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    • Which world are you living in bro? You want a girl who will do seva of your parents? Like, massage their legs, cook food for them... Hahaha... bro. You made me laugh. My stomach is hurting.  I applaud and admire your viewpoint, but this is JUST NOT possible in 2021. Even a pure Gursikh girl will be 1 in a million who would do this. Now a days girls don't like to do seva of in-laws. Society has changed a lot. People want freedom. Manmukhi mind has taken over, even in Amritdhar community. So good luck. 
    • Doesn't really matter, as long as your head is covered and you look modest. Historically Sikh women used to wear just chunni. Looking at 19th century photos, and historical Sikh art work(18th, 19th century), there isnt a single Sikh woman with a dastar. Even in Punjab today, amritdhari women just wear chunni. They used tie their joorah on top of their heads and then cover it with chunni.  The wives of the shaheed Singhs from the 80s, 90s, mostly used chunni. I think Sant Jarnail Singh jis wife used chunni as well. Shaheed bhai Raminderjeet Singh Tainee Babbar and his wife both became shaheed, bibi ji also used to wear a chunni, you can watch their anand karaj on YouTube.  Dastar wearing Sikh women is more of a western Sikh thing ... which is fine ... Doesn't really matter, as long as your head is covered.  On that note, why do Sikh parents tie patka on their sons heads and leave their daughters heads with nothing on? You see plenty of Sikh parents, often mona, who raise their sons with guttis, which is is great, but they cut their daughters hair and not cover it, Why?  Then we wonder why boys a closer to Sikhi then girls ... When tieing patka on your sons, tie patka or something similar on your daughters too ... If little girls prefer wearing a pink patka, or something similar, then do that! Just try encouraging them and get them into the habit.
    • 5 job openings for Granthi ji's post https://www.indiatoday.in/education-today/government-jobs/story/indian-army-recruitment-2021-apply-for-194-junior-commissioned-officers-jco-posts-before-this-date-1757918-2021-01-11
    • MisterrSingh, This is sooo sad. Bhagti comes with chungay baagh.
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