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    • It's just banter mate. Y so serious?
    • Sorry their knowledge, more into miya than what Guru taught you, it doesn't matter how big I am my knowledge you should follow,  if not go somewhere else 
    • Does it matter,  why don't you people focus on his knowledge 
    • Guest Jigsaw_Puzzled_Singh
      Everything, and I mean absolutely EVERY LITTLE THING, the white man has was stolen from brown and black people. EVERYTHING...including medicine. Appropriate it...steal it...call it what you want but the fact is that white people have throughout history right up to the present day, steal what brown and black people have and then call it their own. In a few posts on this thread I have mentioned how white people stole eastern philosophy and then claimed it as their own (and called it western philosophy) even through the original practitioners of that philosophy made it abundantly clear that the white northern european was a barbarian incapable of intellectual thought but really it runs far more deeper than that. White people have always been about TAKING, TAKING and TAKING. They habitually take and then claim as their own. They are habitual thieves. Here's some more examples: The cure to smallpox was actually invented by a black slave, Onesimus. Here's the story of how the white man stole it from him and claimed it as their own: https://www.historyofvaccines.org/content/blog/onesimus-smallpox-boston-cotton-mather   Picasso stole his 'art' from ancient African art and claimed it as his (western intellectalisms) own:   Now you know me....You know I could go on and on here. The point is that white people...ALL WHITE PEOPLE....are not only thieves but they are also habitual liars. They LIE. And they teach their children to LIE. They lie because they cannot handle the truth. Not only do they lie about true history but they also lie day to day when it comes to getting jobs, their qualifications etc. You see the priviledge they have created for themselves enables them to lie. They're not held accountable the way we are.  What we're seeing now from white people though is a desperate attempt to preserve their priviledge. Their lies are being exposed and history is fast catching up with them. For example, not only are the Chinese and Indians now at the forefront of medical advances the Chinese are giving white people payback in the sense that a hundred odd years ago the white man deliberately pushed opium on the Chinese masses and now the Chinese are paying back that favour by flooding the white man with opiods. At the end of the day thieves always get their comeuppance.
    • India in it's current political format is. But it definitely exists as a geographical entity or even as some civilisational entity and is far more connected than what Pakistan is. The strands that keep it together are more indigenous.  Islam and not being India is what makes Pakistan.  
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