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Please send us any program information and posters, our aim is UNITY and EKTA in the panth. Make the Sangat aware of events/programs in your area. ??

Great intermediary page to promote ekta and keep up with the latest events and programs.

Updated video and image content daily.

Please follow uk Sikhs on Instagram and Facebook



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    • Guru sahib supported people marrying in the same biradhri because they came from the same background and lifestyle. Even in charitropakhyan mahraj gives lessons that you should marry ppl of same age, background etc. one lesson is an old guy cant keep a young woman for long 
    • Exactly, we only know his perspective and its telling that any nonbiased person would start to feel bad for her. It doesnt matter if your gay, be a good husband and talk to her and trust her. If you cant trust her because shes done something in the past then I understand the apprehension. But without that it seems youre just insecure 
    • We can only hope. 😅😂 Seriously, I think you're absolutely correct to a certain degree on a surface level, but you make it seem like all these events are organic in origin and execution. I would argue there's an element of planning and organisation that goes into these world-changing events. I definitely don't think there's anything of accident or chance when it comes to the major events in "recent" (post-Enlightenment) human history (including wars, social upheaval, social and political movements and policies, even down to smaller issues such as those affecting cultural and artistic endeavours that shape the human consciousness, etc). We do not stumble from unknown event to another unknown event, hoping we work it out along the way. I think this management and direction of events is becoming obvious and clear to a great percentage of humanity compared to previous decades and centuries. Whether this awakening of sorts is a natural part of the yugic cycle, or it's something more mystically directed is difficult to know.
    • Yeah that was the key to success, Jats refused to accept a position which would of naturally been near the bottom and rebelled against the Bamhans, and there wasn't much Bamhans could of done. The fact that Punjab had more of a flexible biradari system rather than the traditional Varna system and order also probably helped Jatts. Punjabi Gujjars are another group which refused to be pushed around by Bamhans. By 1760-ish most of Punjab was ruled under the Sikh misls who were mainly jatts. Bhangis(Dhillon), Kanheya(Sandhus), Singhia(Dhaliwals) etc ..  They also held the Afghans at bay.  It's a shame that most are rather sloppy now than rebellious, the 80s and 90s was the last time we saw any major rebellion.    Rajputs pretty much went with whoever the ruling party was.  
    • I think men get lazy when there are no problems, and that's when women take over. Like in this country look what the men were like during the 40s and then the 50s when they were rebuilding the country, and once that was out of the way then look what happened in the 60s, it was s3x, drugs etc women began the sexual revolution and started wearing skirts above their ears etc. What do you think the world will be like after WW3 ?  Women will pretty much be back at square one and expected to marry young and reproduce lots of kids, men will be like how men were a couple of decades back.  Post a major world war feminism will be a very distant memory imo 
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