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  1. Sikh Voice is an <banned word filter activated>.
  2. "Panjva Paiya Grith Ta Hoa Pakk Pavitt" - Guru Sahib. Grith is desi ghee. No better or healthier fat on the planet.
  3. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa! Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh! I was sent to a remote place with no Sikhs, no internet and even the phone network was unreliable at most times. In a way it was good, a break from our electronics driven lives but being without Sangat was like torture. Of course Guru Sahib is ang-sang and Gurbani is always available through Gutka Sahibs and Pothis, but at my low avastha the company of like minded people is vital. Those of you in places that have regular events, good Sangat etc should thank Waheguru everyday!
  4. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa! Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh! An interesting dilemma, from a friend : He isn't interested in getting married, but his (widow) mother is very very insistent, as is the rest of the family. A Mahapursh once told him to make his mother happy, so he finally gave in and yes to a rishta. Everyone happy. However, down the line he realises the fiance is nowhere as interested in Sikhi as he his. For him, it is his life, 24/7. She is into indian tv (!), duneeavee stuff etc. So, ask Sant Ji what the right thing to do is? - Perform a sort of kurbanee and get married to keep parent happy or leg it to the nearest chauni? Another one: Why is it that when we try to perform e.g. a chaaliya, so many obstacles come in our path? What are these in spiritual terms? How to stop this from happening? And another: When a jagiasoo gets alot of bairaag, how to carry on with daily duties like work etc? It's very hard sometimes. Dhanvaad Mahapurkho!
  5. Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa! Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh! I've only ever heard them (and Sant Isher Singh Ji Rarewale, who were also mentioned) say that Krishan Ji was a 16 Kala Avtaar and that Guru Sahib, was sarab (all)-kalaa, being Waheguru themselves. Of course, in reality Atma is Parmatma - and we are really atma, not body or sooksham body. In that respect even we are really God. But we are bound by karam at the moment. Since the avtaars were sent to perform a duty, once that was complete then Waheguru may have just made them one with 'Himself' again; and sent them back when 'He' willed etc. Rab janne. Without a recording, it is difficult to know what context things were being said in.
  6. You should try switching your routine and see how it goes, you should do that after about 6 months anyway (if your gains slow) because the body adapts. Rippetoe gives great advice, but everybody reacts differently to exercise. Also, a huge factor in strength is the central nervous system, I'll post some info up when I have some time. Will also give you some alternative routines. Roughly how tall are you, and how old? Need this info to give the right routine. Your diet seems ok.
  7. Your routine needs work, but first need to know some things. How often do you train? How much %increase have you seen in your lifts since you started and what's your age?
  8. any chance of the rcordings from the event being shared on the internet, this year, lol?
  9. He tells it as it is. One of the few parcharaks we have left who aren't afraid of going to jail.
  10. That would be awesome! Your Punjabi will improve really fast once you're speaking it all the time. Try Pingalwara or just go do sewa at various Gurudwaras. Khalsa Aid also help out with families of Shaheeds, maybe contact them?
  11. I meant some of them, obviously not all of them. Should have been more clear.
  12. Read what I wrote carefully - the origins of the Taksals within Sikhi are mentioned in the sources you say you've studied. There is detailed katha on the origins of Taksal by Sant Gurbachan Singh Ji, available from gurmatveechar.com. What's the reason for multiple user names?
  13. Something tells me you haven't read any of the granths you listed. Many of them narrate the Katha of Gurbani that took place at Damdama Sahib, by Guru Gobind Singh Ji on their way to Hazoor Sahib. The Katha took 9months, 9days. Baba Deep Singh Ji was amongst the Sangat and asked Guru Ji for some sewa. Guru Ji told him that his time to fight will come, but to teach Santhiya, Gurbani veechar, parchaar etc in the meantime and to prepare Saroops of Adi Granth Sahib. Bhai Mani Singh Ji was also given this duty. From there, the 2 branches of Damdama wali Taksal began. The Damdami Taksal is not a Samparda as such, but a school or jatha. Nihang Dals have been receiving Santhiya from Taksals since they began, and continue to do so. There's a video on Youtube, shot at Baba Bakala, where this relationship is explained during an event at a Dal. In fact, most puratan Sampardas used to, and still do, receive Santhiya from one of the Taksals - either by sending SInghs there, or from the Singhs that travel from one place to another. Even Sant Gurbachan Singh Ji Khalsa, a mahaan Mahapursh, used to be a Nihang Singh before they joined the Damdami Taksal. There is a huge amount of prem/ love between the puratan Samapardas - especially in Punjab - amongst Singhs who know we are all sons/daughters of Guru Gobind Singh Ji. The tree of Sikhi has many branches and all should be respected for the duties given by Guru Ji. It is sad to see kids in the West use the names of beautiful Sikh institutions to boost their egos and create tribal wars that do nothing except feed the haumai Guru Ji tells us to wage war against. Also, 'socialidiot', please don't use multiple usernames. Thanks.
  14. The Gurudwara is doing great veechar from what I hear.
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