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  1. lolz Jodhaa Akbar.

    Hi ji ;)

  2. LOL I didnt think there were other ways, sorry I forgot you must do yours the desi way with the milk bottle! :lol: Whats wrong with the milk bottle ? :rolleyes:
  3. Leh :D everyones getting in a tiff. Wear a sweat band over your kara or put it in your pocket. Only the person who does the actual action can tell the difference. From what we see it is Right or Wrong. We can reflect our views and tell the person. But their are some people who listen but dont act and some who listen and take the words to the heart. Do what you think is Right not wrong. :vaheguru:
  4. :lol: thought you said swear band is was lyke :o Yh i fink a swear band is fine
  5. Hey i actually do havv a sarbloh kara :rolleyes: leh " fat sarbloh one " lolz ...
  6. Bobby Friction as a young child was a good sikh boy with a gutti but then as he grew up he finally found out who he was an " asain british" <_< . His style is corrupted no offence but with this issue on him i fink he really needs to get a grip with his stupid spiky hair in all.
  7. Nice name :D But one thing in sikhi which i really lyke is that a girl or a boy can havv the same name E.g. Balbir Shows our how unqiue our faith really is. These days ive been hearing names lyke " Pretty Kaur" Wonder were they abandoned that beautiful note "Sikhi" Nice name though :D
  8. If there parents cared they wouldn't be there in the First place <_<
  9. 2. anonymous kaur (ermm do u need ma real name ??) :lol: Me too :umm: 3. Sarbloh Dil
  10. I think the film is :homer nowdays it seems like the "trend"to have a punjabi sikh walking around with a "Tarty" girl if you know what i mean like what the hell with the song "Jee Karda" . Katrina Kaif needs to buy some clothes man. It was funny but It's really not filmed in the right style. I'd rather watch Don srk acts gud in every film but one thing he dosent do is walk round wearing a paag which is nearly bout to fall off. Akshay Kumar needs to sort himself out.
  11. Ma favourite actor is Shahrukh Khan I am aware many people disagree with me but what i dont understand is what is wrong with him. Have your ever seen one film which he dosen't act good in. Is there any film? People say Salmaan does filthy films like talk bout it. I've never watched any.But has once Shahrukh done a a film with no grasp.Like don was fantastic- Kuch Kuch Hota Hai i loved it - Pardes Such a meaningful movie-Khabi Kushi Kabhi Ghum was such a emotional film but last not least "DEVDAS" A thriller. But the old ones are just as gud like Sohni Mahiwal - Prem Rog Rishi Kapoor did a gud
  13. Yeah boys and girls cholai or "bana" are the same i suppose it as a sign or equality
  14. Waheguru Ji Khalsa Waheguru Ji Kee Fathe Veer Ji 's the worries are over do not use gell or FIXO what ever I'm going to say is going to be straight please forgive me for my use of vocab. - Get two bunches of the dari and tie a knot , now the two small bits get pushed into the knot and try and make it neat try not to pull the dari off :lol: - Or just use a seed i fiink dats wat its called like a black thick string and you tie it round your head from your chin and get the dari wraped round it . Hope this helps and hope i havent said anyfiink to offened :umm: all those ppl with dari's Wa
  15. Waheguru jee ka khalsa waheguru jee ke fateh Best bana I would reccommend proballii wud cum from India no offence. I brought mine from India and it came just the way i wanted it. Singhni i wud proballii tell a family or friend who was going india to get you one. Waheguru jee ka khalsa waheguru jee ke fateh
  16. lol peacemaker you defiantely do tlk alot not in a bad way i mean in a good way lol

  17. :D iM pRoUd DaT wE WON . Now one thing i havv to say is i hate it wen sikhs say bangle like gories , Dont you ? Im not sayyin it to anyone here im jus makin a convo .lol.
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