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  1. Yh that annoyed me when I saw it at the fort at anandpur sahib. Why would a 17th century fort have a khanda on it lol. I think older generation wouldn't be happy with a lot of puratan stuff. Sikh leaders in the last century almost became bhramin phobic and any practise or tradition which remotely reminded them of hinduism they wiped it out. Its one of the reasons why dasam bani got shoved to the side. Just like how the post that I posted about mansha singh, about him lighting jot at harmandir sahib and then sikhs questioning it because it's a bhaman practise. The war banners of the khalsa army during majaraja ranjit singhs time used to have kali mata and other war goddesses on it, imagine bringing that back today! It would cause a riot lmao. Couple of years back old wall paintings at tarn taran darbar sahib of hindu mythology were whitewashed and painted over with sikh ithiaasic scenes. My told me that in the local gurdwara when she was a kid they used to have a shankh shell in the gurdwara. These images were symbols of war, nothing more. Not that your average sikh cared, but leaders didnt want sikhi to be seen as a sect of hindu dharam which is understandable especially with all the events in the first half of the last century. Theres even a sikh flag from maharaja ranjit singhs time with hanuman on it. But younger people are less "insecure" about these things.
  2. I never understood the glorification of architecture built by invaders in india. Why would a nation glorify buildings built by the very people who made you into slaves for 900 years. India has this strange love and hate relationship with the mughals. They love to romanticize them in their movies and art but then they hate them. The biggest example being the qutub minar. The qutub minar is made up of demolished hindu and jain mandirs, yet the qutub minar is Delhi's most iconic building. They are beautiful buildings, no need to demolish them, art is to be appreciated, but no need to romanticize them. Shah jahan love story is fake because he married more women after mamtaz died, if he loved her so much why he marry more women! The mughal monuments were built to keep the emperors immortal, so that they could live on forever. The grandness of the buildings was to make their memory grand and powerful for the future generations, the size of the tombs was to reflect the might and power of the emperors. Shahjahan had even planned a black Taj for himself on the other side of the yamuna river.
  3. Moat this stuff is created by man. Swine flu was created by man and the way they run pig farms. And then they blame tge pigs. Same with HIV/aids they created that with their dodgy experiments gone wrong. Cancer makes them billions of pounds a year so they wont give the cure away, they already know the cure but it's become a business for them.
  4. yh painting isn't accurate, I'd imagine harmandir sahib was a simply brick structure back then. In those dark times sikhs had no time to create a beautiful building, with local muslims, mughals and afghans hunting sikhs down from all direction. plus around this time many sikhs had gone and started living in forest areas, near rivers and rajasthan. there was another painting on mansha singh swimming towards harmandir sahib, cant find it online though. cant find absolutely anything about him online. i had been looking for his name since the day i posted this, i was gnna give up yesterday and then i asked guru gobind singh ji what his name was and around 3 mins later i came across this painting.
  5. Welcome to sikhi:-) Yh she does really gd videos, really gd videos for someone who is new to sikhi. Explains everything really well.
  6. So what does this mean then ? I dont get it
  7. video of Baba jis bhora sahib at takt damdama sahib. Where about is this? coz iv been takt damdama sahib b4 years ago and didnt see this, is it in that tower out side the gurdwara?
  8. found it! his name was Bhai Mansha Singh there is absolutely no information about him whatsoever, not even a single article, unless he was known by another name too ? when massa ranghar invaded Harmandir Sahib Bhai Mansha Singh used to secretly swim across the sarovar to light a jot in Harmandir Sahib, he did this on a daily bases and was eventually caught by the massa ranghars men and killed he became shaheed in 1743.
  9. Old photo 1920s from harmandir sahib of raagis with different instruments harmandir sahib 1903 1920s harmandir sahib sant sham singh sewapanthi
  10. Ardaas 1 and rabb da radio 1 are really gd movies both on youtube about social issues qissa, tale of a lonely ghost is one of the strangest movies iv ever seen! surprised that some punjabi made it, its about a man who wants a son but his wife gives birth to a girl but he doesnt wanna accept it so he raises it as a boy! he even marrys her of to a girl! strange movie i dont really watch hindi movies but i liked padmavaati and haider. i think its just show off tbh
  11. its very camp and over the top. everything is gay about it the belly dancers arent all that, skinny and plain lol even if i had that much money i would still have just a simple anand karaj and thats it. i dont like being center of attention
  12. lmao watch it just watch it and then comment haha! its got everything! cruise in the sea, luxury hotel, white doves set free, petals showered from the sky, belly dancers, aerobics, bhangra dancers, ex akal takht jathedar, bride wearing crown everything!
  13. Not in this video but one thing thats really annoying is when they get little girls to throw petals before the bride as shes walking towards guru maharaj. I really dont like that. My sister went to a wedding recently where they did that and the singh doing the anand karaj told them off and told the sangat to pick the petals up and told them that this is not gurmat. the ladies then in the sangat got up and started gathering the petals and then the singh continued. also they rather than the bride holding the larh from her husbands shoulder they have rose chains now they really need to stop doing these stupid things
  14. mrs chadha looks like queen victoria in the pic
  15. I didn't know who baba baaj singh was or baba tara singh
  16. The paintings from baba atal rai's tower are not that elegant looking and gaudy mainly because most of them were done near the end of the sikh empire and after the collapse, so most of the sikh paintings in that period were done by local artists. While art work done during maharaja ranjit singhs time was done by mainly pahari artists who were trained in the rajput and later mughal courts, and the work was just beautiful. painting at baba atal rai tower the figures in the paintings in baba atal rai jis tower are very short and stocky. painting done during sikh raj at its peak. you can clearly see the difference, the detail in the painting below is amazing, the lines are so fine and intricate, the precision, the atmosphere, everything . if you look closely you can even see the expressions on some of the men. This work is a reflection of the empire at its peak. In comparison to the paintings at baba atal rai which were done once the empire collapsed. another painting done at the peak of the sikh empire, this imo is the most beautiful indian painting iv seen, The grandness depicted in this painting is a thing fairy tales. Its a perfect reflection of the riches of sikh raj at its peak. The attention to detail and the fine lines are out of this world. Each figure has been painted with so much detail in their finest attire and jewels, even the detail of the fabric they are wearing . they used to use natural colours and use horse hair to draw all the lines. Artists sometimes used to use a brush with just a single strand of horse hair for the finest of details in these paintings. i wonder what happened to all the artists once the sikh empire collapsed .... Sikh art was mainly influenced by art from the neighboring pahari regions like the basoli art. Most the artists working in the Sikh court were pahari artists who had earlier worked in the courts of the rajputs. Pahari art developed from Mughal art but is quiet different in appearance, pahari art is its own school of art. Mughal art was developed from persian art while persian i believe broke away from chinese art.
  17. the one at 12:07 i wonder what hes doing there maybe family friend
  18. i think the woman dancing on stage at 2:43 is sophie chaudry its just mad isn't it! versace, cruises, petals showered from helicopter, all those entertainers lets hope they also do a lot of charity for the poor in punjab as well. anyway best of luck to mr and mrs chadha
  19. yh i just watched parts of it again, he describes absolute darkness and being in a funnel with blades and then this thing starts torturing him and pulling at his soul. he describes it as the most painful and scariest place in the universe, hes obviously describing narak and jamdoots. its interesting how he describes it as 1000s of yrs of torture, in earth days its probably just a few days. parts of it sound really humiliating like how he was stark naked with millions of people looking at him and how every thought he ever had was revealed to everyone, reminds me of how dasam bani says that indra was humiliated for his sexual sins in the nxt world.
  20. This is crazy! And someone probably sitting there and planning to top this wedding.
  21. no its not that i just checked. Theres a painting of him swimming in the sarvovar as well
  22. What was the name of the Singh who during the time of massa rangar used to swim across the sarovar to light a divaa in Harmandir sahib. I think massa rangars men eventually caught him ... Iv forgotten it
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