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The Gurus and justice


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Give examples of how our Gurus served and exemplified justice, humanity and ethics ...

3 examples with Guru Gobind Singh ji

A Mughal emperor, I think it was the son or grandson of Aurangzeb, he was the heir apparent to the throne but his younger brother sat on the throne instead. The Mughal then approached Guru ji and asked for assistance, Guru Ji recognized that its the older brother who has the right to sit on the throne, not the younger, Guru Ji sent some Singh's into battle and they won. The older brother then sat on the throne. In India and most other cultures it was the right of the older brother to sit on the throne, e'g Mahabharat, Vali & Sugriv from Ramayan, I guess Guru ji didn't see the case of the Mughal any different. 

Another example is Anoop Kaur from Charitrpakhyan. After the commotion and after she apologised, Guru ji gave her a pension/money. This prevented her and other similar women from getting into prostitution, or if they were already involved in prostitution, the pension helped them get out of it. Today unfortunately there is prostitution in the Punjabi community, in India and in the UK. I doubt the Gurdwara would help these women rehabilitate.   

The last example is how Guru Gobind Singh jis arrows had gold on the tip. The purpose of this was that the family of the dead soldier could sell the gold and not struggle. Guru ji wasn't against any man, he even cared about his enemies and their families. I believe when Guru ji killed Mughal/Rajput soldiers in battle he wasn't killing the man but was killing the ideology and oppression.  


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