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  2. the race relations act in UK protects the jews and sikhs as races ... and the definiton I gave is the one in the new US census . Sikhs are one race as Guru ji defined us , one varna , one race - human chill dude.
  3. They are a strange bunch. This sikh lady from chandigarh was surprised that I dont drink she said how can you be a sardar and not drink alcohol. I really was speechless. She then asked me why I dont tie my dhari up. Sikhs/indians from the cities are weirdos
  4. Thing is though nobody is allowed to do anything about the dog problem which has now reached epidemic proportions. Indian criminal has strict punishment in place for anyone that harms a stray dog......which is all well and good if youre in a civilised country where there is civic pride and the authorities take care of the problem but...right now...things have gotten so bad babies and young children are getting mauled to death on a daily basis. Nobody anywhere is taking any responsibility. Obviously i havent taken any survey or anything but from what i saw i would guess that the population of wild crazy rabid dogs in Punjab has gone up by more than 1000% in the 3 year gap of me visiting there. And thats the thing that really bothers me about Sikhs in the west....they just dont care or at least choose not to hear. Wild dogs are killing more Sikhs than the Indian government and yet nobody cares. A while ago- on my things that white people do thread i once explained that more Punjabis die from inhaling soot from their rasooi kitchen than TB and the Indian army/police genocideadded together and how a simple tube that costs about $10 could prevent those deaths. Not one person here even bothered asking me how me and my dad went about fitting them into the homes of poor people. Instead, everyone just seems content going on and on about the same thing blaming the Indian govt and Badal / Captain for all their worries. I'm not even joking....the mad dog problem in Punjab prevented me from full enjoyment of my land more than Captain and Modi ever could. Lets get our priorities right. Lets kill those kuthe !!!
  5. Why did you take my words out of context? I said: "At the end of the day, you have a haircut, so whatever you think or say is meaningless. Through your actions you have renounced the Sikh religion." This means, his actions show what he thinks and what really matters to him. It doesn't matter if I say something nice or say something that's not nice. It doesn't matter what you think or what I think or what he thinks. EVERY TIME he shaves, EVERY TIME he gets a haircut, he is renouncing his faith in Sikhi He has made it clear where he stands by his actions.
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    Let's say. I'm a good-hearted person who is... Christian. Not a Bible-banger, but a run of the mill average Christian man of middle socio-economic status, or an average man who is not a Sikh. I do charity, good deeds, et cetera. I have a wife and kids and I do my best to raise them. I contribute to society the best I can and have a fear of God, in the truest sense, fearing that God does not like bad deeds. Am I a Manmukh, or a Gurmukh? part 2: Why does a man need to keep his hair fully untrimmed, yet is encouraged to trim his nails, which, by definition of keeping with Nature's law, is an example of "God's perfection in his creation"? What marks the difference in hair, and nails? And finally, why are women encouraged, at the highest point of Sikh theology (I.e. Khalsa Amritshak Sikh of the Guru) to become recluse to the world? If they have upper lip hair, or even, God forbid, beard hair... what average man, or even Sikh man of any level of Gurmukhness (apologies for the made-up word but I mean to convey level of Sikh spiritual state), what man would like to have physical relations with a woman who looks, well... like the male of the species. Naturally, men are attracted to femininity as it is opposite to a man's natural look (growing beard hair easily, naturally and encouraged to look like an adult). So where does this leave the poor Sikh female who may have a problem of growing beard hair or moustache hair, who is following the Rehat Maryada of the Khalsa which means she cannot pluck or trim the hair? Is that not equivalent to a "Sanyasi" man leaving his hair in knots and not showering? It looks unclean to a man's eyes, naturally. That is all.
  8. You obviously missed the very first sentence of this then. Either that or the fact that you just ain't able to understand the dangers of mixing in close proximity people, food, live animals and dead animals. Either way......I don't think this thread is for you Ranjeet. It's a bit beyond you.
  9. Foremost of which will be that the number of Sikhs enumerated will reduce - making Sikhs in the UK even more irrelevant!
  10. The Sikh Federation says there will be a lot of benefits from it.
  11. thats not nice they are still sikh
  12. i dont think its a bad idea either way i remember lord indarjit was against it yh i doubt they come from one tribe, the European ones are mostly converts. they say they come from the line of abraham-isac-joseph-jacob. bs really
  13. The Sikh Federation are pushing hard for it. There is a census in 2021. The Jews claim they originated from one tribe.
  14. do you reckon that will happen here? jews come from all races and cultures yet they are classified as one people, thats how they want it anyway
  15. What law? Who made this law? Okay, certain people manipulated existing foreign laws to gain certain legal advantages in diaspora communities, but to genuinely believe in that crap is ridiculous. No Sikhs are not a 'race'. In time, the process of a broadening of racial backgrounds in the community (that has already started) will accelerate. Confining ourselves to narrow 'racial' ideologies is straight mental, and goes against everything Sikhi is. Look at the backgrounds of the panj piaray to open your minds and see things for what they are. Only in Canada would we get silly ideas like this.
  16. Maybe the stray dogs have the virus mentioned in the other thread. They will bite the Punjabis and turn them into zombies. The zombie apocalypse is coming to Punjab!
  17. Still waiting for the ethnic tick box
  18. A virus wipes out Punjab, what then? Will Punjabis become zombies??
  19. chickens look the same in american factory farms too but a lot fatter due to antibiotic abuse , Factory farms are just superbug factories
  20. those who have cured it or found highly effective cures for specific types have been hounded , raided , had their offices /practices shut down, even been put in prison under false charges , if not murdered or chased out of the country . 'when healing becomes a crime' excellent reading also can watch documentaries about Dr Burzynski and his experiences on YT. Isn't strange that the top AIDS scientists and doctors who were heading to a conference to discuss latest successful treatments which were succeeding were on the airplane that 'went down' over the Indian/pacific ocean
  21. I'm sure there are plenty of things I could have mentioned to criticise her faith of Christianity such as what you mentioned. But that is something I did not feel comfortable doing as that is not what Sikhs are rightfully told not to do. It was a catch 22 situation. If I would criticise her faith or come up with reasons why her faith is wrong this could give the wrong impression of Sikhs. So was not sure how to react and respond to her comments. To be honest I was also not prepared to get into a religious debate as I have not done this before. Sad thing is that there's certain people of other faiths that will try and say their faith is the only way to try and slyly convert others. She took my comment and tried to use it against us that Sikhs believe all faiths lead to God. Anyways. I hope I did good and had a great response from most people who I gave leaflets to. So not worried about this <banned word filter activated>. lol I think she was just jealous and full of hate to see non Christian parchaar on the streets of London. She was not even British but some nutcase American who thought she would stick her nose where it did not belong. It's to be expected that your gonna get haters like this out there who are envious of Sikh growth in the UK.
  22. according to the law a race can be defined as a group of people who either have a shared religion/scripture/culture/script/language or live in a specific geographical or originated from said region , sikhs qualify as a race under both(either or both) regardless of skin colour or ethnicity , so please do not be hateful towards each other , converts share our sikh culture and faith , the punjabi also share our geography and language (hopefully if they still speak it)
  23. This is one of the stupidest posts that I have seen on here. Sikhi is not restricted to one ethnic group. The privilege that you think you are entitled to, just because 150 years ago or whatever someone in your family was amritdhari, is disgusting. At the end of the day, you have a haircut, so whatever you think or say is meaningless. Through your actions you have renounced the Sikh religion. You can identify as whatever you want, but at the the end of the day, you are just another stupid Punjabi jatt (who makes me embarrassed to be jatt)
  24. Cancer isn’t one single disease - there are lots of different types i doubt they will be able to cure it anyway .
  25. It is a bad situation and the government should do something. But obviously they won’t because India is corrupt as hell. But we can try to take precautions in rural parts: - Don’t go out alone, keep someone with you - Keep armed with something to protect yourself, like a good stick or big kirpan. (And know how to use it) - I’d even say keep a gun (but I don’t know if it is legal to carry one in Punjab - so check?) - how to protect oneself if a dog approached:
  26. A summary of the maharajas of Patiala. They have been traitors from the beginning, the founder of the state ala singh and his family were excommunicated by dal khalsa in the 18th century so i dont know why these people are still considered Sikhs. The founder ala singh assisted abduli during his invasions and was given the title of maharaja by abduli. he later helped the mughals and then betrayed abduli by siding with the marthas. During anglo sikh war the patiala state sided with the british and then during the early 20th century they were part of the british raj. After the anglo sikh wars maharaja karam singh of patiala ordered his army to shoot nihung singhs on the spot. Today amrinder is a congress leader. This family is an enemy of the Khalsa and has always been, the very foundation of the family is linked to abduli
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