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    • India is going to keep chugging along with its large middle class and small upper class enjoying the fruits of cheap labour supplied by the massive lower class. Only thing that will disrupt this is war with china and pakistan or a catastrophic disease. We need to focus on Punjab’s economy, which directly influences 70% of the total Sikh population. Got to transition out of agriculture/ pind life and urbanize. Stop looking towards government jobs and concentrate on business and higher education with economic focus, not just useless degrees. Ludhiana and Jallundar are ideal for creating a mega city urban area as they are central and allow massive absorption of a good chunk of Punjab villages. Instead of wasting our water on rice cultivation, we need to use it for urban and industrial use. We need to stop looking towards others for our solutions. No matter the policies of the central government, we need to rise to the occasion and take our destiny into our own hands. Economic sovereignty.
    • Considering that if you are not case of an internet troll, below is my opinion - It is unspeakable and shows that you have lot to work to do to tame the demon "Mun" (soul/mind) of yours. If you have certain thoughts - too much of negativity then you may also discuss with your dr to need to see the psychologist.  As per gurbani, Win your mind and you will win the whole universe. Currently, you mind is your biggest enemy out there.
    • I wish they'd done that. Did they even think of it? They could've got some vital info on the puppet-masters.
    • To be fair the japanese speak a lot of english and invest heavily in learning it as a business language. 
    • Do japanese speak english? No! Then why are there so many tech companies in japan? Its <banned word filter activated> that just because those south indians speak english there are industries there. We have been brainwashed into believing we are only good for dance daru and these south indians are some high iq angels. <banned word filter activated>. Im in tech. We can do everything that others can but we have to believe in ourselves first. Not everyone is gonna be some high iq science nerd. Maybe the ones we see doing nothing could have artistic talent. We never know and wont know until everyone is given an environment where they can know what skills they are good at. This environment is lacking in punjab. We think if someone is not good at math or science they are useless. But these are not the only things. There are so many other skills people can be good at. We have to let people hone those skills they have rather than forcing them to do things that they are not fit for. But unfortunately when you are from a place where instead of doing things because you are good at it or like it,people choose things that will fill their stomach it is not easy at all.
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