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Misused Trust by SIkh Youth UK (full movie)

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Here's the full video. I strongly recommend that all sangat in the UK watch this, especially the bibian and those of our brothers and sisters who lead quite sheltered lives, even if the content may be somewhat disturbing. Arm yourselves with knowledge about this insidious problem around us.




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    • yeah Sunny would LURVE for sikhi to become sikhISM  another abombination of the neoliberal mould
    • If you are sitting in the centre of hell , everywhere else looks like heaven . The as the examples biggest failure of those who achieved rights in the developed world they stopped at their countries borders and failed to address oppression of women across the globe for being who they are and their natural processes.   the point is just as men had to call out their own sex for oppressing females the opposite has to happen now females in privileged countries have to stop the oppression of men by vicious neoliberal banshees . Freedom for both is the responsibility of both - no one side can slack on the monitoring and curbing of excesses and liberty taking  .  Yes I've seen really ridiculous guys taking up both sides of their seat on the tube and it IS a nonsense to claim THAT is necessary but I also have my lads worried that even holding their legs loosely parallel would be considering spreading  and THAT is the other side of the nonsense coin . Be comfortable fine but don't inconvenience others unnecessarily  like the first guy .  Yes I don't think I should be paid more than my male colleagues unless I actually AM doing more quality work than them in the same time scale, but I would feel the same about my female colleagues, if they are lazy and don't produce why should I be lumped with them when pay raises are being discussed and denied ? it is all grey areas .  
    • Okay. I didn't read the whole thread. In the words of the black comedian Eddie Griffin (paraphrase). With black churches the priests will <banned word filter activated> your wife, with white ones, they'll <banned word filter activated> your kids.
    • Late for us because our lifespans are limited, and every passing day brings us closer to the end of our lives. But there's still time. Not much but we have our fate in our hands. Whether we squander those opportunities is yet to be seen. Console yourself with the idea that those who are blessed, regardless of their current external saroop, will find the path and adjust their own frame of mind, understanding, and beliefs to faithfully accommodate the knowledge they've been seeking. Alternatively, those with no interest in transforming their being, and are instead looking for someone to endorse, justify, and perpetuate their current lifestyles will waste this precious lifetime on such silliness. It may seem like a soul lost to deception, but the soul itself must desire change. 
    • Where have I vilified black people on this topic? Your buddy GurjantGnostic took offence that black churches have pastors.  He found it racist that I pointed it out. And that the black community have a problem with dodgy pastors. It isn't even a critique, it is just a statement of fact. If it is pointed that cousin marriages are common with Muslims ,does that make one Islamiphobic? Is that vilification?  Besides, what the heck has street crime got to do with pastors? They are completely different.
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