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Sangat Ji I was looking for information on Braham Kavach. listening to katha of Giani Thakur Singh Ji there's a lot of good that can come from reading this shabad.


What I'm interested in is who wrote the shabad, when it was written, why, which granth it resides in. 

Also I love listening to Giani Thakur Singh Ji but was also wondering if any other mahapursh from any other group has done katha or talked about it.. just because I'm wondering why it's been Gupt for so long.


Bhul chuk maf if I have offended anyone and I would love some Information regarding this shabad .


Fateh Ji! 


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Vaheguru Jee ka khalsa vaheguru Jee kee fateh Brahm kavach was written by guru gobind singh Jee it was recited by guru hargobind sahib Jee and then guru gobind singh Jee wrote this bola in Sri sarbloh granth sahib Jee. This bani was written because when the singhs were in battle the mugals used to recite their kalama and became stronger so the singhs went up to guru gobind singh Jee and said mahraaj Jee gives us a shabad which will help us gain power so that is why this bola was put in Sri sarbloh granth sahib Jee. Giani gurvinder singh nangli also does Katha about it and tells you the maryada why it was recited and how much power is contained in this bani.

Bhull chuk Muaaf jee 

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