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  1. clubs and societys that are not always religiously run... e.g. the "shahs" club, if you have any gujrati friends i think you will know what i mean
  2. how about Waherguru (.tv) - if that's not misuse of the meaning I have a couple of suggestions for the channel is general also... 1) no stupid adverts being repeated on every break e.g. accident helpline ( no offence to these businesses, but they really put people off watching that channel) 2) a good mixture of programmes in english AND punjabi 3) no depression programmes - another turn off 4) programmes where people go to visit places i.e. like the videos you used to watch in R.E. lessons 5) programmes that improve people's understanding of culture, sort of like that programme "Around
  3. i doubt it woz exactli 5. but mayb guru ji chose 2 say 5, to symbolise that they represent his 5 senses. just a thought
  4. She actully went to universty to learn how to do Glass blowing. She now acctuly does that at Ruskins Glass Mill in Stourbridge. She can make customised items aswell. She is now trying to perfect he Takali Kirpan Range. Which should look well cool when she is done. ooh v nyc. difrnt 2 da standard doctor, accountant, lawyer IT person and othaz
  5. i usd 2 do kickboxing and hav friends hu do things lyk taekwondo and wing chung. martial arts r good if ur tryna grow and 4 discliplinary reasons also. truth is u cud learn woteva style u want buh at da end of da day if something happnd 2 u ur nt gna stand there thinkin wot move 2 do and if ur stance is perfect keyword- instinct
  6. gd 4 display purposes in gurdawareh etc, v nyc wot does ur sista do if u dnt mind me askin
  7. the language of art..wen nothing works try the basics; cave paintings at least ur trying ryt?
  8. keerat


    i thought kareh wer supposd 2 b simple hence it being known as a steel bangle not bracelet also, as we r on da topic of this which wrist r u supposd 2 wear it on, is it accordin 2 a certain meanin or dependin on whether u r a leftie or a rytie?
  9. thnku :D i'll get startd asap, i wil post it up wen i hav finish it, weneva that wil b :rolleyes:
  10. i've been thinkin about doing a drawing of guru nanak dev ji when he pushed the stone, sort of like a screenshot of him actually doing it. is there anyone who knows which hand he did it with as i have a habit of trying to make my drawings as accurate as possible. p.s. soz 4 da bad description.."when he pushed the stone" thnku! :D
  11. Firstly, I am female lol. Secondly, i understand what you guys have said, but was just expressing my opinion at the time. I just think, life is hard enough as it is; a main purpose of films is to act as an escape from reality, so usually there not meant to be realistic, or be completely correct as at the end of the day, it is just a film. ooh speaking of films, there was this one is saw about half of, a cartoon style educuational sikh film telling the history. Don't remember it much, except that there was a bit about the revolt against the mughals. does anyone know what i am on about; that
  12. waheyyyyy! finalli, i cn use RE in everyday life according to what is taught in GCSE RE abortion is bad in Sikihism but permisable if the mother or child's life is endangered. Also, if the mother has been raped and the baby conceived that way, as it can causes pschological issues etc. in the UK the 24 weeks thing might be changed to 21/22 weeks. I swear that still too late though, as there have been babies bron prematurely at 5 months and survived...5 months is 20 weeks!
  13. depends wot u mean by Singh, as in an actual SIkh or bein punjabi... Akshay Kumar is punjabi (dats nt evn his real name!) so was Om Puri and i think Kiron Kher is. have to say though, at least bollywood are trying. If u flick through the channel alpha punjabi for example practically all the films are just based on violence and people in pindhs fighting 24/7 and quite literali killing each other brutally. Most punjabi films are unsuccessful, or simply no one cares in da 1st place! this film may be unsuitable and misrepresenting "apneh". so many people complain and never do anything about i
  14. I understand your point, but I'm actually in set 1 for english so really that comment doesn't apply to me oh and I just thought of another reason, the ones that actually need to learn the basics at the very least are the ones who bunk half the time and get away with it. Seriously, schools are just fake these days and only really care about their rep.
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