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  1. I have one white hair in my gout (not too much of a full beard etc I have the same look as Harbans Singh Raagi) Dont go dyeing your hair red now like some do to supposedly look "younger" but weirder. :lol:
  2. Jakara is not teaching Gurmat PLAIN AND SIMPLE. Call me whatever and however many names you want I really dont care :lol: Basic Sikhi is not followed. Where do you get the keertan bit youve said a few times HAHAHAHA :lol: The people that cut their hair are the first to whine and throw a fit when told that basic Sikhi starts with roop. Dies for Sikhi, Dies for Sikhi you say as a mantra but look at the schedule of the last "camp" they had......... :rolleyes: Most of them cant even LIVE for Sikhi might as well die for Sikhi. They can lie to themselves all their life I dont care, how can
  3. Many people dont care about any hukamnamas(Its very sad) many people have no respect for Langar. I went to a Gurdwara the other day and its bad enough they have 3/4 tables and chairs they allow shoes to be worn and many people dont even wear a lame rumala, while all this is going on all the old ladies are gossiping and blah blahing their heads off enough that they are very loud. I also wrote on the chalkboard in the lobby "WHAT IS UP WITH 30 CHAIRS IN THE DARBAR??? IS THERE THAT MANY "DISABLED" PEOPLE???????" I also put a long to the point letter in the suggestion box asking the reasons of ma
  4. Good points have been brought up. My daughter was named by Guru Granth Sahib literally, the first word was Darshan so instead of taking the D we just kept the whole word. The thing is you should live your life up to your name, you should reflect your name.
  5. The head loses about 80 hairs a day thats why combing your hair is important or youll end up with dreadlocks. (I know from exp.) My hair loses a lot of hair every other day, one day like 20-30 the next day about that 80-90 etc


    nindiya is spreading a fake rumor about someone. but gossiping about something is bad but not nindiya. Worrying about others and needing to talk trash is weak but when something needs to be addressed then thats another story. bibek needs to be used to understand.....but most of the time its best to shut your mouth and let the idiots be idiots.
  7. I bet shastr downloaded his Sikhi (its a fraudulent and stolen version which is invalid and illegitimate in the eyes of Guru Sahib) Well back to the subject the movie was awesome and Id say even/tied with Sundri. Kewl movie and if you download it or pirate it then you are lame and deserve no respect. Crooks are lame and they are the ones that screw up the industry.
  8. At my new job the head director told me to wear my Kirpan underneath my clothes which to me is a fair request . I see many multimillion dollar clients daily so me being a Sikh with panj kakkars and keeping Kirpan gupt is a good way to maintain my Sikhi as well as my job. Wearing it on the outside at work would make people opposed to it start complaining but if they dont know I wear one then they have nothing to complain about other than my Dastar(which they have no right to try to get my boss to fire me for not removing but with Kirpan people have the ability to loophole just to get you to eit
  9. WHAT???????????????????? Sikhi is strict and those that want a watered down "Sikhi" go to jakara conferences. Jakara encourages people to stay up and play pool until 2am, so if youre up until 2am+ then how can you get up at Anmritvela???? Guru Granth Sahib states in order to be a Sikh you must rise at Anmritvela(not play pool until Anmritvela then go to bed) I bet virk30 is one of the people supporting the jakara movement which is trying to water down Sikhi to better suit the "Im indian but not Sikh movement". Then to appear Sikh they might have 10-15 people do Kirtan for a few mins to
  10. If others have a bad attitude then let them sink their own boat dont worry about foolish people even if they are "Anmritdhari", someone who is a true Anmritdhari has no right to have a bad attitude in any regards. If your attitude was based on the majority then everyone would have such a bad attitude that it would stink and cause others to fall unconscious.
  11. whats with the fk?????? Can youths today watch their mouth for just two mins?????? cuss on your own time, dont rant and rave with a word that can easily be avoided. If you talk so much trash and have such a bad habit of bad words why do people think they "accidently" type bad words like if its an accident??????????
  12. You can still stand up for your self without karodh.... Just whoop them in a calm fashion if they draw the line......... Dont have a bad reputation. People can label you what ever they want if its not true but if they call you crazy they might me correct. Let them call you names but when you label yourself then thats your fault.
  13. If the person is not even a Sikh then what makes being with a muslim anything different. If you are a Sikh then you are a SIkh but many many many many many many many lakh "claim" to be Sikh. Amritchaukiya or at least becoming sehajdhari(with hair just not Amritdhari yet) is who are Sikhs, the rest just like treating the Gurdwara like a hindu temple. People that go to the Gurdwara or like to matha tek doesn mean you are a Sikh unless you follow GurSikhi, the people who dont advance their understanding shouldnt even matha tek because they dont care about being a Sikh anyway. Why eat speghetti if
  14. Divide and rule is in the name, divide the people to fight amongst themselves while you rule them (as secular government is doing in any place in the world) People cant battle Sikhi and win so they figure a way to turn Sikhs on themselves and thats worse than any drunk elephant.
  15. Yeah it doesnt matter if a killer is handing out bandaids. You cant teach a thief to share etc.............. Drug addicts say anything to make a buck...... People are fools to give jazzy money to do drugs but as long as they get a cd out of it they dont mind. :wacko:
  16. KEERPA

    Washing Hair

    I noticed if I wash with shampoo every morning then I get bad dandruff so I started washing with shampoo every few days, but I do oil may hair if my hair seems dried out and only put oil in hair when needed. Every morning wash your hair with water because it is nice and neat in a turban or keski it doesnt tend to be all dirty as people think that dont keep their hair. If you did something where your hair got all sweaty then yes wash with shampoo, but other than that wash with shampoo every few days is what I do.
  17. Can a human have a baby with a goat that ends up being half elephant and half donkey?????
  18. In this case there are three different types of youth Sikhs etc.... 1) Religious people that do paat and chant Naam, they go to the Gurdwara and try to learn new things and actually apply them in their lives, they try to do as the Gurus did and actually treat Sri Guru Granth Sahib as their Guru. 2) People that try to be kewl at school and around the "hood" and then go to the Gurdwara so they dont lose out in the end(this is called duality and youll lose in the end) they pretend Sri Guru Granth Sahib is their Guru. 3) People who are completely secular and maybe atheist they hate going to the Gu
  19. <h2 class="maintitle"> --not Getting Nice Guru For Classical Music & Gurbani Teaching--</h2> oh thats because there is no Guru other than Guru Nanak thru Guru Gobind Singh and then Guru Granth Sahib. If your a Sikh youll never have a guru to teach you other than Guru Granth Sahib. Teacher and guru are way different in sikhi. If your a hindu then there are 700 trillion gurus etc but a Sikh only has one current Guru and that is Guru Granth Sahib Ji. type in learn punjabi on google and do the study that youll find, to tell you the truth whoever you have teach you will t
  20. so i take it youre not kesdhari???????????? :wacko: Its soooo kewl to cut your hair huh????????? :6 your parents encourage you to be foolish??????? :umm: I wear skirts that are modest "BUT WHEN I DONT i wear leggings",,,,, ???? why wear a short skirt then????????? just as a guy who wears a hat over a bandana (cant figure out which one to wear so I might as well wear jeans under my shorts :huh: ) secular world encourages females to look pretty for the company because they know idiots gawk over women shown off as trophies for their company. They wont hire an ugly but intelligent
  21. Where is Guru Arjan saying "I don't do kundalini yoga"? Stop putting words into Guru ji's mouth! (but then again one of the moderators are putting words in my mouth in my warnings lol) Next you will be saying that guru ji said "I don''t do shastar training" Do you know Guru Gobind Singh used to do shastar puja as well? There is also bani called shastarnaam mala. What I posted was from Guru Arjan, he was saying I do not no anyother way to understand God but through Naam etc. I dind t put any words in Gurus mouth, youre just defending kundalini yoga like if it will get you anywhere other
  22. Kujh oh v likho jo tuhada aapna hove... Its Gurbani and Its for everyone..never Use it for me (a stupid person). Well once heared in Gurbani "HUM NAHI CHANGEH BURA NAHI KOI", I really liked that thought .. And I seriously mean it. Sorry to write that big size font. But I think You like it Keerpa Do you think every thing in Gurbani??? Where to Cut-cop-paste it? on that last post I didnt comment at all I posted the shabad as aimed at both of us. :D "Hamni chungey bura nahi koee" yes I like that and I "try" to stay with that in mind, but I can tell you it is hard to keep within the mind.
  23. Ummmm I dont know about you but I dont do their yoga techniques and I try to follow Guru Sahibs way of yoga called "Raj Yoga" which doesnt involve anything but chanting Naam. UMMMMMMMM NO they call themselves 3ho harbhajan singh "coined" that phrase. 3ho would be just a bunch of white sikhs if they didnt sell yoga. Since they sell yoga they have some sort of secular power they use to buy into Sikhi, and many think just because youre a rich organisation means you are a good Sikh. I could go on and on about the issues of 3ho but then Ill be labelded as some sort of hater because I have done s
  24. I took a sleep pill two nights ago to try to get more sleep and OMG I felt like a zombie(didnt get to sleep any quicker) and learned the hard way trying to mess with getting more sleep :lol:
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