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  1. You could contact Hari Singh (Eagle Claw System), Sardara Singh (JKD/Wing Chun/Kali/Gatka) or the Shin-Kin guys they all operate in and around Birmingham. You will have to pay them though, they are professional Martial Artists.
  2. I read a part of Sri Chaitnya Jis granth a few years ago, in it, there is a mention of Guru Nanak Dev Ji doing kirtan with Sri Chaitnya Ji etc. Just a small mention. I'll try and dig it out. Sri Chaitnya Ji was an enlightened soul, he did much to spread the tradition of san-kirtan (kirtan done in sangat) in India.
  3. 1 - It depends what you want it for i.e. looks, comfort (wearing) or possible practical use (fighting blade). If all 3 you have to be prepared to up your budget. Khalsa blades tick the looks category. There are many, many more blade makers out there who do stunning designs on daggers/fighting blades, but also have in depth knowledge of blade balance/high quality material/fighting use (design). 2 - Do you want what is thought of as a 'traditional' design i.e. mini tulwar design (curved blade). If so, this will massively reduce your options. As far as I know, blade makers in India cannot rep
  4. All the above is relevant advice, particularly the not giving 'importance' to interrupting thoughts. When a distraction enters the mind... smile. It's there because it is a personal experience (something you saw, heard, felt). Don't feel upset/panicked/worried/depressed, understand that your present action (bhagti) is the answer to ensuring that all experiences here on, are pavitar. It's usually the hurt of stress/bad experience that brings us to remember Vaheguru. Acknowledge it, relax and it will swiftly pass by. Fight to remove it... and it will stay (even if in a subtle form). Rat
  5. The skin of a top predator was used by Sadhus to keep away dangerous animals during long periods of samadhi in the wild. Today, unless you are going to do samadhi in the Kruger National Park or somewhere similar, there is no need for the animal skin, especially as many of these animals are extremely rare now and we have decimated most of wild regions. Sadhus today (Sikh ones at least) don't visit and stay in wild areas to meditate anymore, nor do pilgrimage to our sacred Gurdwara (Sri Hazur Sahib etc) on foot..... lifestyles have changed a somewhat.
  6. I wonder what Sachai Paatshah Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji would do in this situation.... especially where a faith is being asked to abandon it's religious attire, which according to their tradition (Hadiths selected and translated as per that school of thought) require them to wear Burqa or Hijab etc. Funnily enough, most women in the west I have spoken to, wear these items as a matter of choice and freedom of expression, rather than oppression. Elements of the Middle East are a different story. The rest, of course there is a point. But the matter of intergration for 'some' Muslim nationalit
  7. If you get caught on CCTV using your kara, you could go to jail for ABH/GBH. More importantly, if a few cases of incidents with karai reach the public attention (which won't require much effort with teh biased media we have), it could become a quick reality that big karai get banned in the UK, the same is true for Sri Sahibs. We need to be intelligent in perserving our rehit and rvaaj, and allowing it to flourish without bringing negative attention to ourselves and thus risk loosing our special (deserved) priviledges in the UK. Worse comes to worse, a kara can discreetly and highly effectiv
  8. Lol, Namdharis, Nirmalai, Bhai Randhir Singh and many others have at some point all had a finger pointed at them from various parties for being British conspirators. Facts say otherwise. Baba Ram Singh Namdhari and the early Kookai, were the most vehement outspoken opposition of British Rule, it's common historical knowledge. What happened to the movement after Baba Ji died is another story... (not relevant here). The British removed Baba Ji from India altogether (sent to Rangoon jail) because they found his ideology and threat so dangerous toward their rule, and because he was bringing tho
  9. Most famously this happened to Namdhari Singhs, who fought and killed some Muslim butchers who were killing Cows in Punjab. The British were just looking for an excuse to put the Namdhari down, as they were their biggest opposition at that time.
  10. You should strike whilst the irons hot, don't let the moment pass. Enthusiasm doesn't come easy. Another halfway doable option is to learn via skype video etc. I know people who set the laptop up in the UK and learn from Sangeet Ustaads in India. Even if you do DVD courses, at least you will learn the basics ie how to hold and use a bow, where the sur are on the frets, how to move between frets, basic sargams etc. So you won't have to pay an Ustaad to take you through the bare basics for the 1st 3 months. Practice hard and you will be amazed what you can achieve. There are dilruba players
  11. http://www.includemetoo.org.uk/ Started up by a Sikh Lady.
  12. 1. Become inspired - listen to kathha, read history, listen dhadi vaaran, listen to kirtan. 2. Learn - do paat, learn how to recite paat (produce satkaar for gurbani), learn the arthh (meaning) of paat, meditate on those meanings, introduce the knowledge from the paat into your lifestyle. 3. Adopt rehit - produce a strong foundation to ensure continuation of your efforts. 4. Do sangat - with jeevan vale Gursikh and Sants. Ensure you are only in the company of those that are progressing your spirituality. 5. Simran - immerse yourself in naam simran. Learn about the different techniques and
  13. Khaalis


    Going back to the original posters question... If we remove the word 'honeymoon' from this conversation (which in any case, should intelligently been viewed in it's evolved present understanding rather than stoneage or biblical root), then when a couple gets married, there is nothing wrong with the couple taking some time out to get to know each other. Doing so in a pleasant/scenic/relaxing environment can only help the couple focus on each other (outside of family/busy household environment) and lay a foundation of friendship. As for newly married Amritdhari couples... what could possibly
  14. No doubt, the sanyaasi tradition is deep rooted in the Khalsa Panth. Many Brahmgyanis have been celibate from the times of Guru Gobind Singh Ji right up to today. They choose to focus purely on the bhagti marg and dedicate their life to parchaar seva. For those living in Grisht, as is true with anything else life, we must be in control of our 5 passions, and not the other way around. when the 5 chor control us, they convert the single source of energy we all have into bad enegry (bad actions and bad thoughts). The key is to not get obsesses/addicted to anything, but to utilise everything
  15. Many of us look at these topics to literally and immaturely, we don't try and understand the superb psychology and stategy of Guru Gobind Singh bani and the writers and parcharaks of the puratan era (18th C). How did the Khalsa panth keep getting populated and rejuvinated when it was being systematically removed from the face of the Earth by those who were threatened and in Raj? Parcharaks drew in large numbers from the Hindu fold, by showing respect to the devtai but at the same time, showing their subservience to the Master of both Worlds - Guru Gobind Singh. Hindus are of many folds, if
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