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Puratan jungi Shaster for sale

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Das is letting go of a few pieces..


beautifully crafted massive antique kukri for sale.
Horn craved handle with silver pins. These aren't metal as they aren't magnetic. 
Huge size heavy blade at 950grams but with very good balance.
Last two images show a regular sized kukri for reference. note this listing is only for the large kukri not the pair.
total length just under 20 inches
£245 plus postage

beautifully crafted 19th c wootz pesh kabz kard for sale.
Natural cream handle material 
comes with leather scabbard.
The blade has a wootz pattern showing. Could do with a polish to bring it out more.
total length just under 15 inches in scabbard. 
£275 plus postage

beautifully crafted 19th c antique tabar for sale.
Has the original wooden shaft with beautiful brass flower rossets.
The spike at the top can be unscrewed. The head some decoration and copper human figures inlayed.
total length just under 28 inches

£350 plus postage

Email me on singh_the_end@hotmail.co.uk to purchase or enquire.


ebay (43 of 44).jpg

ebay (39 of 44).jpg

ebay (28 of 44).jpg

ebay (23 of 44).jpg

ebay (18 of 44).jpg

ebay (5 of 44).jpg

ebay (1 of 20).jpg

ebay (12 of 20).jpg

ebay (16 of 20).jpg

ebay (15 of 20).jpg

ebay (13 of 20).jpg

ebay (20 of 20).jpg

ebay (9 of 20).jpg

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    • "I'm a devout Sikh -- and married to a man." What an absurd statement. I'm glad that Jasvir Singh has a trimmed beard, as it helps make it obvious how inaccurate his claim of being a "devout Sikh" is for people who may not know that same sex marriage is not compatible with a gurmat lifestyle.     The funny thing is, just observing the organization from its online presence, I would have guessed that it was created primarily to help guys like Jasvir Singh and Param Singh (remember how he appeared on a dating game show?) meet women. How wrong I was.
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