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    • I think GurjantGnostic seems obsessed with me. Never mind. I think that KA is the more well known charity and gets the most publicity.  If he focuses on Non Sikhs then the more publicity he gets. The bigger these charities get, the less they actually help the people they claim to be helping. It becomes more about sustaining the people that work for the charity (they are also tax free) I have seen Oxfam's swanky head office and it makes you question their motives.  The question for us is to focus on charities that are smaller, Sikhi focus (they may get less publicity as it only deals with Sikhs) where they can be transparent,  accountable and where our donations can show that it is adds value to the people who they proclaim need it and not the people who work for it.
    • I think the reality is that unless you know enough gay people, it can be difficult to develop a gaydar.
    • I thought he was confusing you with Ravi Singh. Anyway Ravi Singh does get paid for running the charity, I made a mistake and said it was 35K a year but it is actually 33K a year but along with employers national insurance and pension payments, I sure this must come to about 35-38K a year and now he has more paid staff.    From their submission to the charity commission-;  Mr R.S Sidhu remains CEO and is in full time employment with the charity with a salary of £33,000 per annum.  As the charity develops, greater demands are placed on communication and operational systems. As this work cannot be done effectively or efficiently through voluntary manpower and to ensure compliance with the data protection act and other relevant legislation, the charity requires dedicated staff working to formalised procedures and within established structures. An office manager is employed for 37.5 hours a week together with a 2 full time project coordinators. The role of the project coordinators is to oversee current projects and collect and collate relevant data. An IT expert has also been employed 2.5 days a week to manage and ensure safety of the charities cyber security, databases and internal IT systems. A full time bookkeeper has been employed to assist the charities financial management day to day The Charity and its work will continue to be governed by way of regular trustee meetings.  Work continues to strengthen and further develop the charities operating procedures and ensure effective governance procedures are in place. About staff costs the same submission states-; 11. Staff costs The total staff costs and employee benefits for the reporting period are analysed as follows: 2019 Wages and salaries 181,104  Social security costs 15,743 Employer contributions to pension plans 2,323 Other employee benefits –  Total 199,170  So it's not just Ravi Singh taking £33K from the dsawandh, it more like nearly £200,000 a year that the charity gives as wages and benefits to employees.       
    • The stereotypical portrayal of the effete, limp-wristed gay man has done much to confuse matters, lol, especially when someone who's gay but doesn't display any overt signs suddenly reveals himself to be a friend of Dorothy, which makes me suspect the painfully camp demeanour some gays possess is greatly exaggerated.
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