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Guru Granth Sahib Ji Full Katha

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Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru ji Ki Fateh,

I was wondering if anyone has full Guru Granth Sahib Ji Katha? I have tried to listen to Sant Giani Baba Gurbachan Ji Khalsa Bhindranwale's but the audio is not not clean. So can anyone provide a link or download to Full Katha that is easy to hear and digitally clean.

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Yes so that was the one I had found but by listening to it I noticed that because of how old it is the audio clarity is low. I has looking for a clear one. Thank you.

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    • you can accomodate without forcing sikh kids to do pooja or iftar etc , to each their own  path ... it is the same as baru academies and schools in India insisting on doing hindu rituals , its BS. Imean non-sikh kids aren't expected to do gurdwara assemblies/programmes and are provided an extra language learning at atam academy: after all did Guru Pita ji tell us to observe others rites and rituals or just be aware of them ?
    • Brilliant, where’s the Singh based ji? 
    • The reason i say the parent's at our youngest kid's school don't mind is because there isn't a whole load of them (religious assemblies that is), we have the usual "festival" ones and there about 2/3 every month solely based around Sikhi but the school has take Sikh principles and moulded them so they are accessible by children from all religions. Most "free" schools as they were called when they were set up like Nishkam and other's are "Sikh Ethos", i mentioned this in my post, they are not "Sikh Faith Schools" like Guru Nanak Sikh Academy in Hayes for example, at the end of the day it's up to you as a parent where you feel is best for your child, if had the option to send my children to a school like Nishkam i would because i'm more interested in their track record as a school and the education they provide (as far as i'm aware they are on the outstanding list with ofsted). Just a question, if there was a Khlasa Secondary school nearby but the quality of education and ofsted reports were better  another school nearby would you still choose to send your child to the Khalsa one purely on the basis of religion.
    • There is a very jeevan wala 45 year old Singh who is an expert in Shastarvidya. He holds evening classes from Monday to Saturday and 11am class on Sundays. He teaches his students shastarvidya as well as hand to hand combat. He encourages monaas to attend his classes. Before the class, all students r made to do paath of shastar naam mala, bhagauti astotar and chaupai sahib and ardaas. On Sundays they do an additional japji Sahib paath and r taught how to tie a dumalla. He says that a large number of his monaa students hv ended up as amritdharis and shastarvidya is an excellent way of doing sikhi parchaar.  
    • Veer Ji is the book called In search of the true Guru? I just googled and searched for keyword “disease”. The following came up if that’s helpful? Page 207 ebook: https://www.gurukhoj.com/eBooks/Autobiography-Bhai-Rama-Singh-Ji.pdf
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