irony is the Gurmukhs are shaking their head at both of them.  One is bowing to a fake baba and the other is bowing their mind by accepting secular knowledge that will always be in the trial phase.  Neither are better than the other.  The youth of today, and it's been done by a few old farts, attain masters or doctorate in fields like chemistry,  sociology or another field and then say we have a doctorate in Sikhi.  They write articles on what they want Sikhi to be and in their name they put "dr.".  Such deception is being done by these old farts.  Sikhi is about honesty, yet they start their article with deception.    If you want to be a Sikh, then Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji is the teacher and classroom.  Not your sociology professor who tells you abortion of a 37 week baby is a women birth right choice, but dont kill that cow because imeat industry  is killing the environment,  go vegan.   In short,  dont be the monkey with the wrench. 
    • When it comes to other religious scriptures why did Guru Sahib say to read them? Was it to understand how to be moral? Gurbani provides us with spiritual wisdom and morals of the highest kind. It would be counterproductive to look else where for morals. Guru sahib says, give me your head (completely and only focus on the shabad) when you come on the Gurmat path. Guru Sahib tells sikhs to read other religious scriptures because when a Gurmukh has fully attuned his mind with Gurbani he can see naam everywhere. So when reading other religious scripture the Gurmukh can pick up on the naam that is there and serve the humans that are lost in the vedas, gita, bible, Koran, Torah, etc. Also Gurbani makes references on other religious scriptures concepts so we can achieve a total picture of their concepts when reading their scriptures. But many lose sight of the goal and start collecting merchandise (intellectual knowledge and maya)from these scriptures. But Guru Sahib says all merchandise can be achieved from Gurbani. Anand Sahib says this path is sharper than a double edged sword and finer than a hair.  The path of Gurmat can be simple if we follow the instructions of Gurbani or life can be made difficult by losing the purpose in life as Gurbani describes it.
    • I try to read it once a year. There's a lot to be learned from a human perspective in terms of the morals and the arguments it raises. A person doesn't have to be a Hindophile to glean something meaningful from the text.
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