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    • What I said earlier  proves the fact that you are an offspring of those fudhooo pendhoo idiots that never washed their faces in their entire lives, due to power failures and water shortages, in some pendhoo fudhoo village in punjab until they reached some shores of highly civilised industrialised western hemisphere, albeit, illegally, fresh o’boats hahahaha and forget about  the  health farm or Spa experience! Judging from your response,  I am now able to deduce, same as everyone else on this forum, that you belong to ‘some insignificant’  majority labelled as the ‘ trouble makers’ of the Sikh kom, that fight in our gurdwareys around the world on the slightest of provocation because of diminished responsibility and cowardice! Now tell us all on this forum, how disgraceful is that? Your conduct is not only pendhoo but also extremely pitiful and disgusting, to be honest!  Note: Did you learn English from some pendhoo fudhoo school situated somewhere in a remote equally pendhoo fudhoo village school in rural Punjab? I bet you speak with some horrid local accent! You should really try and make effort to return to your little hole in the ground immediately! What a pitiful coward!
    • these are real people  in real pain, 4 days and counting  
    • So did some sikhs who were convinced that the end goal justified any means by hindus in INC, my point is both are fascist in their own ways  so don't think that you are getting any pass from either. You like labelling people don't you but truth is you cannot sidestep the duty assigned to sikhs by the Guru  because it is inconvenient. All it takes for evil to thrive is for the good people to do nothing . people who have no one , still have sharan in Guru's house if they come , and if someone comes to a sikh for help we are duty bound to do our best. These women and children have gone through the same things as our widows and children did in 1984 , house invasions then murder and rape torture .If people didn't help ours back then does that mean we do the wrong thing now like them or do what our Guru ji said?
    • Lol and you wanna talk deluded?  You not only got triggered, you then constructed a narrative about my life... that you know nothing about... then applied your confirmation bias to it...and used that as your reasoning to support your apparent points that a) I'm deluded and b) I've failed the Yazidi people ...all because I shared opinions about world events...bravo..
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