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Parchar - Difference Between Believers And Non-Believers

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I believe if you truly believe in Sikhi and truly believe it is the best spiritual religious path in the world then you should be actively promoting it and actively giving parchar to young sikhs and non-sikhs alike through social networks, talks/lectures, online youtube videos, leaflets, websites, blogs.

Now lets look at the state of the kaum right now. Hardly any Sikh gives parchar because they dont look into gurbani, sikh history and traditions, which leads to confusion of the kaum and diversion on to other paths and lifestyles to entertain their minds.

  • Sikh2inspire
  • BasicsofSikhi
  • SikhUnit

These 3 groups above are trying to revive Sikhi within the western born Sikh youths. There should be at least a 12 of these type of groups operating online and offline to help people learn and progress. Then we will see our numbers grow to where they should be and a able to make a real difference in politics and in society against social ills that bring misery to peoples lives.

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