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  1. Any more posts off-topic will be deleted without warning. Stay on topic!
  2. Any other posts that are off topic will be deleted without warning. Raidcommander, when posting towards another person watch your language and show some respect; that goes for everybody else too! Stay on Topic; answer the question to the best of your ability without resulting to insulting or 'mud-slinging'.
  3. Yes. AT the top of the page on the right side you will see an 'options' icon (where the first post on the page is). If you click that there will be a drop-down menu and u can click "subscribe".
  4. All posts that go off topic will be deleted. Please stick to the topic at hand. If you want to discuss something different, please start another thread. Thank You.
  5. njjassa and avnitk, please stay on topic. Thank You.
  6. I think you are confusing that with SGPC Maryada; SGPC Maryada is not "panth" or "Akaal Takht" Maryada. Akaal Takht itself as an institution has never (to my knowledge) made any declaration and/or Maryada on the stance of meat. On the other hand, Akaal Takht sahib has OPENLY made the comment and declaration about Sri Dasam Granth. There is a huge difference between the two things you are talking about.
  7. Somehow we have become accustomed to Jattha bashing and disrespecting eachother. This thread will be closed for now, and based on Mod/Admin decision will or will not be re-opened after it is cleaned. We ask users to be smart and sensible about the comments they make and the threads they start. Thank You.
  8. Before this topic becomes a meat debate, I will close it. Meat discussions are not allowed on the forum, however, I will leave the posts already there. Thread Closed.
  9. You know we'll find something else to make fun of you for
  10. Amar Singh, congratulations! Now you're officially a buddha (no offence vicky) Now, we all know what this means. This means next on the marriage wagon is Talikhaak Veerji Best of Luck Balait, and I hope for all the best. May you and your wife help eachothers Gursikhi Jeevan and live happily ever after, hehe Awaiting the lovely pictures
  11. This is a very touchy subject which can lead to a lot of hatred and mudslinging. That being said, it is very crucial for the sikhs of today (especially youth) to know what kind of things others are saying about us to try to 'trick' us into converting and all the false things they make up. As Guru's Sikhs we should know the truth, right from wrong, and must know how to react to these false and disgusting accusations. May this be a lesson to all sikhs to learn their Bani, their History, and the reason/significance of all that we do. Please keep this topic mature and clean. We shouldn't fight 'nindya' with more 'nindya'. Rather then hatred posts, lets focus on doing parchaar to the local Sikh communities and also learn ourselves, everything about Sikhi.
  12. We've cleaned up as much of this thread as we can. If we have missed anything, please use the report button. Lets keep this civil and stay on topic. Thank You. Topic Re-Opened.
  13. BaBa.G


    Please stay on topic. Any more posts that go off topic will be deleted. Please do not have personal 'casual' conversations in threads. Thank you.
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