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Sikh Awards 2016

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Sangat Ji with Vaheguru Ji's Kirpa Basics of Sikhi is getting "Sikh Organization of the Year Award" today at Sikh Awards 2016, Amritsar organized by SEWA.

Sikh Organisation Of The Year 2016

Khalsa Aid has been awarded Sikh Organisation Of The Year at the Fateh Academy awards ceremony in Amritsar. 

We are truly humbled by this great honour and dedicate it to all our amazing volunteers around the globe. 

Amarpreet Singh, Director Khalsa Aid (India) accepted the award on behalf of Khalsa Aid. 

" I would like to thank the Fateh Academy & all our wonderful volunteers for this award. May Waheguru give us the strength to continue to serve the needy." Amarpreet Singh. 



We are delighted and proud to announce that Bibiji Parkash Kaur has been awarded the title of 'DEDICATED SIKH OF THE YEAR 2016'.
The award was presented to Bibiji today, 7th January 2017, by SEWA (Social Educational Welfare Association) at a ceremony held at The International Fateh Academy in Amritsar, Punjab. 

Bibiji has dedicated the vast majority of her life to caring for the beautiful angels at Unique Home in Punjab. 
CONGRATULATIONS Bibiji on this thoroughly deserved honour! ❤️




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