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    • I'm not trying to downplay the problems in our community, but there's so much of what you've described in other communities, too, and in some cases it's worse.  I don't like the misplaced arrogance in our people. There's no conceivable justification for it, and it seems especially jarring when it comes from someone who doesn't realise how silly they are. Not a fan of loud Punjabis who revel in trivialities and general noise. Exuberant and jovial behaviour is fine, but being rowdy, uncouth and coarse is horrible. The coconuts who exhibit this particular type of Punjabi boisterous behaviour and couple it with an extreme western secularism are just too much, lol. Thankfully I wasn't exposed to a culture of drinking and partying, but I have observed it from a distance, and I'm left dismayed. It's little to do with being overtly religious or austere; it's simply a matter of propriety and decorum.
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      OK so let me just fill you guys in on what the current situation is. Me and the wife wanted to do our bit so registered as volunteers with a couple of west london hospitals. So many people did the same there wasn't really anything immediate for us so I got in contact with a Director of one of the NHS Trust's I had done a session for and he arranged for the both of us to guard an entrance of a major university hospital ensuring only staff enter. The entrance is for an acute medical unit from where coronavirus patients are filtered from the Emergency Department and kept for a night or two while they are tested and then upstreamed to another dirty ward full of positive patients. We've been doing it for 3 days now and this is situation as it stands : 700 dead last night, about 579 the night before and 500 the day before that but in the hospital ED and Acute areas it is amazingly quiet. Not the scenes we're seeing on our screens from New York. Up on the intensive care wards and the wings of the hospital now dirty zones there are plenty of people dying but on the ground it is extremely quiet. Many that are tested positive and discharged home....either to die comfortably or recover...and the nurses are simply the most noble and bravest souls you will ever encounter. English, Filipino, Spanish and Portuguese........they know they either have it, have had it in the last few weeks or will get it....but they are in work en-masse. For me and you. Smiling and happy.  I'll tell you one thing;they are strict about the mask. Not for themselves but for you and me. They and the doctors told me that the mask is a psychological thing in that it can only help a tiny little bit when it comes to protecting you from coronavirus but it can help a hellava lot in stopping you from giving it to a vulnerable person. But....people are dying. It's just that they'e dying in quiet dignity up on the wards that they're supposed to die in. We're seeing none of this chaos down on the ground in A&E (Trauma - Emergency Room) and the Acute Units.  You know....I was on the phone with family in Canada just a few minutes ago trying to explain the situation. With them having a total of about 87 deaths in a country 30 times the size of England they couldn't get their heads around the fact that we have 700 deaths plus per 24 hours here in England. To them it was surreal. And it is surreal. What we're finding out about ourselves, our country and our national health service is surreal. I'll give you an example: I love talking to people and struck up a conversation with a Viroligist as she was coming out of the ward. The coffee shop in the hospital was giving free coffee and snacks to staff 24 hrs so we went for a coffee togther. This lovely Italian lady told me that any virus - such as this coronavirus - is as intelligent as us in that it wants to live....not die. I did explain on previous posts on this thread that it is mutating but she explained that it would eventually realise that it is not to it's benefit to consistently kill it's host (you and me). She said it will mutate into something that lets us live because that way it also gets to live. The coffee, by the way, was of really poor quality but I'll save that conversation for another day. So what did I lean since Wednesday ?  Well.....we read in the news about big corporations donating millions to the NHS but each day I was there there were no pizzas and gifts from the big multi-nationals. Each day I was there I witnessed local independent Pizza, Chicken and Kebab shops......drop of masses of boxes of food for free for the nurses. In some cases it would amount to an entire month's profit. Today, a local family owned florist and his family went round the entire wing of ED to give the most beautiful bunch of flowers you have ever seen to every nurse, cleaner, housekeeper or doctor. So what I learned these last few days is this: There is equity in love and death. Not in life...as my '$h1tt that white people do' thread constantly proves but there is equity in love and death.
    • Dear Sadh Sangat Ji,  We are reaching 20th year since this forum is online. Our last update on forum rules and guidelines were 7 years ago and thought it is time for the revision since we have new members and time. We kept this forum free of cost and no advertisement from day 1. We have no other intentions but to provide a platform for sikh sangat to come online and be free to ask anything related to our dharam.  Keeping it simple, following are main points: Need to reach to us? Email SikhSangat@gmail.com and reply will be within 24 hrs Need to report something, do not email us but to use "Report this post/topic" option available on every reply/topic. Action within 24 hrs (if needed to fix it) No Meat topic allowed. We will not allow any pro-meat topics or replies regardless of any debate.  Nobody is allowed to make any attack nor any mockery against any credible Sikh Jathabandi. Respect others regardless of any differences you may have. Any mockery is not allowed. Bypassing ban words by using different choice of letters certainly not allowed. We are not strictly enforcing but please do respect our request on not overdoing on usage of such bypass of words. Gupt forum is not a place to discuss anything. The purpose of that sub-forum is to have discussion only on sensitive topics without disclosing your identity. We will continue to approve new topics but may move them to other sub-forums. Cannibis are now legal in many countries and state and so is Alcohol and Tobacco productions. We will not allow our platform to be used for the promotion of this issue.  It will take time to approve posts. Become member if you do not want to wait for the moderation.  Keep the discussions safe for everyone.  Waheguru ji ka khalsa Waheguru ji ki Fateh
    • Theres definitely a lot of problems In punjabi men and women   some deep rooted issues  and these filter down into the kids.    Theres a lot of bad parenting as well, especially among our parents generation.   They torment the kids.   Iv seen a lot of messed up cousin because their parents had issues and were bad parents.  I dnt know y they have these issues.  Alot of older punjabis seem emotionally imbalanced. My dad has some issues as well     hes really angry    he was horrible to us growing up.  I dnt know y people from that generation are like that 
    • Have absolute faith in guru nanak dev ji, my mums friends husband ran away with a pakistani woman  and my mums friend started crying before guru nanak dev ji and she asked him to help her from the bottom of her heart.   She then had a vision of guru nanak dev ji in her dream and guru sahib told her that she is doing the right thing and is on the right path and that her husband will come back. Few days later her husband came back. This happened here in the UK.  We often pray and do ardaas but have no faith.  We pray but in our minds we dont have faith and feel hopeless     we even try to convince ourselves that we have faith sometimes. Need to pray with full faith that waheguru will help us.  Praying with doubt in your heart doesnt work.    When a child asks his parent for something he asks with full faith that hes gnna get what he wants.  Waheguru is our father   
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