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  3. Singh1989

    Halal Food Veggie can we eat??

    Yes it's 110% ok PROVIDED it 110% pure veg.
  4. TigerForce1

    What is the world comming to

    Simple answer ‘YES’ If the act of terror is committed to suppress a community based on the religious lines and to further ones own religious agenda, then ‘yes’ I would attach their religious identity to ‘terrorist’. So ‘Hindu Terrorist’ is the only term that should be used to describe the RSS/BJP Hindu fascists that are pushing for a Hindutva state where minorities are killed and oppressed in the persuit of a Hindu Nationalist State. Stop bashing minorities and and defending Hindus. Looks like you have sympathy for them!
  5. Vjkk Vjkf I am offering Tuition in GCSE Chemistry and Physics if anyone is interested. My A Level grades were - Chemistry A Physics A Biology A I am a retired medical doctor MBChB and have been tutoring for 2 years. References are available on request. I teach students in pairs and have prepared lesson plans with practice exam questions. If anyone is interested please message me for more details.
  6. EXCELLENT POINT! They can do without selling items!
  7. Big_Tera

    What is the world comming to

    Would you call attacks carried out by pakistan based groups as ' Muslim terrorists' Or call attacks by Burmese army as 'Buddhist Terrorists' So why Call them Hindu. Sureley terrorists have no name or faith. Maybe you should educate yourself. People like this girl should be named and shamed. Especially if the have Kaur or Singh in their name. Stop defending these people. Looks like you have sympathy for them.
  8. TigerForce1

    What is the world comming to

    In the last 2 weeks we have seen Hindu Terrorists put boots on the ground in Kashmir and reduce those inhabitants to living their lives within an open prison, looking at the end of barrel. We have seen the same Facist Regime destroy a 600 year old Bhagat Ravidas Mandir and lastly witnessed the deliberate flooding of Punjab via the Bhakra Dam, to punish the the only state that stood up to the oppression the Indian government has committed. I haven’t seen you start a thread about these issues which are real ones that affect the lives of Sikhs in Punjab. To me the crime that girl has committed is hardly worth mention especially on a Sikh forum!
  9. Dsinghdp

    Mool Mantar Help

    Satnaam - auda Naam sach hai Karta purakh - au sab na da karta hai Nirbhau - au noo kise da darr nahi Nirvair - Au noo kise naal ver nahi Akaal Murat - au di moorat akaal hai Ajuni - au jooni vich nahi auda Saibhang - au da Prakash apne aap taw hoa hai Gurprasad - Guru di Kirpa naal jani da hai Jap - au da naam japo Aad sach - shuru taw sach saroop hai Jugaad sach - jug shuru hoye te sach see Hai bhee sach - hun bhee sach hai Nanak hosi bhee sach - (Guru) Nanak kehnde hai au bhiwik vich vee sach hove ga
  10. maybe if you call it sikhi instead, we should not be promoting the term sikhism which is a colonial definition. We should use the proper term as sikhi.
  11. BhForce


    There's no problem at all. Did the letter say to not eat or to "fast"? If you have to not eat, for whatever legitimate reason, that's not a problem. The problem would be if you were "fasting" on a religious basis, like showing off how "pure" you are, like some Hindus and Muslims do. We're not supposed to do that.
  12. Guest


    My bibi got a letter saying that 12 hours prior to her hospital appointment at Ealing Hospital she has to fast. I know Sikhs are not allowed to fast so I was abit confused, is fasting allowed for these occasions or no?
  13. Yesterday
  14. Big_Tera

    What is the world comming to

    The strange thing is what were they doing stealing a hair dryer or whatever. The girls hair looked straight enough LOL
  15. Big_Tera

    What is the world comming to

    Yes I am sure you was the don conloni of west london. However you was smart and went undetected and packed in your life on the wild side to turn your life around. On a serious note. Sures the thieving side of these people who have no morals.
  16. Big_Tera

    What is the world comming to

    In the article its says they all commited numerous other offences. Alos keeping someone hostage is not a big thing to you? Who know what is she has done apart from this. Seems like an unsavory character.
  17. Last week
  18. Guest


    Penji I amnot being funny but I don't know who your Sant is. But Waheguru forgive me I don't want to sound disrespectful but what type of Sant would describe a NON Amritdhari individual as a Bhagat/Gursikh? Taking Amrit di daat is becoming a GURU WALA... Becoming a bhagat is a whole different thing. I would be careful what you are getting into... Ask another paji/penji said it sounds as if this "Sant" may have underlining reasons to suggest a AMRITDHARI girl to marry a non Amritdhari. Under Rehat maryada such Anand Karaj is not allowed - atleast you cannot commit to a physical relationship until both of you are Amritdhari. Your Sant sounds fake. Sorry. Smells like bull to me. If you are going to go through with this rista - as for the facial hair - be straight up. Next time you talk to him tell him straight "Look I have Kes on my face, I keep my rehat and I am not going to cut my Kes. If you are willing to accept me as I am now then you should never let my facial Kes come a issue in our martial life ever." If he accepts fine if not then you know. I am a mum to 3 kids I have Kes on my face (not loads but still) I said to my Singh straight (polietly) that this is me, my rehat is above everything. He said he isn't bothered. If a Singh is a real Singh he will expect you to be a real Singhni.
  19. you misunderstood what i wrote. they go to those schools to learn secular subjects. they don't go there to learn hymn singing so they can apply it to sikhi singing. here they are learning religious singing, from a sect that believes in something heretical to mainstream Khalsa sikhs, and most likely would have to learn it in their worship place. i didn't object to learning from non-sikhs, or going to non-sikh schools etc im the one who suggested he could learn from Naamdharis in the first place!
  20. Singh1989

    Karma Paradox

    Sorry for like 7 year old reply. Searched "Paradox" n landed here. Thing with doing Naam Jaap, your karma reduce down drastically. A few bumps n grinds in yer jivan will take place. Gurbani tells us to have faith in Guru Ji, benefits of Naam Jap and Karma d nasht ho jande aa.
  21. Imo, Bhinderwale is hated for refusing to come out the Darbar Sahib when Indira made the offer. I believe he could see the future n coming out to save Sikhs / Innocents clearly meant infringement of Guru Sahib's Hukam. He could've thought "I walk out, surrender, Hukam has changed." BUT! Seeing the political complications maybe he saw surrendering as slavery thing? I walk out, STILL no equal rights for Sikhs, still same suppression, still Government ruling our a55es.
  22. Singh1989

    Washing hair

    Your kes seems damaged? You need a good source of diet for them t get stronger.
  23. Singh1989


    If the Bachola's a true saint, u feel, put yer trust in him (Sant who introduced u both).
  24. PostMaster

    Sikh Youth Uk

    I see how you are seeing this.. but there are other hidden agendas behind why this has become what it is now. Deepa Singh has allegations against him, as a sewadar/parcharkar to Sikhi he should defend them. In his recent video statement he did highlight that his approach and the sewadar in SYUKs approach to many things needs to be tamed down. But what has happened has happened & I believe personal issue should be solved personally & not on a level it has. Ekta in our daily Ardas is a must. Waheguru
  25. Guest

    Mool Mantar Help

    Wjkk Wfkf Can someone please do me a favor and write the aarth/meaning of the mool mantar in Punjabi? For example: Ek Onkar - Raab Ek Hai Thank you in advance
  26. Singh1989

    What is the world comming to

    YES! valid points. Life is a thing which can pull people into good / bad stuff. Religion, friends, fam and society can be factors. I too went down a "Make a quick buck" routine a few years back as I considered myself in a "Hard" life. Of course no one was hurt, injured or robbed in the process.
  27. puzzled

    Suleman Ghost

    Iv listened to it before I think it's real he starts reciting the Quran as well
  28. @mods I'm not sure if this violates the forum rules. Please feel free to remove/alter if required. This is not a promotional post and I'm not affiliated with stack exchange. I've just submitted a proposal to them. Satsriakal people! I've created a proposal at stack exchange( the largest question/answer website on the web, similar to quora) to start a sub site devoted to Sikhism where people can post questions and receive answers from others. I request everyone to please follow the site to keep it active so that it can be pushed to the next stage(beta)and isn't deleted. Please click "follow" at the below link: https://area51.stackexchange.com/proposals/122932/sikhism Once the number of followers meet the minimum criteria, there will be a sub section on stack exchange devoted only to Sikhism, which I think will be a great thing. Let's give our best to make this proposal count. Since this is a new proposal, it also lacks sample questions. Please feel free to upvote the existing questions or add new ones related to Sikhism.
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