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Help - Hair washing question

Guest Lazy

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Sadh sangat ji

Due to laziness , i had not washed my hairs for two weeks due to this i was having itchiness in my scalp and i was scratching it so much that it starts paining , then i saw from internet that scratching  your scalp can damage  and breaks your hairs. 

I am in big tension now . Have i done beadbi of hairs?? . What to do now ? Should i be tensed or not? 

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Dear Guest Lazy, 

Khalsa traditions as per our Sikh history is to keep our body as clean as possible. Guru Sahib jee gave Kanga as our kakkar to keep our kesh neat and tidy. As per Khalsa lifestyle traidition is to wake up early Amritvela which is 3 hrs prior to Sunrise. Take bath that includes both body and hair/kesh before doing the Nitnem and Naam Abhyaas. 

If you are not following the Sikh Khalsa Rehat then you can start washing your hairs more often and comb at least twice a day.

As from our old thread 11 years ago - 

It is compulsory to wash the hair every day when you have your Ishnaan in the morning. Most people use just water on a daily basis, and use shampoo every 4+ days. Some people oil their Kesh every day.


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