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  1. Was watching some of his videos, skimmed through this one. Missionary Sikhs always deny judgment after death, reincarnation, heaven and hell. This guy also denies judgment after death, reincarnation, hell etc missionary Sikhs often call all of this a "metaphor" They scrap everything, divine interventions, divinity, after life etc They just get rid of everything. Do these people genuinely believe what they preach? Or are there people using them to alter Sikhi ? A lot of them seem to spend many years abroad in the west. Its like they view Sikhi from a very Western, atheist perspective. There's a lot of reformist Christian priests and reformist Jewish rabbis who deny an after life, missionary Sikhs seem to be following that. watch @21:00
  2. I sometimes wonder why God does that? Why make a soul born into a "Sikh" family only to be tortured by their own mother. A family where there is no dharam. How is that fair? What chance does a person stand in life when that is how it began ? What was the point of her life? I don't get it.
  3. China is dying to attack India, Pakistan is drooling over it, lol It's very true, the amount of Gursikhs that country has tortured and killed.
  4. There are some really nice kirtan videos that he has done on youtube.
  5. lol Everyone knows who these khusray are and what they do. The issue is their version of Sikhi and how they represent it. They took a survey and 75% of their members support interfaith marriage, therefore City Sikhs reached the conclusion that interfaith anand karaj should be allowed. Why am I not surprised that an overwhelming number of their members support interfaith anand karaj ? https://www.citysikhs.com/2015/08/anand-karaj-sikh-wedding-ceremony-statement-from-city-sikhs/ They also advertise Sikh LGBT events on their website. Not sure if they have taken another survey to see if their members support LGBT Anand Karaj, if they have then it wouldn't surprise me if 75% of their members support khusray having Anand Karaj. https://www.citysikhs.com/event/lgbt-sikhs/ Nobody cares who they are or what they do, apart from fanboys who wish to be in the same rank as them. it's the Sikhi they are pushing which everyone has a problem with. Unless you're a city Sikh yourself, or look like one (which you probably do) then I don't see why anyone would support these people.
  6. This was posted 10 years ago but It seems to be a possibility in the the near future, more convincing now than it was 10 years ago. Is this included in Dasam Bani as well? The Hindu is full of hankhar today, blinded by it. Hankar is the beginning of the end. Also, insulting Gurus, holy men and prophets has become a norm for Hindus, especially extremist Hindus. The amount of nindiya you see Hindus doing of holy men is alarming. The things they say about the Muslim prophet, Jesus, Mary, and our Gurus is shocking. Its twisted, perverted and sick. Even by accidently reading it you feel like you have committed 100 sins. Far too much paap is building up in that country. I think history is soon gnna repeat itself in India, they've had a couple of decades of "freedom"
  7. Unfortunately the alcohol never really goes away even when you stop drinking. It just takes some triggers, and then its in your mind again, whether if you act upon it becomes your choice.
  8. In our community when the kids mess up we always focus on the messed up kids but don't look at why the kids have messed up. We haven't reached the point as a community where we link bad parenting to rebellious kids. I don't think we actually have reached the point where we think parents can be faulty at all. Even if we blame the parents its often "oh they must have spoiled their kids" Recognising bad parenting does not exist in our community.
  9. Alcohol. But she told me she did heroin when she was younger. She stopped heroin and then started drinking. Few times she rang us she was completely under the influence of alcohol, muddled up sentence, slurred words. I think since then she's possibly taking other stuff. I emailed Sikh helpline a few years back. But I doubt she spoke to them. She used to say that her mum sometimes used to buy alcohol and put it in front of her on purpose.
  10. I personally can't relate to that, but I have seen it in my family/relatives. The results are devastating. It's happening with my one of my cousin sisters atm she spends months living around her friends house to avoid her mother. But now she's going get a flat for herself. In fact she's even considering moving across the Atlantic to avoid her mother. Her mother says things like that she never wanted her and that she wanted a son instead, and that she was a mistake etc her mother says things like that she hopes her daughter never settles and ends up in a bad marriage. One of the saddest cases in my family is another cousin sister of mine who has been disowned by the family. I actually was very close to her, but I'm not allowed to talk to her anymore. Her mother was very abusive towards her. My cousin was a lot older than me, like 14 years, so I never saw her childhood but my mum has told me about it. Her mother actually used to physically torture her. When she was a kid her mother hit her head with her high heel shoe. She ended up with a hole in her head, that's the kind of stuff her mother used to do to her. My cousin then ended up hanging around with wrong people and picked up wrong habits which eventually started destroying her. But I never judged her. She was really honest with me and trusted me. As I got older and started seeing how toxic their relationship was, it was terrible! Her mother used to call her things like h*ramdi etc Her family eventually disowned her. It's been like 5 years now. In the past I've felt like finding out where she is and meeting up with her. But if my family find out I would be in a lot of trouble. Plus unfortunately her habits have got worse. She has our phone number and sometimes rings us, she asks for me but my mother cuts the phone. I've known both these abusive mothers since I was kid, and there definitely is something very wrong with them. I can't figure out what it is, or where it went wrong. They lack sympathy, lack in faith. Abusive mothers are far more destructive than abusive fathers. We as a community, culturally, glorify the relationship between mothers and kids, but that is not the case for many.
  11. While the above is true, I think it is only one aspect of Gurbani. That means that while Gurbani is applicable in different scenarios, it also addresses the events of those times. Gurbani has a lot of layers. Honestly, the quote above is a typical way to make an argument that Dasam Granth isn't legit: which he has done - https://sikhivicharforum.org/category/truth-of-bng-dsm-granth/ He also did Ninda of Bhai Vir Singh and Kavi Santokh SIngh - https://sikhivicharforum.org/2018/09/18/the-hijackers-of-sikhi-4/ Tbh, we need to be wary of these types of arguments. yeah its hardly surprising he is anti Dasam Bani. I think these peoples faces should be spread everywhere so people know who they are.
  12. Thanks for sharing bro, I've never seen him before but I watched the first 10 mins of the video and had a feeing he was a missionary.
  13. Not sure who this man is but he sounds like a missionary. Why is his dhari tied? He says sakhis were written by non Sikhs, so was Kavi Santokh Singh ji a Hindu or a Musalman? He says there are no sakhis in Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Wrong. Much of Gurbani is in response to the very Sakhis which we narrate. Bani has a backdrop and context, sakhis are a narration of this backdrop. E.g. When Guru Nanak Dev ji revealed Babur Bani. The town/region that Babur Bani was revealed and set in, was a town where saints were disrespected. Bhai Mardana ji or Bhai Bala ji went around the town knocking on the doors asking for water and every single person of the town insulted them and slammed the doors on their faces. Babur then invades this very town and Guru ji describes the invasion. The princes were cut into pieces while the women had their hair shaved off, metal chains put around their necks and they were sent off to be sold in the markets. We hear about the sakhi how Guru Arjan dev jis jealous brother tries killing Guru Hargobind sahib ji when he was a baby. He first sent a lady who put poison on her breast and she breast fed baby Guru Hargobind Sahib ji but nothing happened. He then sent a snake charmer to poison Guru ji with his snake but Guru ji ended up playing with the snake. Guru Arjan dev ji wrote bani in response to this. He writes how the poison did nothing. There's a sakhi of how some Pathan on a horse came to kill Guru Arjan Dev ji but the horse ran into fire and the Pathan died in the fire. I believe Guru ji revealed bani in response to this You hear about the sakhi of bhamans dragging out Bhagat Namdev ji from the mandir, well Bhagat ji writes bani in response to this. You hear about Bhagat Farid ji in the jungle, the crows start sitting around him like a carcass and start pecking at bhagat jis flesh, bhagat ji writes bani in response to this and tells the crows not to peck at his eyes. Guru Gobind Singh jis shabd, "mitr pyare nu" has a Sakhi behind it. He wrote his shabd in machiwara jungle after he lost his family. In fact, much of bani was revealed as a response to a situation, these situations are the very Sakhis this man is calling false. How is one supposed to know the context of the bani if we don't know the sakhi behind it. I don't know who allows these people on stage. Has anyone ever questioned this man?
  14. puzzled


    Another story which I really like is the story of Pooran Bhagat. His father, a local king, married a second wife, she was much younger than the old king and was a similar age to Pooran. The second wife then got attracted to pooran and tried to get it on with him. Pooran being a saintly young man said to the young Queen that despite her young age, in rishta she is equal to his mother. The young Queen got furious and told the king that Pooran tried raping her. The king was infatuated with his young wife and believed everything she said, and he ordered his son, Pooran, to be thrown into a well. Pooran was saved by Gorkhanath saint and became a saint himself. Years went past and the young Queen was still childless. Someone told her and the King that at the local mela a holy man sits there and he makes everyone's wishes comes true. The Queen and King then went to the mela and when it was their turn it turned out that the holy man was no other but Pooran himself, the very son that the King threw into the well after the Queen lied and accused him of raping her. Both the King and Queen apologised and Pooran gave his father blessings and the couple had a son. Sometimes the people that you bring down, are the ones that you go running to for help, years later. I believe this story is in Charitropakhyan as well.
  15. Brother, just ignore them. Other than that there's not much you can do. It's great how she is willing to practice Sikhi, learn our language and most importantly raise your kids with joodas, our identity, what more can you ask for ? Ignore what people say.
  16. puzzled


    White people are a lot more less materialistic than brown people, even though brown people like to think that White people are more materialistic for some weird reason. More and more White kids are living with their parents now, with the properties going up. On our road most White people ranging between 20-50 years old are still living with their parents. Some of them have moved out in the past and then moved back again. My English friend lives with his parents and so does his older brother. Indians take loans so they can have huge weddings, lol.
  17. puzzled


    Well it's should be the case, you can say its dharmic, but unfortunately its just not how its is. My friends sister did the same thing. My friend is English and his sister met her bf back when we were in school. years later he ended up in a car accident and became permanently paralyzed neck down. The case went to court, the company of the lorry driver could give him millions for compensation. Case went on for about a year and my friends sister was with him for the whole year, even moved in with him. It turned out it wasn't the lorry drivers fault but the boyfriends, and he didn't get a penny. My friends sister dumped him straight away. Even my friend was saying that his sister was only with him because she thought he would get a million for compensation. When it comes to parents, especially South Asian parents, they don't really teach any dharmic values to their children, straight away they start drilling materialistic ideas in to their children, how important money is, that they need to be rich when they are older, buy big houses, cars etc Is it any wonder that these kids end up self centered when they are older ? South Asian parents, particularly Indian parents drill that into their kids from the beginning. Teaching your kid to reach high and be competitive is fine, but drilling into a 5 year olds head the "importance" of wealth, being rich, big houses with two garages etc is just ... idnno .... but its no surprise when they get older they want to get rid of the old, grey, shriveled up parents, they don't go well with the furniture! My mother knows people who have kids that go to Sikh primary school and you hear stories of when the kids have birthday parties the kids criticize each others furniture and small houses and birthday gifts etc I know White people, and none of them teach their 5 year olds about buying big houses with 5 garages and the importance of extending your property.
  18. puzzled


    I heard this story on the radio again today. They were discussing why kids don't take care of their parents anymore when the parents get old. After all parents do so much for their kids. The radio host shared a story about a guy who rang in yesterday and shared his life story. She said the guy said he went to India to get married, she came to the UK. He worked really hard to buy a house and make sure the kids and his wife had a comfortable life. Apparently he achieved a lot. He then had a major accident and became disabled, his wife then sent him to a home where they take care of disabled people and never visited him again ! He said he did so much for her, and when it was her turn to take care of him because of his disability, she sent him to a care home place and never visited! Just dumped him there. The radio host was sharing the story, apparently her rang in yesterday. Scary what people will do to you.
  19. Well there's no point lamenting over it and being upset, the past is the past, you can't change the past. Bani suggests that we shouldn't dwell in the past or in the future but concentrate on the present, now. What's done is done, why worry about something that is done and that you can't change ? beating yourself over the past will keep you in the past ... concentrate on the present.
  20. Guru Gobind Singh ji said that as long as his Sikhs remain unique and don't follow the ways of other people he will continue supporting us. I'd say 95 % Sikhs follow the ways of others. As for Khalistan, how many Sikhs actually want a separate country? Most uncles I come across who drink alcohol, relatives and outsiders, are against the idea of a Sikh country. I think a lot of Sikhs are worried that a Sikh country will be governed by Sikh laws, I mean will alcohol be sold in Khalistan? If no, then I think a lot of Sikhs will have a problem with Khalistan and its laws. From my experience its 50/50, some Sikhs want it, while some don't.
  21. It happens in all regions, though I have heard more torturous methods being used in Amritsar region. My mamas daughter got married over a decade ago but her husband was a freshy from Canada and they demanded alot of dowry, they used party in our house every night and smash the doors and windows as well. All our family were against this marriage but mama was hell bent on sending his daughter to Canada. They even demanded paghs and kurta pyjamas in the dowry lol! His daughter lives like a second class citizen in her in-laws house in Canada ever since. Some people move abroad but they don't drop the animalistic behaviour they developed in India.
  22. If we look at our scriptures for guidance, then we get an idea of what type of name we should give to a child. In Bhai Gurdas jis Vaarn the sakhi of Ajmal is written. Ajmal was a papi, he was a drunk and he left his wife to live with a dancing girl. The dancing girl had a baby and a holy man suggested that Ajmal call the baby boy Hari/Narayan, which is another name for Waheguru ji. As Ajmal's bad lifestyle caught up with him he got very ill and was bed ridden, he then would call out for his son "Hari, Hari, Hari" day and night. By constantly repeating Hari, Ajmals sins started washing away and he fell in love with naam. This sakhi may have difference versions, but the message is the same. So this Sakhi tells us which type of name we should give to a baby. Maya is an obstacle! Its the biggest obstacle between us and Waheguru Ji, so by giving your child the name Maya, you actually are doing the complete opposite of what bani says. Some people shrug their shoulders and say "what's in a name" ? well, bani suggests otherwise ...
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