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Sikhs rejoice as Court rejects Industrial development near Griffith Gurdwara

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    • Here's some information for you -       
    • Guest jot_singh96.000
      yes i agree we al need to sort our jeevan out but it starts from the mata pita 
    • Guest jot_singh96.000
      vaheguru ji ka khalsa vaheguru ji ki fateh ive got a question why dont people value sikhi look at our rich history
    • Perhaps this is the key to the root cause of it all ? What does he think won't change ?  What if you or your wife feign a disease ? Will he come if his mom pretends she's on bed suffering with something ?  Basically something that will bring him back to home and let him stick there atleast for a few weeks , giving you and your wife time to mend the relationships and break the ice 
    • Guest Singh
      Did you start off having depression or anxiety and did it lead to this phobias?

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