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    • Years ago, old job there was a Punjabi lady She had 2 daughters both in teen then like 13 14, but the elder wanted to straighten her hair and became obsessive makeup hair etc, one incident the mum got angry and told her to stop your damaging hair and took straighteners away. Anyway its blew up to point where police socials workers was called, they accused mum being abusive etc..the parents separated, She was told leave, no contact with kids, etc..the father took girls side..the mum went serious depression, she was off work for some time, became ill etc...recently now they're in 20's mature now they apologized to mum and patched it up. Now they living together. But it went on for years and years.   
    • Good AIDS, then. As long as it's not Bad AIDS from bum stuff.
    • I disagree. Allowing a fire to spread so that it destroys one of your deadliest enemies may seem like a good idea in the short-term, but never forget that the fire won't stop burning until it's also destroyed YOU. Do you really want to empower Islam to the point that it dominates in India? To me, that's suicide. A slower suicide compared to death by Hinduism, but suicide nonetheless.
    • In my honest opinion. any dialogue between different faiths is a total faineant😃😐, especially when someone is standing right behind  one’s neck with a giant sized machete to execute one as soon as one utters something that the other party doesn’t wish to hear. Numbers are immaterial in this case and so is shouting or casting aspersions on other religious founding fathers.  To be even more honest, ie 105 %, Islam is not someone can have a dialogue on because it’s all man made and there is hardly any spiritual spark in its teachings. It is all about killing others, converting and derogatorization of God’s creatures, such as humans and animals. It would be highly enlightening for someone ignorant like me to learn why do you kill or sacrifice so many animals when you go hajjing? Do those lovely animals not have souls?  Poor. poor animals, may God bless those helpless creatures wherever they end up at a slaughter house. Shocking, shocking, shocking, shocking, shocking ......... Having said all this, I have to admit that I can’t tell the difference between a sufi, sunni, chiya or a camel.    Please enlighten me as soon as you read my plea. I can’t wait.    And one more thing, may your allah bless you, hoping you know the difference between allah and everybody else’s god. So long.
    • The past couple of pages to any sane person is reasoned, psychological observation. To a few others it's hate speech. 😀
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