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  1. I need some help in finding a UK kirtan jatha for a paath preferably around the midlands. It is for a paath being held in mid November. If someone can help point me in the right direction on how to contact or find one. This seva would be deeply appreciated.
  2. can any one find out the address of Shaminder Singh Shera parents. i would be grateful so some help can be given. many thanks.
  3. someone told me it was so you can tell its dirty but if you change everyday, might not be an issue.
  4. i agree anyone who reads the translation i have posted will be able to come to their own conclusion. i think it is important to make these texts available to all so they available to all!
  5. sorry my translation is not correct if any one can provide me with a right translation please feel free to do so. thank you.
  6. Chritar Twenty-one Tale of Anoop Kaur Dohira The Monarch caught hold of his son and sent him to the prison, And in the morning, through the Minister, called him back.(1) Then he asked the Minster to narrate the Chritars of the wise men and the women;(2) On the banks of the river Sutlaj, there was a village by the name of Anadpur. It was situated near Naina Devi which situated was in the state of Kahloor.(3) There used to come several Sikhs with great pleasure, And after getting their ambitions fulfilled, they used to go back to their homes.(4) The wife of a rich-man came to that town. She fell for the Raja and was pierced with his love arrows.(5) She had a servant, Magan Das whom she called, And gave him some money and made him to understand like this.( 6) ‘You get me to meet the Raja, ‘And after encountering him 1 will give you lot of wealth.’(7) Becoming greedy for money, Magan came to the Raja, Fell on his feet and requested thus,(8) ‘The incantation you wanted to learn, has come in my possession. ‘To learn the same you will have to proceed the way I ask.(9) Bhujang Chhand The Raja put on the garb of an ascetic, meditating on Bhagwati, the goddess, commenced his journey. Walking and walking along, without looking back, reached the residence of that damsel.(10) On seeing him the dame adorned herself and ordered for flowers, beetle leaf and wine. She came forward herself to receive him and pacified her anxiety.(11) Dohira The woman weared the new clothes and put the expensive garments. And in new form she adorned the decorated bed.(12) Then the lady asked him, ‘Please have intercourse with me, (57) ‘Because, tormented by Cupid, I am handing over myself to you.’(I3) The monarch said ‘I had come to learn incantation, But the situation is quite contrary (I4) Arril The one, who is considered as worship-worthy, should not become egotistical. If one becomes a rich man he should not beset the poor. ‘With prettiness one should not display arrogance, ‘Because the youth and beauty are sustainable for four (a few) days only.(15) Chhand ‘Righteousness endows auspicious birth and righteousness confers beauty. ‘The righteousness augments the wealth and holiness and the righteousness idealises the sovereignty. ‘Why should I abandon righteousness on your instance and make myself worthy of hell? (l6) ‘Acquiescing to your request, I am not going to copulate with you, ‘Because, in my heart, I am apprehensive of denigrating my family. ‘Deserting behind my married woman (wife), I will never have sex with you. ‘I will never be able to find a place in the court of Lord of Righteousness.’(l7) Dohira (She said,) ‘When a sexually distressed woman comes to a male, ‘And that male who turns her back disappointed, is worthy of hell.’(l8) (He replied,) ‘People bow on my feet and worship me. ‘And you want me to have sex with you. Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?’( 19) (She said,) ‘Krishna was worshipped too, and he had indulged in love plays. ‘He made love with Radhika, but they never went to hell.(20) ‘With five elements Brahama, the God, created human-beings, And He, Himself initiated love in men and women.(2l) Chaupaee ‘Therefore, without hesitation have sex with me, Because the excitement for the sex overpowers all the parts of my body. Without an encounter with you, I will burn in the fire of separation.(22) (58) Dohira ‘My each limb, seeking copulation, is afflicting me. ‘Why didn’t Ruder, the Great (Shiva) decimated it (sexual desire).’(23) Chhand (He) ‘Calm down, Oh Lady, the Cupid will not harm you. ‘You put your thought to Ruder, the Great, (Cupid) will be scared away. ‘Not to abandon my wife, I will never have sex with you.(24) Arril ‘Just because you say, why should I have sex with you? ‘I am afraid of being put in the hell. ‘To copulate with you is like disowning the righteousness, And my story will go around the whole world.(25) ‘How would I show my face to the Lord of Righteousness? ‘Lady, you better forsake the thought of my friendship, ‘You have said enough and, now, forget to talk more.’(26) Anoop Kumari said, ‘If you, my love, have sex with me, ‘You will not be thrown in the hell. Don’t be scared. ‘How could people tattle about you when they are so afraid of you.(27) Also they would talk only if they learn about the secret. ‘Even if one learns, fearful of you, will keep quiet. ‘You must make up your mind to sleep with me today, ‘Or, alternatively, you crawl through my legs.’(28) (Raja,) ‘Only that one crawls through the legs who is unable to indulge in sex, And remains sitting whole night like a eunuch and does not perform. ‘Being prevailed by the righteousness I will not copulate with you. ‘I am always fearful of the criticism of the public.(29) (She,) ‘Do whatever you may, but I will never leave you without sex. ‘With my own hands 1 will tear you off, And, then, get myself sawn through at Kanshi and, would even face the Lord of Righteousness in his court.(30) ‘Oh my love, I have sworn to bed with you, and ‘Fully satisfy myself carnally. ‘Tonight, through sex I will make you look more handsome, And will make Cupid to lose his pride too.’(31) Raja spoke, ‘First of all God has endowed me birth as a Kashatri, (59) Our dynasty is very much respected in the world. Being seated (as Raja) I am worshipped. ‘But, now, if I ravish with you, I will be reborn in a low caste.’(32) (She said,) ‘What are you talking about the birth? They are your concoction.. ‘If you don’t cherish me, then It will be my bad luck. ‘Without meeting you, I will poison myself.’(33) Dohira The Raja was worried, if she imposed the oath of Bhagauti, the Goddess, Be will have to ravish her and, then, go to hell.(34) (She) ‘Get rid of all your doubts, savour me, ‘Because Cupid is over powering me.’(35) (Be) ‘How-so-ever Cupid may overwhelm, due to the dread of hell, I will never indulge with you.’(36) Chhand (She) ‘You have been bestowed with youth and I am young too. ‘Seeing you I have overcome with passion. ‘Abandon all your misconceptions and relish sex with me, ‘And don’t worry about the fear of the hell.’(37) Dohira ‘The lady who comes to me to worship me, ‘To me, she is like the daughter of my Guru.’(38) Chhand What to talk of love with the women, as they never fulfil, They desert one man and go after another who is better looking. For whosoever she makes mind for, she becomes naked before him, And immediately presents him her unclad urinary place.(39) Dohira (She, thinking,) ‘What should 1 do to save myself so that my mind is appeased? ‘Your utterances depict love, how could I kill you.( 40) The Raja went into deep thought, ‘I have no disciples of mine with me. Chaupaee :By living her my righteousness is destroyed, But if I try to run away, she will get me caught.(41) (60) ‘It will be better if I praise her and through dramatisation get rid of her. ‘Without agreeing to commit sex, she will kill me. ‘I wish some disciple of mine could come and save me.’(42) Arril Chhand (He said to her), ‘You are admirable and so are your mother and father. ‘Your country is commendable and commendable are your sustainers. ‘Your face, which is very pretty, is so meritorious, ‘That, even, the Lotus- flower, Sun, Moon and Cupid lose their vanity.(43) ‘Your body is blissful and your eyes are coquettish. ‘You are winsome to all, the birds, deer, beasts, reptiles and demons, ‘Shiva and all his four sons have languished by looking at your eyes. ‘But the strange phenomena is that your eyes have not been able to penetrate into my heart.’(44) Savaiyya (She replied,) ‘Cuddling you I will lie down on the bed and will never divulge this secret to anyone. ‘Frolicking thus, whole night will pass, and, even the Cupids play will seem trivial. ‘I am living on dreams (about you) and wake up afraid of losing you. ‘I would rather die, than to wake up from such a dream.’(45) Dohira Then she declared loudly and told, the Raja. ‘Either I will have sex with you or I will kill myself by taking poison.’(46) (Raja,) ‘God has created your eyes like sharp arrows, ‘But He has endowed me modesty and that is why they cannot pierce me.(47) ‘Your eyes are penetrating and on the very first sight they oust the knowledge. ‘But for me, having no attraction for sex, they are merely like berries.’(48) (She) ‘Worthy are those berries whom whole world can see, ‘And the trees, whose fruit people eat and go home satisfied.’(49) Talking nonsensically, she was becoming impatient to meet her love. Her each and every limb was demanding, because she was absolutely stung with the passion.(50) (61) Chhand (Raja) ‘Since the time I realized the sense of maturity, which my Guru had taught, “Aye My Son, so long as there is life m your body, “You promise to enhance love with your own wife, “But never, even by mistake, bed with else’s wife.(51) “By relishing else’s wife, Inder, the god was showered with female genitals. “By relishing else’s wife, Moon was blemished. “By relishing else’s wife, Ten Headed Raawana lost all his ten heads. “By relishing else’s wife all the clan of Korav was annihilated.(52) “The love with else’s wife is like a sharp dagger. “The love with else’s wife is an invitation to death. “The one who thinks himself to be very brave and indulges carnally with else’s wife, “He is killed in the hands of a coward like a dog.”(53) “Listen lady! Women come to us from far off lands, “They bow their heads and wish for boons. “Those Sikhs (disciples) are like my sons and their wives like my daughters. “Tell me, now, the pretty one, how could I copulate with them.”(54) Chaupaee Listening to all this, she flew into rage and thought, ‘Now I should shout, “thief, thief” and people will come and kill him.’(55) Dohira (She) ‘Why are you getting so angry, jovially have sex with me. ‘My eyes are inviting you, can’t you understand what they are revealing.’ (Raja) ‘Listen, Carefully Listen, I am not looking at you, ‘Because the looks create the feeling of separation.’(57) Chhape Chhand ‘Charity is endowed to the priests and the men with base thinking get scornful looks. ‘Friends are entrained with relief and the enemies get hit on the heads with sword. ‘No act is performed keeping in view the public opinion. ‘One should not even dream of getting into bed with else’s wife. ‘Since the time Guru has taught me this lesson, (62) Any thing belonging to somebody else is like a stone and else’s wife like a mother to me.’(58) Dohira Listening to the Raja’s talk she became angrier, And shouting, “thief, thief” she awoke all her companions.(59) Hearing the call of “thief, thief,” the Raja was frightened. He lost his sanity and, leaving there his shoes and silk robe, ran away.(60) Twenty-first Parable of Auspicious Chritars Conversation of the Raja and the Minister, Completed with Benediction. (21)(439) To be continued. Chritar Twenty-two Tale of Anoop Kaur Dohira When the Raja heard the call, “thief, thief” he became dreadful. He ran out leaving behind his shoes and silk robe.(1) Hearing the call of thief, all woke up and did not let the Raja runaway, And within five or seven feet they caught him.(2) Chaupaee Others too heard the call of “thief” and came out with their swords. People shouted at him and expressed that he should be sent to the hell.(3) Dohira He was rounded up from left, right and all the directions. Raja did try but he could not find any means (to escape).(4) People pulled his beard and took his turban off Calling him “thief, thief” they beat him with sticks.(5) With the beating of sticks, he fell flat and became unconscious. People without understanding the real issue, tied him up with a rope.(6) They were throwing punches and kicks when the Sikhs arrived, too. The woman shouted, “brother, brother,” but could not rescue him.(7) Chaupaee His face was hit with shoes and hands were tied tightly. He was put in the jail, and the woman came back to her bed.(8) (63) Through such a deception, the Raja went free and despatched her brother to the prison. None of the Sikhs could comprehend the mystery and they thought her brother to be a thief.(9) Twenty-second Parable of Auspicious Chritars Conversation of the Raja and the Minister, Completed with Benediction. (22)(448) To be continued. Chritar Twenty-three Tale of Anoop Kaur Chaupaee As the Sun rose, people awoke and went to their respective occupations. The Raja came out of his palace and seated on his throne.(1) Dohira Next day, early in the morning that lady got up, And displayed the shoes and the robe publicly.(2) Chaupaee The Raja declared in the court that somebody had stolen his shoes and robe. ‘The Sikh, who will find them out for me, will be saved from the clutches of Death.’(3) Dohira Listening to their Guru, the Sikh could not hide (the secret), And they told about the woman, the shoe and the robe.(4) Chaupaee The Raja ordered thus, ‘Go and get her and also bring my shoes and robe. ‘Bring her straight to me without reprimanding her.’(5) Dohira lmmediately, harkening to the Raja, the people hastened to her, Brought the woman along with the shoes and the robe.(6) Arril (Raja asked,) ‘Tell me pretty lady, why did you steal my garments? (64) ‘Were you not afraid of this group of brave-men (watchmen)? ‘You tell me, the one who commits theft, what should be one’s punishments. ‘Any way, in consideration of your being a lady, I let you go free, otherwise I would have executed you.’(7) Dohira Her face became pale, and her eyes remained wide open. With extreme heart-palpitation, she was dumbfounded.(8) Arril (Raja) ‘I am asking you, and you are keeping quiet. ‘Alright, I will take you to my house, and keeping you comfortably there, ‘I will talk to you in seclusion, ‘After that you will be let free.’(9) Chaupaee Next morning he called the lady, and talked over whole situation. ‘Getting angry on me you tried to caste a net on me but on the contrary I put you in a dilemma.’(10) ‘You were let out on the pretension of my brother,’ the woman presented distinctive reasoning. ‘Never try to attempt such trickery ever again and this time I pardon your transgression.’(11) Dohira ‘Now, woman, you exonerate me as well, because I don’t want to linger on the dispute.’ She was, then, endowed a pension of twenty thousand takaas every six months. (12) (1)
  7. she knew some iron lentils were on the way to her............
  8. 6th August 2009 Dear Sirs I write to complain in regards to the 'Adil Ray breakfast show' on Asian Network on the 6th August 2009. After I heard the 9am news in which some facts regarding a recently cancelled concert were misrepresented, Mr Ray made some comments which I found offensive and rude. I rang up at approximately 9.40 and was given a very cagey response that someone would be in touch from the show and no information could be given. I was refused name of the person who answered the phone, the name of the supervisor or producer. I informed the lady on the line that I wished to complain and asked what the procedure was, I was told nothing in what I could do or what my rights were as a licence payer. I can only describe this as a cover up. I did initially inform the young lady what the complaint was about however, the only way I can describe the ladies reaction is to clam up. She had no interest in forwarding any complaints in regards to her colleague. Eventually, I waited some 6 hours and again rang the Asian Network number 08459 440 445- this time I was told that the breakfast team had retired for the day and again my details were taken however this time I pressed the matter and levelled that this could be construed as a cover up. This time I endeavoured in my efforts and was given the number to the Birmingham switch board -0121 567 6000- I was put through to a gentlemen called Tony who took down my complaint and details. He informed me his powers were limited and that I should forward my concerns to the complaints department within the BBC. Tony assured me that he would log my complaint and take it as far as he could. He also told me that if what I had stated was correct that the presenter had no doubt not been within BBC guide lines with his comments. He also acknowledged that my complaint to him would be handled correctly and he would email memos to all departments to help prevent this from recurring. My intention had only been to ask the show to check the fact regarding the concert, as I had heard first hand of what had taken place then the misrepresented facts coupled with Mr Rays comment and the undoubted attempt to try and discourage me to complain and dampen any attempts to do so, this has left me with no option but to pursue this matter and highlight a blatant slur by Mr Ray. The details of the complaint as they took place are as follows;- (i) It was stated that a concert by Gurdas Mann was stopped due to a group of Sikhs who refused to remove their ceremonial daggers. The event was thus cancelled due to the group of Sikhs unwilling to compromise their religion. (a) from what I have been told and the information I have so far gathered is that people who were present at the concert were enraged at the treatment of the baptised Sikhs who are religiously required to carry a 'kirpan' at all times. The event was lead to being cancelled as the protest from bystanders grew. (ii) The comment straight after by Mr Ray was that the majority of Sikhs do no longer feel the need to carry the kirpan and it was only a small minority who do. This with the news left me feeling that baptised Sikhs were being labelled as nothing less than extremists. Also how does Mr Ray know what the majority of Sikhs feel and what the general consensus is of the Sikh faith through out the world or in the UK? The only thing that is clear is Mr Ray's point of view, what has happened to the standard of unbiased reporting by the BBC which is renowned through out the world. (iii) Finally the undoubted attempt to cover up my complaint by Mr Ray's colleague who felt that her actions were acceptable for an international broadcasting organisation, who I wish I was able to name in my complaint. I believe I never would have pursued this matter to this level if I was reassured that the facts about the concert would be checked and she had been in a position to know what action should be taken or what department I should contact. As a licence payer I would like to understand if a news reader/presenter is allowed to present their own version of events or that of what took place. Is a news reader/presenter at liberty to present to all listeners their own opinions? My final point to the BBC is to consider if they have the appropriate people representing the Asian community. Every time I have had the misfortune of turning on the breakfast show, I have felt the need to turn the show off as my young child is also listening. The last time I had to turn off was due to him making references to thongs and receiving wedgies! For a breakfast show, by any standard, this is appalling. I am sure if any of his previous shows were reviewed many aspects which cause concern will become apparent. I look forward to receiving a response and what measures will be introduced so all relevant staff are aware of what correct complaint procedures are and how to handle complainants. Regards as there has been no out cry, bbc not bothered i ve had reply in which they are not too bothered!
  9. one is not enough!! few more need to fall! good to see some young blood out there again!
  10. how do know cause you was his handler? there nothing on that link that states he worked for any goverment agency!
  11. http://www.sikhs.org/meat.htm akal thakat has left it to us!!!
  12. lets find out if its true first before we start getting all worked up! someone post a flyer or further information!
  13. alright....whats your definition of religion? or the proper definition of religion? i cant as i dont belong to a religion Religion means true living. It does not mean running away from the world. It is not a set of rules. It means believing in God and loving His people. i seen this on internet and thought this hits nail on the head!
  14. sikhi way of life khalsa is gods army i dont think en.wikipedia holds the answer what sikhi is.........
  15. Sorry, that's bakwas. Someone probably sold you laxative and said it was creatine. Creatine occurs naturally in our bodies. Of course, you still have to work hard for results. ask any body builder, course you have in your body but your adding to it so you have more than your body needs has many affects!! i think your talking bakwas as you have little knowledge of this matter!!!
  16. It is safe, and purported side effects are not backed up by evidence. It has many benefits when taken correctly. still make you poo your pants and you have to be at your peak you cant just start taking and get six pack you got to work for it. trust me you gona poo your self at least once when you take at some point lol!! :lol:
  17. be careful can make you poo your pants, for it to have affect you have to be at a good peak of training other wise make you look fat!!
  18. the ardass is by the tenth master and it should be left as he intended!! I am sure it was thought out it full it should never have been changed! When it was written there where sikh shaaheds but Guru Gobind Singh Ji never added but we have felt at liberty to add on what we like. I disagree with any shaahed singhs being added as this is not what the guru intended us to do as he could have done so with ease!!!
  19. i can see from your post you do not much have faith in your guru! you should worry about what you can control in your path god will take care of the rest as he has always done from the time there was only 5 khalsa to there being millions! WKWF! ))))
  20. at least someone is willing to take action and not just sit behind a PC giving it loads about what should be done. Its good to see not everyone is brought up to wear bangals and sit at home.
  21. I take it the topic started did a world wide poll or is it is only his hypothesis or opinion. Negative minds think negative thoughts.
  22. Two real hero’s. Who have shown that when ever action is requires Sikhs will never back down. May the be blessed for a great service to the panth.
  23. It would work the same way Israel Georgia Kosovo were formed they had nothing but they are still here working away at survival. The reason farmers committee suicide is because they have been manipulated by centre government and are tied in to contracts and been placed under huge debts. This can all change once everyone supports the issue. Everything is there that the country would need. The only problem is the Sikhs are not ready for an independent home land yet. Independence struggle's take hundreds of years some times. The foundation has been laid we should work towards that goal and contribute what we can. The fight is not all about arms and war. Educate the future generations to come about our history in time all will fall into place. As it has done in the past. When we were down to less than ten thousand Sikhs and gurdwara's had been blown up( first and second Sikh holocaust) things must have looked bad but true Sikhs fought on and look what we achieved and what we have made to date I believe these are achievements to be proud of and yes there are people who will look to the negative rather that achievements these are the people I believe who are worse than open enemies of the panth. lol...a big sigh!! Moorkh naal na lujiye. Your thinking doesn't matter. One alone is always wrong unless a whole collective agrees, even then a collective can be wrong, however whatsoever happens, is because the Divine Lord wants it to be. Everything is as the Lord wants, so just some advice to you, dont think too much about your own state...instead Jap naam. lol..these meaningless arguments are just a waste of time, which is what you will realise, when HE himself does kirpa. Are you under 19, 17, 15 etc (just asking)? Get a degree first, try to go around the world, atleast a few other countries except india england or n.america. You'll learn a lot of things. Try thinking OUT of your "OUR OWN STATE" mindset and you will find that its really not needed. It is already ours. And Mitr pyaareo, we know whats the state of Israel and Palestine, now dont we...actually you dont, go spend a week over there or better in baghdad and you will get SOME idea of what you spoke off in the above post. baaki, naam japle, jada tension na le, BP high hojuga:) Vaheguru To be honest mate you seem to have avoided my whole posting and focused more on my personal travel experiences and academic achievements. I am afraid these have no bearing on the founding of any independent state. I have only listed three/four countries look bit further you will find several more. why do you focus on the negative say there is trouble in Israel it is only in a small part look at the size of it a lot of Israel seems to fine. You can find trouble in any country just take a look at England…………… I agree nothing can be done with out God's will but we have to try as well, and for the record I think you are the fool. You don't seem to have any serious contribution apart from few Punjabi lyrics stating you are dealing with fools. Come back with a decent point rather that barking about nothing. My age has nothing to do with my postings but I would say I am your dad erm sorry old enough to be your dad, slip of the tongue. That should give you an indication of my age
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