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World Sikh Organization Of Canada Partners With Karmagrow To Build One Acre Community Farm

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World Sikh Organization of Canada Partners with KarmaGrow to Build One Acre Community Farm


Published: April 22, 2014

Brampton, Canada (April 22, 2014): The World Sikh Organization of Canada is pleased to announce the launch of a fresh initiative in partnership with KarmaGrow. KarmaGrow is working to alleviate food insecurity by building and maintaining community gardens and farms in order to provide food banks with a sustainable source of fresh produce.

As per information the WSO is working alongside Sikhs Serving Canada (SSC), Khoobsurat Klothing, GG Fabrication, Region of Peel, Ecosource, Good Food Brampton, Knights Table and the KarmaGrow team in order to build a one acre community farm in Caledon East.

Jaskaran Singh Sandhu, KarmaGrows Co-Founder and a WSO Board member, started with a simple idea. Food banks are often short of fresh vegetables, land is often underutilized, people are always looking for ways to give back KarmaGrow is here to bring all these elements together in order to Harvest Good. At every point in the foundation and building process I have been amazed at the communitys willingness and capacity to help. All of our partners have jumped at the opportunity to assist in any way possible. A perfect example of that is the WSO. The WSO was our first partner, and helped to secure the farm land we will be using for our pilot project. We are thrilled to be building a one acre vegetable farm with 100% community driven support.

The WSO has excelled as a legal and human rights advocacy organization for a very long time. said Gursharn Kaur Gill, a Board member with the WSO.

However, with the new youth orientated Board of Directors, we wanted to go back to our roots and reconnect with the public on the ground level. The community farm project is the result of that desire to serve for the well-being of all people. We are excited to be working with our friends at KarmaGrow to grow an acres worth of vegetables, and we look forward to a terrific pilot year.

Work on the community farm will begin this spring.

Source - http://www.sikhsiyasat.net/2014/04/22/world-sikh-organization-of-canada-partners-with-karmagrow-to-build-one-acre-community-farm/

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    • 1. Can you share the source of this reading? So we can all get some more context and verify the validity of this reading material please?   2. Raaj isn't really preached in the teaching of the Gurus. If so, I'm sure the 10 Guru's would've clearly made this apparent in their teachings and would have accomplished this objective themselves.    Sri Guru Granth Sahib - Ang: 534 (Guru Arjan Dev Ji): Raaj Na Chahou Mukat Na Chahou Man Preet Charan Kamalare. (I do not seek power and I do not seek liberation. My mind is in love with your lotus feet)   Sri Dasam Granth Sahib - Ang: 57 (Bachitar Naatak):   Ham Ih Kaaj Jagat Mo Aae. Dharam Heth Gurdev Patthai. (I have set foot on this Earth for this one reason; to propogate righteousness)   Jahaan Tahaan Tum Dharam Bithaaro. DushT Dokheean Pakarr Pachharro. (The Lord has asked me to spread Dharam and vanquish tyrants and evil-minded individuals)   I could reference countless other tuk's from Gurbaani but i'm sure these two suffice.   Akali Baba Phoola Singh Ji was walking in the steps of the teachings of the Gurus; on a mission to eliminate the enemy; in this case being the British who tried ever so hard to eliminate our teachings by performing disgusting acts such as but not limited to: Creating the SGPC Spreading propaganda of the Khalsa Issuing 'shoot on-sight' orders to kill Singhs Spreading propaganda on our scriptures Sending in paid Sikhs to spread nonsence and create divisions Polluting the Khandeh Di Pahul maryada by introducing other cults to participate Removing the Nihang Singhs from the Akaal Bunga Sahib aka Akaal Takhat Sahib and therefore the whole Jathedaari system that has been in place since the time of the Gurus.  
    • The players are all built like tanks so there are physical benefits to it.
    • I know this topic has been addressed before (see here) but I was wondering if anyone has anymore knowledge to share about the 4 yugs. I was wondering how this would fit with modern day science. If anyone also has any videos or books on this subject, please share 🙃 Bhul Chuk Maaf 🙏
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      I feel like some people on this post are being really hard on you. You're in a really difficult situation and I feel like that can happen to anyone. I feel like the advice just do Paat or Gurbani and everything will work out isn't completely accurate advice. Gurbani will only change a person when they themselves want to change, or when it's written into their Destiny by Mahraaj themselves.  No one should tolerate rude and disrespectful behaviour. It's just not acceptable. It might be possible for you to set particular boundaries with your husband, especially since you have children too. But I think the best thing to do would be to honestly consult with yourself and see whether his behaviour is really something you are willing to put up with for the rest of your life. 
    • Yeah Krishna was really dark, Shyam. 
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