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  1. It's okay if you are donating directly to such organisation. The corruption sets in when you donate to an organisation collecting donations for orphanages or to charitable trusts or NGO's. This organisation appears to be self managed therefore is okay. It is like pingalwara. If it was managed by a rich movie star or a bussinessman or a charitable trust or an NGO then obviously it would have been a money laundering racket. This one is safe.
  2. Nice response veer Bijla Singh. As for Guru i think the Granth became Guru in 1708, the Bani was always Guru and there was not any difference between Bani and Guru, before or after 1708.
  3. There are some genuine sant mahapursh but they are like Bhagat Puran Singh or Baba Seechwal. As for modern bibis or wives comment by the sant only a male chauvnist would speak like that..haha... if my future wife was to touch my feet i would touch hers too. lol
  4. :WW: :WW: :WW: :WW: :WW: :WW: Just as the ten Gurus were one light, the whole Khalsa is one light of Guru.
  5. i think talihaak must have pm'd harinder........
  6. yeh paapi pet ka sawaal hai........jadon paise disde hon pher bibek nu koun puchda!
  7. I think harinder has the qualities to be a social reformer...only he needs to speak about 'things' and not 'people' and preach not advise or point things....
  8. i read somewhere that Guru Gobind Singh had done Akhand Paath at Damdama Sahib after completion of Guru Sahib.....
  9. harinder veer looks like you will have to run off again..........
  10. I know a very well known sant babaji with higher end influence who is very fond of chicken.....he likes them grilled.....his wife, mataji, is having an affair with a man her son's age......and vaheguru does all kind of kirpa on them....flourshing deras, nri sangat, house, family, bussiness, childeren, reputation. This makes you wonder whether god is also on the wrongs side.... :umm:
  11. There are Historical gurdwaras conected to our Gurus in Punjab where you can get readymade akhandpaths. It's like higher price immediate delivery popular among NRIs. Pay extra and get ardaas done for a paath already completed for higher end customers then and there no need to wait for long queue. is this not brahmanvaad? Although there's nothing wrong in holding simultaneous akhandpaaths as long as maryada is followed. the more the merrier
  12. isn't Buddha dal named so because there were basically buddhe (oldies) in it? and the younger ones were in taruna dal?
  13. Guru Nanak wasn't taught by anyone......he was nirankar akalroop who taught others esp. those who thought they knew all.
  14. I know you never went away! You were always browsing as a guest...
  15. The quote has fallen flat on it's face...... :D
  16. Funny site..... known for long time
  17. Dude he raped and killed a 16 year old. If i was dictator of Punjab i would have hanged him then and there. If he was not guilty then why did he run away? He was caught somewhere in Darjeeling living married with a nepali girl under new assumed identity. He was not caught in Punjab only faced his trial in Punjab as his home is in Mohali.
  18. Then stop doing Simran....i don't want you to become a Aurangzeb in your next life.... :vaheguru: lol thats not a really mature response my veer.. Dont forget Ravana also did alot of tap... come to think of it so did Harnaakash to get his boons! It is hard to control the power you have after you have recieved them from Akaal Purakh. They got what they wanted, but mukti was a stage too far for them.. Sometimes i am really immature.... :rolleyes:
  19. A Sikh won't go anywhere outside the scope of SGGS but a believer can go mattha taking at samadhs, do Ganga ishnaan wear janeau do pitar puja recite Gita etc. Millions of Hindu believers do this. A Sikh is a Sikh recognised from a mile but a believer is noone until what he chooses to say which can depend upon the situation he is in. A Sikh cannot be a Pope but the Pope can be a believer (secretly). :closedeyes: Then stop doing Simran....i don't want you to become another Aurangzeb in your next life.... :vaheguru:
  20. If i don't keep kesh i am not a Sikh. I am just a believer in Sikh Gurus. I become a Hindu. Millions of Hindus believe in Sikh Gurus millions of Hindus do Japji and Sukhmani sahib on daily basis. But they are not Sikhs only believers.
  21. Bhai Nand Lal pic from Sikhiwiki.com http://www.sikhiwiki.org/index.php/Image:Bhainandlal.jpg
  22. apne

    Message From Maharaj

    Wow! had you ever heard or seen the name www.sikhsangat.com before that dream?
  23. Cut the communist crap. Kesh is foremost for a Sikh. We are not a bunch of sheep that we have to see and follow what others say. Pir Buddhu Shah was a sufi saint who admired Guruji. Tommorow people will say Aurangzeb was also a Sikh who got deviated.
  24. I really don't know what to say. Basically we have degenrated a lot both physically and mentally and we have fading examples to keep our hope alive. Ki banoo duniya da sache patshah waheguru jaane.......
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