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Bhai Lalo and Malik Bhago

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A collection of Sakhis from SikhismGuide.net

A Sakhi is a parable usually from the era during the times of the Gurus. However, many sakhis do exist from the period before and after the times of the Ten Gurus. Most Sakhis have a simple moral lesson and highlight important Sikh principles. Below is the list of important Sakhis with a message for Sikhs.


Revival of Manak Chand

Guru Amar Das Ji, the third Guru of Sikhs purchased some land in Goindwal and laid the foundation of a Bawli (a well with descending steps) in 1559. All Sikhs joined in the work of digging the Bawli. There was great activity throughout the construction of the Bawli. After digging very deep, they found large stones which hindered the progress.

The underwater reserve was just below the stones. The Guru asked the Sikhs if there was any one who would be courageous to drive a peg into the base to remove the obstruction. He, however, warned that the operation had great danger because if the person could not avert the gush of water, he might drown.All Sikhs remained silent and no one came forward to take such a risk. At last, Manak Chand of Vairowal, who was married to a niece of Guru Ji, offered his services.

Manak Chand, invoking God’s name and through the grace of the Guru, was able to wedge through the stone and the stream of water immediately overflowed the Bawli. He was overtaken by the gush of water and drowned. However, by the grace of the Guru, his body came to the top of the water from where he was taken out by Sikhs. He was then brought back to life by Guru Amar Das Ji with the grace of God. Therefore, he was called ‘Marjiwra’ (revived after death).The Bawli when finished yielded fresh drinkable water. The Sikhs rejoiced at the successful completion of their labor.


Bhai Lalo and Malik Bhago

Guru Nanak Dev Ji traveled to a number of places, including Saidpur, now known as Eminabad. Before Guru Ji arrived at Saidpur, the word has spread in the whole city that a holy man is going to visit their town. Malik Bhago was the chief of the town. He was a corrupt person and who had earned a lot of wealth through unfair means. He would charge extra tax to the poor farmers and would take most of their crop, leaving them hungry. He had become a wealthy person by taking other’s belongings. When Malik heard the news of Guru Ji’s arrival, he started preparing for Guru’s stay at his house. 


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    • The planet breaths a sigh of relief, lol. 
    • It's true. And something most Sikh parents ignore because most Sikh parents themselves think it's cool and modernable to dress our children like that. I remember my niece on her first birthday was dressed up like a barbie by her parents. Thats where it starts.  If I ever had a daughter I wouldn't let her be semi nude like this. And be available for men.  Sikh parents of girls act like pimp nowadays 
    • Honestly, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your reply has really brought peace to my mind. Yes you're right, professional support is out there but I think this journey is difficult but will build me as an individual. I've always tried to live to make others around me happy which kind of left me unknown of my own identity. I really want to build myself, understand my needs and wants.... And mostly importantly recognise my weaknesses and faults so I can be a better person. Confidence and having high regards of your own well being attractive I guess. It sets a bar and people know not to cross it which keeps relationships healthy and fair. With waheguru jis mehar I really want to improve myself so that when my marriage is fixed I can move forward. You're right, I know I want quick results but on the other hand 8 months of no communication feels like a life time.... However like you said it is better to wait and have problems resolved.  I definitely need to research some techniques and see which suit me best.... It's my sister's wedding in a few weeks which is great happiness for us as a family but a constant reminder for me. It's really hard but the more I'm trying to be happy for her and plan things for her the more peace I feel.  Once again thank u sooo much, your response has really settled my mind.
    • I'm not trying to be rude but most of you guys on here talking about "women these days" sound like incels. I don't know why some people are so obsessed with what women are doing, go out there be the alpha male and any girl will like you. It's very simple Singhs need to man up. Most Singhs want a pretty and feminine girl so similarly girls like confident manly men, alot of Singhs are not up to scratch its simple as that.    There is alot of incel like <banned word filter activated> shaming going on - you can not hope to know what someone is like from a Facebook post or photo, hell even the people you see up close like those in school, you don't know the full story.   What makes me laugh is how quickly people think they can sum up the complexities of someone else's life. On top of that you guys aren't even happy when a girl moves on and criticisize when they do finally settle down as covering up or whatever - it's called growing up and developing as a person, quite a normal thing.   Maybe if we the kaum wasn't full up of people who have nothing better to do than discuss other people's supposed love lives on the internet and actually understood normal human behaviour of making mistakes, being immature and developing, we actually wouldn't have people looking elsewhere.   Finally, there never was this "ideal respectable woman", not in any era. Hanky panky has been going on since the beginning of time, read charitrpakhiyan.
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