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Dangers of Pasteurised Homogenised Milk/Processed Dairy and Why Raw Milk/Dairy Is Best

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Supermarket milk/dairy is full of hormones, pesticides (e.g. glyphosate), antibiotics, synthetic 'vitamins' (toxic), flavourings, additives, colours and is completely devoid of nutrients.

1. Pasteurisation causes milk proteins to breakdown and form carcinogenic degradation products including  free glutamic acid/monosodium glutamate (msg); an excitotoxin with a wide range of adverse physical and psychiatric effects. This processing renders milk pro-inflammatory and allergenic.

Beneficial nutrients, enzymes (lactase for the assimilation of lactose; galactase for the assimilation of galactose; phosphatase for the assimilation of calcium) and  bacteria are destroyed. Thus, milk is harder to digest which can lead to over-stress of the pancreas ultimately resulting in diabetes. 

2. Homogenisation breaks down the fat globules in milk into smaller particles. This means that the harmful chemicals within processed milk (above) can easily bypass digestion and be delivered intact directly into the bloodstream, where they can exert systemic effects. E.g. high levels of IGF-1 in milk of growth hormone treated cows can pass into the blood promoting cancers. 

Processed milk may lead to chronic inflammation, changes in the arterial walls and ultimately athelorsclerosis-->heart disease.


Raw milk. Buy it from a local Farm, Market or online.  http://rawmilk.simkin.co.uk/index.html

People that are ' lactose intolerant' normally tolerate raw milk well since it contains important enzymes, bacteria, improves immunity and is hypo-allergenic. Raw milk is full of vitamins and minerals which your body can use. 

It's great for making dahi, makhan, desi ghee too. 

It is more expensive, but you get what you pay for.

The semi-skimmed and skimmed milk sold is shops is just a collection of the liquid at the end of industrial  butter production which they would otherwise have discarded. They sell it on for profit. It is devoid of butterfat, fat soluble vitamins and is basically low quality buttermilk with additives. Ironically, having all this low-fat and fat-free dairy will actually promote diabetes and obesity! 

Finally, don't be fooled by organic dairy it is still processed (pasteurised/homo) and so has negative effects on your health. Get the RAW stuff. 



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