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Relationship Advice Please. Parents

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If you've been in a similar situation, your advice would be very much appreciated. Thank you in advance.

My parents dont get on. No matter how much my mum trys to make my dad happy, he always finds a fault, an excuse to shout and swear and belittle her. He drinks every single day without fail. And once his had a drink, his temper and attitude is just too much. I cant cope anymore. Ive seen it all my life. When i was younger i tried taking my life after seeing my dad hitting my mum. My mums a gem. I just want her to be happy. Its gone on too long. Im scared shes going to do something to herself.

I always find myself stuck in the middle of the too. Trying to get my dad to shut up. His just sick in his head. I want nothing to do with him.

My mums from punjab, housewife, speaks little english and wouldnt be able to support herself financially. She has nothing to her name. Im still studying. I have nothing to my name.

The house, cars, businesses are in my dads name.

The only way we can be happy is if my mum divorced him and we moved away. But then how would we support ourselves? We would be on the streets. I know the UK welfare system is pretty good but I dont know how long all that takes.

Theres a part of me that just wants to leave everything, abandon my mum and move away. I dont know what to do. She has no family or friends to turn to. Just me.

Sangat ji, i need help. All i want is for my mum to be happy.

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It is a serious problem, call



Only trained or experienced individuals should give counselling on such matters.

Will recommend the following Shabad & Naam Simran for prayer


Have faith and keep us posted.

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time to be a little mischievous tell your dad to sign over stuff to you or your mom for tax reasons etc

we take abuse like this too lightly take him for all he has got he doesn't deserve it anyway (within the confines of the law)

I hope you solve this as every day your mom stays and gets beat is another day of pain. pls send me a message if you need some singhs to help advise your dad on the reasons he shouldnt beat his wife!

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