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  1. can someone tell us if bhai sahib was married or not. i was told that he was and documented in the local and international press
  2. can somegive more infrmation about Baba Thakur Singh's family, ie their brothers and sisters and if of the children of Baba Ji's brothers and sisters?
  3. from which historic granth or book was the above sakhi taken from?
  4. apperantly bhai sahib jeevan singh ji is coming ot the uk for the manchester smagam. does anyone know how long is bhai sahib ji staying for
  5. wow bhai sahib is coming too. thats wicked. i got a few questions i want ask bhai sahib too...hopefully i will get he opportunity. vaheguru.... anyway one know on which date is bhai ahib coming and how long for?
  6. Very good posters on Baba Thakur Singh. Im sure organisers havnt over looked gurpurb of the founder of Taksal. For the past 3 year atha has been done of Dashmesh Patshah's jeevan at the barsi programmes
  7. Vaheguru.... those people are very lucky to do sangat withand have darshan of these gursikhs
  8. if the committee wanted the kirtan to happen on the stage, then it should of been done on stage. theres no need to cause a fus. jatha have done kirtan on the stage in past for example at smethwick last month
  9. are there recording of the paath done at Mata Sahib Kaur's Gurdwara? if so, will it be made available like the Sri Guru Granth Sahib paath done bhinran kala taksal
  10. so it was same article posted before. however the "controverial" parts were "taken out". interesting. clever way pf posting that article up
  11. can someone upload the katha that was recorded over the past 3 days of the barsi
  12. theres nothing wrong with more then 1 akhand paath happening at the same
  13. where or from who can i get larivar gurbani files especially larivar pdf file of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji
  14. sorry, this is slightly off topic...but can we stop referreing to Maharaj as "THE Guru Granth Sahib or The Granth Sahib or even Granth Sahib" ....the word "the" is used for an object..ie THE computer or THE keyboard or THE text book....Our Guru is not an object, but is our living Guru..So can we please refere to Maharaj as, Maharaj, Guru Ji, Guru Sahib, Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Also, will this exhibition have Saroops of Maharaj and/or Sri Dasam Granth, Sri Sarbloh Granth there? Thanks Bhul Chuk Muaaf
  15. very good. please post some more chritars from the bani of Sri Guru Gobind Singh JI
  16. listen to katha of Ataam Giaan by Giani Thakur Singh.. www.gurmatveechar.org go to katha, present day katha, giani thakur singh and then click the ataam giaan folder...its katha of a conversation between Bhai Daya Singh Panj Piaare and the sangat
  17. WAHEGURU JI KA KHALSA WAHEGURU JI KI FATEH Oct 18 2008 Raensabaayee Keertan 7:00 PM to 5:00 AM Singh Sabha Guruduara Sahib, Derby Princess St, Derby, DE23 8NT - 300 years of Gurgaddi Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee - Bh. Satnam Singh (Derby) Phone: +447852252462 Bh. Baljit Singh (Derby) Phone: +447795545475
  18. wat were the 3 notes? please tell us all
  19. hahahaha one of the best video i ever seen.... wicked video. bigup sukhy singh
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