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  1. It's going of be devastating, that's like 400 million people. So many people will be effected by this, farm labourers, cattle grazers, fish farmers, vegetable vendors, tribal communities, people who work in sugarcane mills and other agriculture related factories etc When the recent floods happened in Punjab with the Bhakra dam, the people who were most effected were the poor from villages who work as labourers on the farms, I was watching interviews and they were saying they have no money now because the farms are covered in water so the farmers are not employing them to work in their fields now.
  2. The worrying thing is that millions of Indians probably believed that regardless of how ridiculous it sounded, they are so gullible, a bunch of sheep.
  3. Yeah they are quite full-on lol quite a feisty bunch. All that is fine but at the same time they need to keep it peaceful because the government is probably waiting for the protesters to make the first move so they can hit back with force, which will not be gd at all. Gujjus love Modi, he's like a devta for them. I've actually never asked my Gujju friends what they think of him lol. They seem to have a hierarchy with patels at the top, the Gujjus I know say that Patels are snidy and not trustworthy.
  4. Farmers from UP at the UP/Delhi border. Many Indian news channels were making it out to be as if it was just Punjabi farmers and linking the protests to Khalistan, they obviously can't say that now. Certain Indian channels really tried pushing the whole Khalistan issue into these protests but obviously that isn't going to work now. UP farmers were trying to get to Delhi for many days now but were stopped by their government.
  5. She's a Punjabi actress and talks about some interesting things. She's camping at Delhi with other theatre actors. It's great how many Punjabi celebs have come down to Delhi are are showing support and talking to the media.
  6. Gladiators actually had a plant based diet! So people who say being veggie or vegan makes you weak are just talking crap. Obviously Gladiators were mostly selected because of their size/strength, but they still had a plant based diet and wrestled with lions and bulls! I believe, and correct me if I'm wrong, but Baba Deep Singh mainly ate beris.
  7. Your still young so I'm not surprised lol, w8 another couples years then you can decide your own diet. I watched a documentary about Australian farming and slaughter houses which made me vegan, its called Dominion 2018. I know this Sikh family who are all vegan and they introduced me to being vegan.
  8. Never understood this hypocrisy, they worship the animal yet millions of starving cows are roaming the streets, just skin and bone. Many eat plastic bags out of desperation. India really is a land of contradictions. Was talking to this old chap in my dads pind, he was around 80 years old and he said that back in his days the bamhans in the pind used wake up in the morning and touch the cows feet! he was like look at the state of the cows today. Cows are actually intelligent animals, they can experience a lot of complex emotions and even shed tears. There was a video online from India during Eid and cows were lined up for slaughter and each and every cow had tears running down their eyes. A few years back when i went India i went to one of those gau ashrams and fed cows lol.
  9. I used to have coughs and colds all the time basically and that was it! Dr gave me inhalers and pump when i was around 3 yrs old in the mid 90s, so i don't remember it. My mother was worried sick all the time. When i turned around 14/15 years old i stopped taking them regularly, not because the Dr told me to but i just couldn't be asked. By the time i was 18/19 i didn't take them at all and the nurse did my asthma test and made be blow through one of those things and the thing blew right to the other end and she was like you don't have asthma any more lol. I was 19 and that was the last time i had my flu jab. How do they even know it was asthma or not? some kids are just sick all the time and have coughs. I just was a sick kid all the time, used vomit a lot as well.
  10. A bit late for that now, had it pumped into me every year until i turned around 19, my nurse stopped calling me then randomly. What about inhalers? I took the blue one and brown one
  11. I was a very sickly child and got the flu jab every year until I turned around 19 I think. Made my arm hurt so much that I wanted to get a chainsaw and cut it off. Think I'm going to skip this one.
  12. I've been having some very strong meat cravings the last few days though, been veggie since for nearly 5 years now, so not sure where these cravings came from. Really fancy a Doner Kebab or a nice chunky beef burger, but I'm obviously not going to lol.
  13. I've been mainly vegan since March this year, but not 100%. I still eat mitai because I can't help myself or stop myself from eating it. I ate 2 boxes of besan and around 2kg jalebis over the Dushera and Diwali season. But that's only over the festive season. But since eating mainly vegan i personally haven't felt any changes at all, same size, weight etc no difference at all ... I eat a lot of apples, tomatoes, grapes , carrots, bananas, almonds and other nuts, porridge etc At night i have roti. B4 all this I used to drink a lot of milk and I loved cheese. I stopped dairy products because how animals are treated in farms, they are punched, kicked and beaten, constantly impregnated which makes their life expectancy half of what it should be, i don't want to be part of any of that.
  14. Haven't finished watching the whole talk yet but some interesting points being made. The importance of introducing our children to the problems faced in the community from a young age in a way which they can process it. Bhai Jaswant Singh Khalra jis daughter says how from a very young age her father would take her and her siblings to conferences discussing what was going on in Punjab in the 90s and introduced them to Punjabi activists of the time. I think a lot of parents seem to shield their children from all the gritty stuff from the past and present and decide to teach them about it when they are in their teens and clearly not interested.
  15. Got a feeling this isn't going to end well tensions are rising, think government is going to come back with force. A lot of kisaan from West UP are trying to get into Delhi but they have been blocked. Celebs like Sunny Deol, Hans Raj and Daler Mehndi support the bill, BJP sell outs.
  16. They want us to be a particular way, as long as we fit in their idea of what we should be like and are obedient then they are happy, as soon as we step out of it then we are Khalistanis. Religiously/culturally they want us to be like people from the Hindi belt/holy cow belt, other states in the past which have refused to fit into this mould have also been persecuted.
  17. Akali Phula Singh a 'sort of night templar' Akali Phula Singh depicted on ivory Akali Phula Singh, the head of the Akal Takht and the Akali Nihangs was suspicious of the British and for good reason."Whilst Mr. Metcalfe and his escort remained at Amritsar, our Musselman sepoys, not being prohibited it appears, made aTazea for the usual celebration of the Mahurrum, a ceremony interdicted in the Punjab, and held in abhorrence by all the bigoted followers of Guroo Govind. One Phoola Sing, a leader of Acalis, or Immortals, a sort of Knight Templars(1) among the Sikhs, attempted, at the head of his band, to cut up the party in a night attack. Captain Ferguson was severely wounded, and several of the men killed, but the assailants were fairly repulsed and driven into the town. Runjeet Singh made a decent show of regret for this outrage, which it is now believed that he was not accessory to, although at the time many considered it an experiment made at his instigation, to try the mettle of disciplined troops."(2)This was not the first time that Akali Phula Singh had attacked the British, some years earlier he virtually wiped out a number of british officers who were mapping the Punjab. Akali Phula Singh predicated the British take over the Punjab, Ranjit Singh didn't pay heed nor did the Lahore Durbar. The writing was on the wall during and after the Anglo Sikh Wars and the British made sure the Akali Nihangs were to be eliminated during these wars......
  18. That probably goes for most Hindus with Punjabi roots living outside of Punjab. The Bollywood actors now and then remember that they are Punjabi as well when they need to appeal to the Punjabi audience during film promotions. Politicians do the same as well in the West. Kamala Harris shifts between American, Black and Indian lol
  19. I've watched many videos from the protest and they do seem to know that they need to choose their words wisely. When ever one is about to go off on one the others intervene and correct him. You can see @3:34 the guy in the black pagh was about to diss the Delhi police but then the mona guy in the blue coat changes the direction the convo was heading lol but these little slips will be used by the media. Being sweet, agreeing even if you don't agree to get what you want is quite an Indian thing to do.
  20. It's all very political today. During Gurdwara elections they have Anti Dasam party vs pro Dasam party. Singh from Delhi explains a bit how Gurdwara politics and Dasam Bani go hand in hand. He made this video in response to the recent Anti Dasam Granth protests in Delhi. He's been exposing fake parchaarks like Baljeet Singh Delhi who is quite similar to the missionary lot in Punjab.
  21. It seems to be politics more than anything else, in real, I've personally never come across anyone who is against Dasam Bani, not here in the UK or in India. Only place that the small group of anti Dasam Bani people seem to appear is on youtube.
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