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The answer to the question of this thread in simple words could well be :

The word Kalyug, is composed of 2 syllables, which are Kal and Yuga

Yug or Yuga means era, a phase of creation These yugas are repeated in cycles, thus have a begining and an end,

Kal, means yesterday or tomorrow, this implies time. Kal also means, the negative power or universal mind.

In summary, we can say, it is a phase of the existence of the creation, where, the negativity, the maya, are most active, almost predominant.

Evilness, falsehood, envy, lust, anger, ego, avarice, are the main actors in this play of Kalyug. Life is shorter in comparison to the other 3 yugas.

But, the positive point is, Wahiguru´s grace on the beings here is more abundant as compensation.

This means, we do not have to do many hardships, in longer lived lives, to pay or settle our karmas, and also, if we engage in Wahigurús bhakti, as per Gurmat... once again with His apaar Grace, we can find him, meet Him, and merge in Him, much much sooner than in any other Yuga, or in any other plane of higher consciousness.

Sat Sree Akal.

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